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Fate and Food 戊 earth (1)

 (Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Solve the problem and achieve the goal

Someone once asked if the effect of swallowing small intestine and eating four herbs sup-Sihsin Tang- to cook small intestine is the same. I said, "Different." Swallowing is the solution to the problems that occur now. To eat Sishen Tang to cook small intestine is to achieve an established Long-term purpose, we have to understand this point. So the same thing the quality of change, with raw or cooked or roasted results are not the same.

Today we all receive tea rice, with hot water to soak this tea, pay attention to it can not drink hot, drink hot and cold are not the same, drink hot will be exciting, drink cold calm effect. This is the temperature difference. I now place a cup of tea here, if any of you have any emotional instability, after class come to steal a sip. For tea the best temperature is 90 ℃, the cup probably only insulation at 70,80 ℃. The manufacture of tea are made of artificial, tea into the bag inside, put on the heating iron above the kneading, tempering temperature can not exceed 50 ℃, kneading the tea into a grain, tea stems to be removed, knead good the tea is effective, the tea stems only effective when poached. Speaking of "brewing tea" in the farmhouse is a branch of tea making, people who work at field will sweat without heat stroke. The VIPs who want to enjoy the pleasures are "making tea". That is what you might see in movies or opera.

Eating tea is that when farmers drink at work, they sweat and diuretic, so that they would not get heat stroke. Enjoy is necessary to use tea rice, tea leaves, a small mouth a sip, it is a good treat. This time give you the tea is that I have stored more than thirty years of rare tea, go with the water soaking can not be boiled, after the tea is unfolded with one center spot and two leaves, after the soak can eat the tea leaves, not astringent is not bitter.

Some can not understand what we are saying in response to the handouts. I said, "Why do you want to know why, if you know how to use it?" It is remarkable to know fortune-telling but not know how to change it. Fate will go along with life as long as you like, sleep at home, eat at home, crap at home, it is your life, followed the life of negatively. Therefore, we must create a life, we must understand the meaning of this handout, the content of this handout is very simple.

Any learning needs six years, took you how long you to learn using chopsticks? Really standard is when almost six years old, we are talking about two chopsticks yin and yang. I have been emphasizing that the fortune-telling idols need only look at the two words. Now use the following chart as an example to explain how to use the handouts, with handouts first check the directory, this method is very simple, my set is 12 classes so that you become experts. My principle is that after each class is finished, you go back check the handouts, same as what I have taught in primary and secondary schools, and afterschool I have do exercises at home. If I do not study and practice, exercise, it will be useless.

H.  D. M. Y

  辛 甲

丑  辰 

10 years luck cycle

83 73 63 53 43 33 23

庚 己 戊 丁 丙 乙 甲

辰 卯 寅 丑 子 亥 戌

戊day born in 未month,in handout after page 38.

 If you do not know how to use it again, that means the bathroom in your house is too dark, and I will tell him in such a situation keep the bathroom light brighter, sitting on the toilet reading, it is easy to remember, the content is easy to understand, do you know why? This is the theory of feng shui, you wake up with stinky smell.

The 未 month is under 39 pages.

“戊 day in 未month. Summer very dry. Look for 癸 water.  Second use 丙 fire, 甲 wood.”

First we check his chart to see if 癸 water in it.

His life is really good, 癸 water hidden under hourly branch, 辰 has hidden stem 癸, 癸 has root in marriage, wife palace 癸 water also wealth, do not know if he was married or not? If his marriage, his wife must be very beautiful.

In this world, 15% of people are rebellious, people think it is beautiful, he said it is nothing, is a big bone. When we saw it very slim, he said fat. There are such rebellious, we encounter 15% of such unreasonable people, but he said that we are not unreasonable, this person is another case. I feel that I was fairly normal after studying for seven or eight decades. If a person who has this kind of chart, normally he would not married to a ugly person, personality he doesn't like ugly person.

His career (丑) has 癸 has 辛 has 己, thought out monthly stem 辛, his family's fiscal year branch has 子 with hidden 癸, his ancestors or parents, his elders will support him a lot of capital, I said the capital is not necessarily NT , May be the US or even Euro, this incredible. He is now 32 years old, 43 (丙子) plus 5 equals to 48, 10 years luck cycle cames to 48 years old still 丙子(癸 water), in my experience, if people listen to my course, do my method for 6 years will be successful, he still have 16 years, the success is three times in 6 years. Remember the preconditions for success: first, have their own professional, second, must be healthy, third, be attractive; if you have no charm, people ignore you, you can not exist. There will be so much money when he is 53 years old. It has been made clear, now set up your own chart, then just do it this way.

What if he is a vegetarian? He will be his vegetarian debt, because 癸 water has its kind of protein, this protein must be the pig kidneys, once he is a vegetarian can not eat kidneys, the lack of this protein will become a debt, do not think he is rich, he will be in debt when time comes, we talked about to solve the immediate debt will be swallowing, with vitamins and animal protein eat together, take six months before it effectiveness , the effectiveness of  swallowing make the money swap very easy. Boiled kidney with water, if you cook the kidneys with four herbs soup, not taste good you might even spit it out, then what to do? We can boil the pig's bladder called tripe, cook it with four herbs soup, and take vitamins too, there are six kinds of vitamins take two each, for enough protein, eat egg yolk, also supply a little more fat, have to know that there is relationship between fat and money, we often hear people say greasy money, but if the environment is not right, eat fat but not work hard only goes to diarrhea.

“癸丙 throughout, good for test high test degrees.”

Section term in old time China, means pass government test become high rank officer.There is no 丙 in the above chart, for him the doctorate degree is a little difficult, so your professional investment is in making good money, professional better not to invest in academia, that I want to be the principal, to be vice president of the Institute, To be director of the institute, do not go this route.

“ if there is 丙, no 癸, with 甲, can get degree to a scholar.”

There is 甲 on the plate, the former scholar is a national university graduate, university graduates called scholar. In the past our family was the landlord, a scholar to our family to teach us Chinese, we also prepare a house for him to live, a few stones grain a year, also with a maid  cooking for their families, is equal to the status of school principals now, he is the president of our family school, this is the job of scholar.

“No 甲 only slightly rich. “

Without 甲word, there is no eligibility.

“Or there is 丙 but no 甲. False gentleman. Has enough food. Or 癸辛 throughout. With sharp pen only. Can make success in a different way. No 癸and 丙. Ordinary people. If there is no 甲 Low class generation. “

His life 辛 is revealed, that incredible.

Researchers should study in the real field. My research covers both history and recent and natural research, is two different things to scientific research. Just talked about raw devour and eat the four herbs soup with internal organs are two different systems, one is scientific, one is natural. Why Tung Blossom can be successful? Someone study, research is a senior occupation graduate, he specializes in mushroom, and this tung tree can grow good quality mushrooms, nutrition and rich, and now a lot of fresh mushrooms in the market are used to plant it, the Japanese also buy Flammulina species. After tung tree crushed at high temperature and pressure steaming, the resin deformation fermentation made of space bag planted mushrooms.

H.  D. M.  Y

  丙  丙

巳 戌    辰

10 years luck cycle

83 73 63 53 43 33 23

丁 戊 己 庚 辛 壬 癸

亥 子 丑 寅 卯 辰 巳

申month 戊 Earth

“ 申 month 戊 earth, Yang Chi fade out gradually.”

The yang is the sunshine of the sun. Because the sunshine starts to shorten, the longest sunshine is on June 21 and 22, there are many thunderstorms during the long sunshine, fells with drought weather,  over 400 years experience for the Taiwanese people. A children's songs in our childhood, the 24 the solar terms, whenever I saw poured rain to I think of children's songs. Children's songs mentioned in April rain, that is, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival rain a lot of rain, the drought will be on lunar July. This is pretty accurate.