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Tai Feng Shui and Utilitarian Feng Shui (Part 2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

There is a chapter in my "Survival Fengshui" that talks about the elements of success "Right Bank of the River". After my analysis, isn't French left bank coffee very famous? It contradicts the theory of the right bank of the river. It has been very famous since the 20th century, and is still very famous in the 21st century. It has been famous for more than 100 years. I asked people who have been to the left bank coffee in Europe frequently. He said that the coffee on the left bank is in the direction of the river flowing. On the left bank of the upstream, I said that my right bank theory is the right bank in the downstream direction of the river, so the coffee on the left bank is actually the right bank! The downstream and upstream of the river are the opposite.

When I was a child, my family moved to the left bank of Nankan River. My ancestor’s birthplace was on the right bank. My father wanted to open a grocery store for wholesale. He moved to the left bank. Big and small streams were separated. In the end, our five brothers were in trouble. There was nothing. My father’s goods were delivered by Japanese merchant ships. They were bombed by coalition forces. In those three years, everyone in our family was hungry. After Taiwan’s recovery, they sold a sum of money. In the 38th year of the Republic of China (1948), they went bankrupt. Our five brothers fend for themselves.

I have a lot of research on feng shui, wind and water, if a person is dead, it is the resonance of bones and rocks, and water is the reflection of sunlight. Our utilitarian feng shui is aimed at living people. If the rocks are used in trade, the food we eat will be absorbed by the body. Later, it interacts with the rock in resonance. If it is a yin house, the time rate of the resonance of the rock and bone cannot be accelerated. In utilitarian feng shui, the food eaten by a living person accelerates the resonance of muscle, blood vessel, and brain.

If I burn ceramics, it is not easy to be an emperor. Taiwan cannot produce an emperor. You cannot produce an emperor without this mineral. An emperor cannot be produced by a rogue. The emperor can slash and slay your entire clan. Taiwan is just an external regime. The aborigines in Taiwan have 13 ethnic groups and have never been unified. Has it been reunified when Spain came? Has it been reunified when England and Portugal came? No, have the Dutch been reunified when they came? No, has Zheng Chenggong been reunified? No. Have the Fujianese and Hakkas in Zhangquan been unified? The Fuzhou people shed tears and bought the Fuzhou Mountain from the Japanese. The Fuzhou Mountain of the Xinhai Tunnel, Fuzhou, Hokkien, Zhangzhou, Chaozhou people can all be buried here. Taiwan’s feng shui will not be an emperor, unless legislation is passed through democratic elections to elect a president to administer Taiwan. After four years, there is no need to change it. This is the only way.

My utilitarian feng shui does not lead you to participate in politics and manage people, just manage yourself, and manage yourself to be healthy. Utilitarian feng shui does not participate in politics. The purpose is to be healthy and earn money, and to raise the salary of position power.

There are three types of gilt-glazed magnetized bowls. The number of well-fired bowls is only 3% a year, and the number of first-class and better bowls is 60%.

100 grams of salt should contain 12 mg or more of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Because magnesium has a bitter taste, the magnesium with a salt content of more than 35 mg should be removed. Taiwan’s industrial salt does not contain potassium and magnesium, because pure magnesium from magnesium electrolysis can be made into magnesium-aluminum alloys and magnesium-titanium alloys, which are used in high-tech aircraft missiles. C130 and F35 are all related to aluminum-magnesium alloys imported Australian salt, original salt and water use 100g salt:1000g water ratio to be completely dissolved. The capacity of our bowl is 100c.c. The salt water should not be completely filled with 100c.c. Those who work in the local area should look for hard rocks from Taiwan. Place the rocks from the ground in the bowl and add salt water. If you go to the United States and Canada, you need to use local stones from the United States and Canada. If you export to Europe, you need to put European stones in it. If you want to use Tianhuangshi for China, you will fail to invest in China, personal investment, and fund failure. To release Tianhuangshi, Tianhuang is the material for Qianlong's seal and is a material to play with. Someone asks how about cyanobacterite? It is okay to use cyanobacterite for small business, and cyanobacteria can be used for small business in China. It is okay to work, work safely, and make small money. If you want to make money from the mainland, you can use Tianhuang. This bowl is placed on the left side of the bed. Morning and night, salt water should be dropped to the mouth. On the land of Renmai, drip salt water to the mouth before going to bed and after getting up, and then brushing your teeth.

Soak the egg with the ratio of 100g salt to 1000g water for 48 hours, because the cell nutrition is supplied after ionization, and the medicine is ionized. You have no stomach acid, and the medicine is not effective. Some people have PH7, and 7 is neutral and high. The value of 7 is alkaline, and the value of less than 7 is acidic. It will only be absorbed by ionization. If it is not absorbed, it will not be ionized. If it is not ionized, it will not be absorbed.

Resonance is influential. Functional exertion. Resonance and absorption are two different things. Resonance energy does not require water channels or wires. Why is the earth several times larger than the moon and cannot attract the moon to the earth? Because of "helium 3" (He3) ) Resonance, China, the United States and Russia are jointly fighting for helium 3, which can be nuclear fusion, and the energy emitted is one hundred times that of the split of an atomic bomb. Nuclear fusion has no radiation. If we don’t talk about the three countries of the United States, China and Russia, we are very alive. It won't be painful, the deceased will not be painful, and the children will not disobey. It is enough to have money to operate. Don't wait to burn a pile of treasury money for you after death. It is useless! Don't be like that.

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