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A large amount is effective

(Shared by Mr.Chen Guotai)

Once in class, Dr. Chen Yikui said: "If you want to change your current luck, you have to eat at least nine tea eggs every day..." Soon a classmate asked, "Teacher, is six eggs okay ?" Dr. Chen Yikui Still patiently replied: "According to my personal research experience, the energy supply must be sufficient for the effect to show the effect..."

Dr. Chen Yikui is a positivist scholar. What he told the classmates, he had personally experimented to be effective, and then he proposed to tell everyone. Some people only believe that some doctors who have not even studied themselves say that eating too many eggs will cause high cholesterol. People who are half-knowledgeable and fearful of death will cut the amount mentioned by Dr. Chen Yikui in half. Of course, the effect is not good. And also blame Dr. Chen Yikui for saying that it didn't work. But those who believed Dr. Chen Yikui and ate according to the amount that Dr. Chen Yikui said, all succeeded in the end. As one of the classmates said in the class, she achieved the impossible task.

I remember that I followed my father to Hsinchu City with my little sister more than 50 years ago to see a doctor at the XX Pediatric Clinic. I rushed to the registration line at 10 o’clock in the morning and waited until 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The business is good and famous. The three counties of Tao Zhu Miao The people in China come here admiringly. Those who are not treated well by others can be cured by medicine. At least one or two hundred patients a day have to be seen. I heard that Dr. Lin prescribes very heavy medicine (with sufficient dosage), maybe he has long realized that the insufficient dose will not work.

Dr. Chen Yikui has always emphasized that the things he develops are taken from natural, not chemically synthesized ones, and are from a laboratory background. He attaches great importance to "quantitative science", and the amount used must be sufficient to be effective. It is better not to pay a drop in the bucket, this is his experience, next time you don't have to bargain with Dr. Chen Yikui.