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Charming water

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

If we look at the characteristics of water from another angle, we will find that water actually has many unique and fascinating characteristics.

To be honest, water is really a compound with a very simple structure and high stability. It has no special properties and does not produce weird reactions.

However, water is an irreplaceable and important thing for all living things on the earth, including human beings.

Take animals as an example. Blood, a precious "spring of life", must be circulated through the dissolved water.

To put it bluntly, 98% of the blood is water. To explain it from another angle, the necessary components of the human body are dissolved in the water, and the product is blood.

The proteins, glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, electrolytes, minerals, etc. in the human body also rely on water to be able to dissolve in the blood and other body fluids.

Therefore, most life-related substances must be dissolved in water to show their properties.

In fact, the so-called "greatness in the ordinary '', the ordinariness of water may be the biggest reason why she can master the mystery of life.

Because she is plain, it can easily dissolve various substances.

Because she is ordinary, she can coexist peacefully with many materials.

And because she is everywhere and readily available, the creatures on the earth can survive safely in her arms.

Okay, now I have a little clue about the importance of water and its significant impact on human life, but now there is another problem.

And it is a very important issue.

Since good quality water is so important, where can we find real good water?

This is the answer that Master Chen Yikui wants to know the most since he started to study the characteristics of water.

Generally speaking, water is everywhere on the earth, and traces of water can be found wherever there is a radical next to the word "水".

Lakes, seas, rivers, streams, waterfalls, springs...

Rain falling from the sky is also an important source of water.

After thinking about it, there are thousands of years of ice and snow among the lofty mountains and high latitude mountains.

The composition of ice and snow is of course also "water."

On the earth, in addition to the boundless ocean, there are two huge ice sheets, one of which is a little smaller, that is the North Pole, and the other is huge and infinite. If this huge ice is dissolved, the earth Most cities in Shanghai will be destroyed...

This amazing piece of ice we are talking about is of course the Antarctic continent.

There is so much water on this earth, but where can I find real good water?

"As a researcher who straddles the two fields of metaphysics and science, sometimes it really looks like a detective in a mystery," Master Chen Yikui said with a smile. "The job of a scientist is to find evidence in existing phenomena, and then seek answers.

"But metaphysical researchers have the same advantage over scientists. Because the field of metaphysics has sometimes been understood by intelligent and wise men thousands of years ago.

"Therefore, sometimes the answers that cannot be found from a scientific point of view are strange, but the answers have often appeared long ago, and they are lying quietly in the yellowing book of ancient books."

 With this in mind, Master Chen Yikui changed his approach. Instead of exploring it from a realistic level, he looked for it from ancient books to find out where the so-called "perfect water" is.

This search didn't matter. Later, from the ancient yellowed classics, an extremely surprising answer was found.

It turns out that the legendary perfect water, to find her trace, the real mystery, but appeared thousands of years ago, we call the "common ancestor of the Chinese nation" in the era of the Yellow Emperor.

But to find out this "perfect water", all the stories must start from a well...