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Attractiveness between men and women

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Attractiveness between men and women

"The attraction between men and women is mainly inspired by body odor!"

Love problems are painful, there is probably a pattern! Chen Yikui pointed out:

1. I love him, he doesn’t love me

2. The other person loves me, I don't love him.

3. The two of us are in love, and the people around us insist on taking us apart.

4. The two of us do not love each other, and the people around us force us to stay together.

Among them, it is the marriageable period, but there has been no one to love, and there is no one to love is the most painful! Looking forward to the old man under the moon every day, hurry up and pull a red line.

Some boys and girls are not very good-looking, but there is a basket of friends of the opposite sex, and there are endless invitations all day long. A lot of people are rushing to ask for them, and they live happily; and some unsophisticated men and women do not look very "sorry.". But outside the door is empty, no one cares about it!

It is too painful that no one loves me, so Chen Yikui, who loves research, has been particularly interested in how to make people love each other since he was a child!

Among these phenomena, the one that affected Chen Yikui the most was a discovery made in childhood.

The magical Jian family well water

When Chen Yikui was a child, he lived in a rural village in Taoyuan, Taiwan. There was a family named Jian in the village next door. Several girls in the family had low academic qualifications and only graduated from elementary school, but it was strange! Their studies are not so good, but the love life is very proud. There are a large number of people pursuing it, and they are often looked at by people who are very good at doing business and socially, and will use the relationship between the county governor and county councilors to matchmaking.

So although they didn’t study a lot of books, the environment they married when they grew up was often the best in the village. When they got married, they went out to buy groceries. They walked on tricycles, luxurious and magnificent. This scene can be seen in the eyes of the villagers.

Envious and jealous.

In 1963, Chen Yikui entered the Taipei Medical College to serve. At that time, the eldest was quite young, but his relationship was very empty, and he could not find a girlfriend. Not only him, but all the girls from the Chen family were outstanding, at least they were all college graduates. But no boy took the initiative to chase them. Although she was proud of the exam, she was very disappointed in her sentiment. The boy in his family has a very high degree of education, but they did not go smoothly on the road of love. So he made up his mind to crack the "code".

Amidst the myriad of clues, where should the research be conducted? Finally, after continuous analysis and deduction, it was discovered that the difference between the “foods” may be the biggest factor influencing the success or failure of love. But at that time, the average family in the countryside ate almost the same three meals a day, except for the food of the rich.

Excluding the "eating" factor, the most likely "drinking" drinking water.

This is possible, because at that time every family in the countryside drank the water from the well they dug, so every family was different! And began to compare the difference between the two family’s water? After the test reports are released one by one!

Find it! The reason for the pride of love from generation to generation is that the ingredients of the well water they drink, the impurities, minerals and some trace elements in the water, are similar to those of the Chen’s well water, but some of the substances are very special. . .

The "magnesium" element in Jian family water is extremely high! It is eleven times as much as the water content of Chen Well! The "magnesium" element is an important factor that affects the success or failure of love. It is also a secret weapon for men and women to be popular and proud of their love scenes. Only then did Chen Yikui realize that it turns out that the element of love-"magnesium", its greatest power is to promote emotional stability, easy-going personality, and improved popularity. Such "personal characteristics' ' are popular everywhere and become fanatic strength.

For the magnesium content in the general human body to have the charm of love, Chen Yikui said that it needs to supply at least 800 milligrams a day. The source of these natural magnesium elements can be peanuts, various seeds and stone fruits rich in magnesium, dark green sources, as well as apples and other foods to be ingested and supplemented, it is very good! But one thing is very important. If the magnesium that you eat can be effectively absorbed by the body, it must be fully metabolized with sufficient minerals and complete vitamins. Otherwise, when it reaches the small intestine after gastric acid ionization, Magnesium absorption will be greatly reduced. No matter how much magnesium you eat, you should pay attention to this point. To show the power of this mysterious love element, magnesium, it will take at least half a year.