Master Chen Yikui's Decoding of Ancient Civilization and Wisdom - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Master Chen Yikui's Decoding of Ancient Civilization and Wisdom

​For many phenomena in history and civilization, the ancients did not have the background of science and modern knowledge, so many half-understood interpretations inevitably appeared. And Chen Yikui's achievements in this area are also outstanding, and for many ancient legends that are difficult to understand. Deduced many new interpretations and interpretations.

​In terms of "well water civilization" theory, Master Chen Yikui pointed out that of the world's famous "four ancient civilizations": China, India, Egypt, and Babylon, only the Chinese civilization still exists. The most critical reason is that, It is different from the other three civilizations, which is the "Great River Civilization." Early civilizations can only develop near the river basin. However, only the Chinese civilization has developed the technology of digging wells thousands of years ago. The water source is no longer restricted to the vicinity of the river, and it can develop to the deep hinterland farther from the river earlier, creating the early golden age. Moreover, more importantly, because the quality of the well water is different, the offspring of the people who dug good wells are more qualified and more competitive, while the people who dug bad wells are on the contrary, their physical strength is weak, their offspring are withered, and they are overwhelmed over time. Naturally eliminated, what remains is the victor picked up by this cruel sieve. Different from other big river civilizations, the Chinese civilization concentrates its resources on the outstanding people because of the characteristics of "well water", which naturally creates a splendid culture that will last forever.

​In the development of the city, Master Chen Yokui also used the concept of Feng Shui theory to deduce the theory of "river city" and found that as long as it is a prosperous big city, there is more than one river passing by. A complete weather environment, rivers flowing by, frequent thunderstorms, and distinct changes in the four seasons are all conditions for a prosperous metropolis. A careful study of the world’s major cities conforms to these characteristics.

​A large amount of ancient Chinese wisdom, under the reinterpretation of Master Chen Yikui, presents another style of the new era, which is also more acceptable to modern people.