Dr. Chen Yikui's Religious View - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Dr. Chen Yikui's Religious View

(Mr. Chen Guotai)

​Dr. Chen Yikui is a scientific researcher born in a laboratory. Most people think he should be a materialist, and some Xuanyuan religious patriarchs even criticized him as an atheist.

In fact, Mr. Chen is a researcher of Chinese culture, and he is also a proponent of the culture of six techniques.

​Religion is also a part of culture. His cognition of religious ghosts and gods is the source of its roots. The essence of religion is to persuade people to be kind, but some religious people use the benevolence and donations of believers to build large temples to expand their mountain power and recruit believers. He has been busy holding various Fa conferences throughout the year, and he can't agree with it.

​He believes that Xuanyuan Religion is a cultural religion and a religion of living people. It should focus on the promotion of Chinese culture and set up Xuanyuan lecture halls in various places to benefit sentient beings and relieve the sufferings of their bodies and souls. He believes that offering sacrifices to gods and ancestors should imitate the wisdom of the ancestors, the ancient sages, and the original intention of drinking water to think about the source. Ordinary people took some sacrifices, bribed ghosts and gods, and then talked about a lot of wishes, asking the ghosts and gods to help him realize. Teacher Chen is very opposed to this superstitious belief.

He often said, "You must use good incense to worship your ancestors, gods and Buddhas, so that you can interact with your ancestors, and a grateful heart is enough." Generally, using inferior chemical incense and burning gold paper will not only pollute the environment, people also can't stand it, let alone the ancestral gods to run away? Where does the blessing come?

​He knew very well that Xuanyuan Sect was founded during the period of martial law. There was an ancient emperor's thinking. One paid some money and wanted to instigate Uncle Da Zong to do things. He didn't dare to agree about that either.

​Dr. Chen believes that Da Zongbo should be a foresighted and wise man and a leader. He should not be a public servant like a president in the democratic era. He would be scolded without any dignity.

He hated some people who wanted to use religion to make money. His criticism of some deviant behaviors of religious beliefs is outspoken, unhappiness, and merciless. But as long as his good deeds to the religious world are beneficial to the society, he will fully support him, and he will not hesitate to contribute money and efforts.

His knowledge of religion is comprehensive and in-depth, and his sacrifice and dedication to religion is well known.