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The relationship between air and people (Introduction 1)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

This year’s course is "Life and Food". I have always emphasized that food has (1) carbon water compounds, (2) protein, (3) fat or oil, (4) Feng Shui, (1), (2), and (3) are all very simple, you can buy them in the market, like carbohydrates such as white rice, brown rice, and pasta, you can buy protein from all kinds of meat, and you can also buy fat and oil.

Feng Shui is the environment, the air in the environment, and the fresh oxygen in the air. Fresh oxygen cannot be bought. You have to do it yourself.

I don’t speak much about Feng Shui. Feng Shui should be about nature. If I speak Feng Shui, it will hurt the confidence of Taiwanese. According to my theory, the food I eat can result to rich or poor.

In 1931, the German physiologist Otto Hienrich Warburg published in Oxford University that all ulcer factors are related to cancer cells and oxygen. Cancer cells are due to hypoxia. They were published earlier in 1911. Then everyone did it all and it was confirmed that he won the Nobel Prize in 1931. I just studied his process. It turned out that he had been to Xiamen, and he had heard Fujianese talk about Feng Shui in Xiamen. How could this doctor go to Xiamen? I quickly searched for history. At that time, because of the Opium War, the British demanded that five ports be opened to trade, and Xiamen was included.

Because of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, Taiwan was ceded to Japan. Because of Xiamen’s relationship, Taiwan’s economic development was created, and because the two places used the same language, they were naturally economically linked. That’s why Dihua Street was born in Taiwan. Only when there is a tea shop, there is Dadaocheng, and only when the ferry boat goes directly into the mouth of the Danshui River to Xiamen to sell tea.

After he published this, he still has a theoretical explanation. His theory is that when cells are hypoxic, if cells cannot survive, they will become cancer cells. The so-called life’s own way out is the echo of this theory. They are still in use now.

When the cell is hypoxic, that is, our amino acid lacks one oxygen. When this amino acid is eaten, the cell’s genes are changed. After the change, cancer cells will be produced, because the cancer cells are hypoxia. Oxygen cells, aerobic cells lack two oxygen, and they quickly assimilate with cancer cells and become cancer cells.

As soon as he received the Nobel Prize for his publication in this way, the consortium came and hurryed to find antioxidants, because amino acid hypoxia will produce free radicals, and free radicals will cause normal cells to change genes into cancer cells, and cancer cells eat them again. If the oxygen of normal cells is lost, the cells will be deprived of oxygen and will produce cancer cells, which will expand very greatly. Many cancer cells will be ineffective even if they are to be cut off. So go to study changes in the genes of cancer cells and study chemotherapy. If you are hypoxic for a long time, your chemotherapy will kill you all alive, and if you are still hypoxia, normal cells will still become cancer cells.

Since its publication in 1931, the consortium has earned dozens of trillions of dollars from selling antioxidants to the present 80 years. It has launched an antioxidant every time, so the country is now vigorously promoting biotechnology. If the free radicals are not resolved, the cancer will not be resolved. When the cancer will not be resolved, then biotechnology is developed to be an antioxidant.

Whether it’s food or cosmetics, everyone should have heard of aloe vera, which grows in the desert of the United States, which makes them earn trillions of dollars. They try their best to make aloe a delicacy in high-end restaurants or drink it or use it in beauty. Four billion of the seven billion people eat aloe vera. Do any of you eat a lot of aloe vera? No, it means that you don’t have cancer before you come to class, and those who eat a lot of it will die. This is true, because eating a lot of it is already serious. If you know how to use oxygen, you won’t die. of.

Before aloe vera, there was jojoba oil that was used in shampoos. These are antioxidants, beta carotene, and vitamin C. There is a Dr. Bao Lin who also won the Nobel Prize. Vitamin C is synthesized and eaten in large amounts. According to his report, he can still eat up to 10 grams, and many pharmaceutical companies throw away vitamin C without relying on vitamin C. A professor from the National Taiwan University Chemical Research Institute hired him to synthesize vitamin C. The cost of synthesis was 420 yuan per kilogram. The Japanese learned that they would sell for two hundred yuan per kilogram and landed in large quantities from Keelung Port, and his finished products were sold. If I don’t go out, I don’t need it after a long time. He gave it to me, and I don’t want it, because I had a large number of reports in 1972, which were also written by Nobel Prize winners. Those who wrote these reports could not publish them. As long as they were published, they would not receive sponsorship. cost of. But I can still get this report, so you can see if there is vitamin C in the vitamin prescriptions of Blessing Ping? There is also a maximum of 1% RDA. The RDA standard is 100%, and 1% is equivalent to no. If I had stated the contents of the report 40 years ago, it would have been unpredictable, because the sales volume in the world was too large, and 5 billion of the 7 billion people would eat it.

People asked me how is vitamin C? I said you go to the experts, you don’t ask the producer, the producer will definitely say that vitamin C cures all diseases. There are many books that write that, but I don’t mind if I eat a little bit. I think a lot of your money is a pity. A little bit of vitamin C does have a certain catalytic effect. The scurvy of vitamin C is completely deficient because he did not eat other natural foods.

Did ZhengHe take vitamin C with him during his voyages to the West? No. They are in the sun every day on the boat, and the sun is just to make vitamin D. Our skin does not photosynthesize to produce vitamin C. It is not three days for ZhengHe to go to the west. He will come back for three years once he goes, and he hasn't eaten for three years. Vitamin C, what do they eat? It's tea. I knew that vitamin C was not so useful in 1972, when I read nearly 25 reports.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are for nutritional advice and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to it yourself.