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The relationship between air and people (Introduction 2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

This one is eaten with the lungs. It is related to the blood of the heart. I just mentioned that when you eat carbohydrates, protein, and fat, you must have enough oxygen to complete the red blood cells. Don’t underestimate that there are 574 intact red blood cells. Amino acid can be called a normal red blood cell large cell. If the amino acid of the red blood cell is incomplete, it will become a sickle-shaped red blood cell. In 1964, I used the highest magnification in the instrument room of Beijing Medical University for this sickle-type anemia. Observe the sickle-shaped red blood cells with a microscope at 3000 times. The light should use a tungsten lamp, and its reflection will not be too bright. The red blood cells with less than 574 amino acids are sickle-shaped, and the scientific name is sickle-shaped anemia. This red blood cell runs The lungs can’t bring too much oxygen to the heart, and can’t bring too much oxygen to the heart. Oxygen is supplied from the blood of the heart to the peripheral capillaries. Such anemia will appear. People with anemia are the lack of oxygen in the red blood cells. If it’s not enough, our mind accounts for 20% of the total oxygen consumption. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fat or thin. If you lack 1%, your memory will be reduced a lot. If you reduce it to half, you’re an idiot. If you leave 5% of your body, you’re a vegetable. It is impossible to resurrect brain cells. Brain cells will grow up when they reach the age of six, and will not increase any more. It just means that your education, voice, vision, etc. will be used to enrich your intelligence, just like the mainframe of a computer. The software upgrade becomes more powerful. If the oxygen is insufficient, your memory will decrease, just like the toner temperature of the photocopier is not enough, the toner cannot stick to the copy paper.

I have been studying this thing for nearly 60 years, using feng shui to breathe, why some people’s memory is so good that I once sat with Chen XX and watched his financial manager talk about the report for two hours, and a series of numbers were spoken out. A week later, Chen XX found the financial manager and said: I heard that there was an error in the first few items on the page that day, and the financial manager immediately worked overtime to investigate, and it turned out that there was an error. From here, I learned that we have no boss’s life, and that I have such a good mind, I can’t remember, especially the money.

Why should I dare to do it? It’s because of my family, a person is easy to get sick because I eat too many chemical things. In the past, including me, the agricultural society used too much pesticides. Everyone in this room would not take more drugs than I did, because of my curious. Why is there so much dengue fever in the south? Because of mosquitoes.

After the Republic of China and the United States signed a protection agreement, in December 1940, Taiwan’s public health malaria was eliminated by DDT. Dengue fever at the time was nothing but malaria was serious. The Republic of China was scared to see malaria, so hurry up. The personnel who are trained to spray DDT, spray from the head of Taiwan to the tail of Taiwan, there will be no mosquitoes within three years, and our mosquito nets do not need to be used.

Do you know how I used the mosquito net before? Use several layers! There is no air-conditioning electric fan in summer. At that time, my reputation spread far. As long as there is a matchmaker who comes to us to inquire about it, I will immediately retreat, because I want to study everything for my own crimes, and no one wants to marry me. I happened to study feng shui and decided to use the method of sleeping in my mother’s Yannian location so that I could marry a wife. There were too many mosquitoes in the place to sleep. I took a candle to burn the mosquitoes. In this case, I found that there were no mosquitoes for three years after scanning with DDT.

In the last ten years, DDT has not been available, and the mosquitoes have come again, and the mosquitoes have nothing to do with dengue fever and enterovirus.

In the past, I used so much DDT, cockroaches used DDT, and used DDT everywhere, so I must be poisoned. I said that poisoning is oxidation, and my supply of oxygen is reduction.

Therefore, our life is reducing, oxidizing and burning. Reduction means reincarnation. Oxidation means longevity. When we eat, we must oxidize, digest and absorb to oxidize before we breathe and burn. When we die, we must burn to ashes. That's it. That's it.

When you are sick, there is no oxygen to oxidize in the oxidation process, so that free radicals will be produced, and then cancer will be produced. This is the Nobel Prize because it is the oxidation that is like this, and there is anti-oxidation. Published.

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