Resume of Chen Yikui - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Resume of Chen Yikui

I, Chen Yikui, a native of Taoyuan, Taiwan. I came from a large family named Chen. I have a wealthy family. If I keep the property of my ancestors for a lifetime, I can live without worrying about food and clothing without doing anything. However, I did not choose the path of a stable life. Instead, I plunged into the research work of the ancestors' wisdom of studying Han culture and interpreting it with modern science.

Beginning in 1957, during my spare time in school, because of my strong interest in the behavior patterns of my ancestors, I began to explore various issues about the human body and life cycle. It was also because my ancestors in my family passed down ancient Chinese metaphysics classics. , I began to study in depth the codes hidden in these ancient wisdoms using Western scientific methods. Finally, I was surprised to find that in ancient metaphysics, whether it is Feng Shui, fortune-telling, divination, and physiognomy prototypes, there is no such thing as "destiny." Negative attitude, but to encourage people to revise their life trajectory through education, hard work, and food in the future.

In this, food is even more important. With different solar terms in the calendar, people's behavior patterns and cycles, they can successfully modify their life trajectory, which is "destiny."

This is also an important period for me to establish my lifelong research direction.

In 1961, I entered the research and internship of medicinal plants and crude drugs (Chinese medicine) in the Department of Pharmacy of Taipei Medical College, leading students to do research related to medicinal plants. By this time, I was already proficient in the properties of food and the human body cycle operation. So I began to actively carry out the most important theoretical research in my life: "Food improves the destiny of people." At that time, the object of cooperation with me was Dr. Yan Kunying, a master of Chinese medicine who graduated from the Imperial University of Kyoto. People born in different solar terms were used as subjects to conduct experiments, using the 103 prescriptions in the classic traditional Chinese medicine: "Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases" as raw materials, using different cycles and different medicinal herbs and quantities to observe whether they affect the parties."

This kind of research later received an excellent response. A large number of students and teaching assistants have successively invested in this research. In addition to recruiting volunteers, they also participated in statistical work.

 In 1972, I established the Taipei Acupuncture Center in Xindian, Taipei. I started to use acupuncture and moxibustion to provide free clinics in various places to solve the suffering of the people everywhere. This behavior has become a behavior that I will definitely take after any research in the future mode enters the country. Over the past few decades, the target of my free clinic has exceeded over millions people.

At this stage, the target of my free consultation was the poor people in the central and southern regions. Before the health insurance took shape, the poor people in Taiwan could not afford the high medical expenses, and often suffered from the incurable disease. The experience of this stage, It also made me deeply realize that the energy of poverty is extremely powerful.

In the process of the free consultation, I also surveyed the subjects’ birthdays, solar terms, food addiction, physique, personality, marriage and marriage status, and the causes and consequences of pain. In addition to acupuncture and moxibustion, I also began to use the theory of food fortune to help people get out of pain.

In 1986, I set up a business management center on Bade Road, Taipei City. At this time, I started the mature "food for luck" service. After consulting, I suggested that visitors should eat a variety of foods and change their luck. However, since people are always inert and think it is too troublesome to find suitable food by themselves, I finally gave up the opportunity of changing food transportation. Therefore, I invested a lot of manpower and material resources and set up an organization in Canada to specialize in research and development and food reform. Transport related food, and give free food to the people who come to consult, and there is no additional service fee.

In 1989, my research results in the field of Yi learning have repeatedly made breakthroughs and innovations, and gradually attracted the attention and enquiries of the international community. So in that year, I established Oriental Culture University in Hawaii, USA, and joined the admissions ranks of American Federal University. , To promote China's traditional wisdom and culture to the Western world. At that time, the principal was Mr. Peng Mengshi, and I was the chairman of the school.

At the same time, I went to Canada to set up a high-tech experimental farm to further develop experiments on food]. I would choose Canada at that time. The point is because Canada’s dense forests and high oxygen content, the soil composition contains straw field soil, glacial moss soil and coniferous forest soil, suitable for cultivating the expected cruciferous plants, which can decompose several kinds The monosaccharides most lacking in the human body, such as idose, tyrolose, and other sugars. Finally, after ten years of long-term struggle, we succeeded in developing something that is consistent with the traditional Chinese Yin and Yang Five Elements.

Because of such long-term research and dedicated energy, after a long-term review, the Canadian government finally granted me permission to establish the world’s first Yijing College in Richmond, BC: Canadian Chinese Yijing College in 1994. And let me serve as the founding principal and chairman of the school.