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Master Chen Yikui's journey

In order to cope with the difference of the times, we often refer to the "food balance and nourishment method" in the "Blessing Ping" system. Before that, we can briefly introduce it. In this system, we will explain the incisive "food balance and nourishment method" theory for us. From the experience of Master Chen Yikui, you can also get a glimpse of the important context of his generalization of the two large systems of Chinese metaphysics and Western science.

Readers must be very curious, and often talk to you about the so-called "food balance and nourishment method" Master Chen Yikui. What kind of person is him?

Regarding this point, we should start from the field of Chinese metaphysics, which is classified as "tradition" and "folklore," just like the "food balance and nourishment method."

We know that in the long history of Chinese culture, the ancient Book of Changes and the Five Techniques have always been a very important system in the culture. In the history of five thousand years, whether it is in the history, culture, or humanistic trajectory, You can always see where these studies are written.

But after the eighteenth century, just like the food balance and nourishment method, when Western scientific civilization gradually emerged, many old civilizations gradually lost their brilliance in society, and some even diminished. In Chinese culture, there are also strong invasions by Western civilization. Under the situation where scientific civilization strongly influences the wisdom of civilization, the studies of I Ching, numerology, and five skills, which are the crystallization of Chinese cultural wisdom, have gradually become a social subculture in China. There are some people who even break the theory of the Five Skills of the Book of Changes into the superstition system of fools and women, labeling it as "nonsense that only ignorant people can believe."

"In fact, these traditional metaphysical theories are the crystallization of human wisdom as great as the philosophical system. It is a pity that they will be regarded as superstitions." Master Chen Yikui thinks so. "Of course, when comparing metaphysical theory with scientific theory, there is no such thing as saying that one is one and the other two is two, but it can make up for the shortcomings of scientific theory to some extent. The two are not mutually opposed. The enemy is actually a partner who can work together!"

Master Chen Yikui, from a very young age, has been committed to the integration of traditional metaphysics and modern scientific theories. The characteristics of Master Chen Yikui's studies are very different from those of general metaphysical and numerology masters. He often uses the method of "breaking away from the limits of traditional thinking and concepts”to study traditional knowledge such as Eastern Yixue, Chinese medicine, and Feng Shui.

And the most important thing is that all the research on the thought system of Master Chen Yokui will definitely be scientifically tested and experimental in Western style, so breakthrough research results often appear. Because most of the settings and perspectives of these studies are unprecedented creations, the research results of Master Chen Yikui are often important topics that have received international attention, and many Eastern metaphysics, which was originally kept secret by Westerners, are used in a simple and internationally new image. Appearing before the eyes of researchers from various countries, it often arouses the admiration and praise of many professional scientists.

Master Chen Yikui has taught at National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical College, Kaohsiung Medical College, and many other colleges and universities. He has taught Chinese medicine, Materia Medica, I Ching, and acupuncture in these well-known colleges. And was once the first Chinese to be invited to teach Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion at the Second Research Institute of the United States Navy, so he became an authoritative master of international metaphysics across cultures and races.

In addition to the traditional five techniques: mountain (feng shui), medicine (Chinese medicine), fate (numerology), phase (look at appearance), and divination, Master Chen Yikui has integrated his many years of learning and is observing and studying After studying human behavior and sociology, he created an unprecedented new prestige. Later, Master Chen Yikui melted the "five techniques" culture commonly used by the Chinese people to solve the suffering of survival, and formally created the epoch-making "Chen Yikui diet therapy". "To solve all kinds of sufferings for countless people. After more than two decades of research and development, in 1987, the sixth method of traditional Chinese metaphysics, "food", was formally established, and it became the pioneer of this unprecedented new academic method!

Looking at the research process of Master Chen Yikui, we can see this process even more.

In his youth, Master Chen Yikui studied at the National Taiwan University. Due to his interest, he began to explore the problems related to the human body and life cycle in his spare time. During his studies, he studied a lot of books related to physiology, numerology, psychology and Chinese medicine, including Chinese Ancient fortune telling classics, such as "San Ming Tong Hui", "Qing Tong Bao Jian", "De Tian Sui", "Yuan Hai Zi Ping"... etc., are also within his scope, see if he can explore some of them. Clues about the destiny of mankind.

Therefore, with the convenience of studying in the Agricultural College of National Taiwan University, he read a lot of books on Chinese herbs, fruits and vegetables, and various foods to enhance his skills in food science. For the 24 solar terms and the human body cycle, please benefit from Yixue. Master Wu Junmin, and became the first student of his correspondence class. This period is the most critical period for Chen Yikui to set the research direction of his life.

Later, Chen Yikui entered the Department of Medicinal Plants of Taipei Medical College and was responsible for leading the students in the day and night department of the Department of Medicinal Plants to do some internships related to the medicinal plant courses. At that time, Chen Yikui, who was already proficient in food properties and the human body cycle, began to actively carry out the so-called "food fortune" clinical trials. At that time, he and Dr. Yan Kunying, a master of traditional Chinese medicine who graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, collaborated on a "Chinese medicine prescription"Change of luck" plan.

The project uses people born in different solar terms with different magnetic field imprints as objects to conduct experiments. It uses the one O three flavor prescription in the sacred classic of traditional Chinese medicine "Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases" as raw materials, according to different magnetic field imprints and cycles. Take different herbs and quantities and take them for a long time to see if they can change the bad luck of the person involved and turn it into good luck, thereby revealing a new life cycle.

At that time, Chen Yikui’s pioneering work to improve food fortune received great response from students and was widely promoted. He recruited people who suffered from bad luck and came to the clinic for free. His concept was also awarded by five assistant teachers in the Department of Medicinal Plants. Agree and help with statistical analysis.

One of the most famous "feats" of Master Chen Yikui was that under a silly research effort, he soon spent all his fortune left by his ancestors, but gradually accumulated unprecedented research results and began to attract attention from all walks of life.

In the 1960s, Master Chen Yikui was formally invited by the Singapore government. He was the first Chinese to teach "acupuncture" medicine in the country. He also became the first Chinese to be hired to the Second Institute of the U.S. Navy (the highest medical research center for the United States in Asia), a master who specializes in guiding the research of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinical experiments.

After accumulating these outstanding achievements in the field of traditional medicine, Chen Yikui was successively invited by Taipei Medical College, National Taiwan University Medical College, and Kaohsiung Medical College to serve as the instructor of traditional medicine in these schools. During the "prescription change" service, in order to actually understand the properties of Chinese medicinal materials, Chen Yikui used his body as a white rat at the time, imitating Shennong's spirit of "taste the herbs" and tried more than 300 Chinese medicinal materials on the spot. After the human body, how will your body respond?

After Chen Yikui recalled this painful experience, he still had lingering fears, because after a lot of medicinal materials were eaten into his stomach, it either made him vomit and diarrhea, or caused him to sweat, tears and tears, and was very painful. But this kind of "immediate" pain. His experience also gave him a better understanding of the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica.

In 1972, Chen Yikui established the Taipei Acupuncture and Moxibustion Center in Xindian, Taipei, Taiwan, and began to use acupuncture and moxibustion to go to free clinics in various parts of Taiwan to solve all kinds of physical pains of the people.

During the free clinic, Chen Yikui was mostly in remote areas, especially the mountainous areas in northern, central and southern Taiwan, as well as the farmer associations of counties and cities. These were places he frequently visited. Because Taiwan still did not have health insurance at the time, most of the people who asked for help were poorer. The poor farmers, who were sick and had no money to see a doctor, made Chen Yikui strongly felt at the time the power of "poverty" and the sorrow of being a disadvantaged group on the margins of society.

During the free acupuncture consultation, Chen Yikui will also investigate the person’s birthday, solar terms, usual foods, physique, personality, marital status, and most painful things... etc. Therefore, in addition to using acupuncture and moxibustion to treat illnesses, he also According to its physiological magnetic field structure, it is recommended to take certain foods to solve the pain of life.

During the period of the free clinic conducted by the Taipei Acupuncture Center, it lasted for more than ten years and traveled all over Taiwan. It was not until the implementation of universal health insurance in Taiwan that this unprecedented feat ended. There were more than 30,000 cases, which can be said to be Chen Yikui’s "food reform fortune” involves the most extensive one. After Chen Yikui's pioneering work and the free consultation of Chinese medicine, he immediately explored the mysterious behavior cycle of the human body in 1976. He started with the "fortune-telling" culture that is widely known to the Chinese and conducted a large number of human statistics.

At that time, he rented a house on Nong'an Street in Taipei City and set up a "Physiological and Psychological Research Center" at his own expense. More than a dozen masters of astrology come to conduct numerology analysis for the people from all walks of life for free. Every Friday, Master Chen Yikui personally provides services, and three female assistants who graduated from universities are invited to organize the files on their behalf.

Over the past two years, Nong’an Street has been crowded and busy almost every day, and people who come to talk about fate are endless. Chen Yikui can be said to have returned at this stage with more than 30,000 cases. These include the previous free consultations and research. As a result of the accumulated numerology cases during the period of Chinese medicine, he established the basis for the largest number of people who collected statistics in Chinese history.

In 1979, Taiwan's Tamkang University hired Chen Yikui to offer a course related to environmental architecture at the school. Although it was called "Architecture Miscellaneous Talk", the content was actually "Environmental Fengshui."

At that time, Chen Yikui used a modern scientific perspective to explain the relationship between ancient Feng Shui and natural ecology. Because of the novel teaching methods and lively and interesting explanations, it attracted 88 students as elective courses, which caused a great sensation in the school at that time. He also opened the Chinese "feng shui" for the first time entering the university hall.

At the time of repeated breakthroughs and innovations in the field of I-learning, the research results of Master Chen Yikui have gradually attracted the attention and attention of the international community. In order to cultivate more talents in the five skills of Eastern Yi-learning, the Eastern was established in Hawaii in 1989. Cultural University, and joined the admissions of American Federal University, and with Mr. Peng Mengshi as the president, Chen Yikui served as the chairman of the board at that time, and made every effort to promote this Chinese culture to the Western world.

During this period, Chen Yikui established the Forest Enterprise Management Center on Bade Road, Taipei in 1986, and used the organization to conduct a series of "Chen Yikui Food Change fortune“ services that caused a sensation in Taiwanese society. During this period, the was the most "popular" research is to substitute the theory of yin and yang and five elements into traditional Chinese medicine:

The traditional classification of "Jia  gallbladder, Yi liver, Bing small intestine, Ding heart, Wu stomach, Ji spleen, Geng the large intestine, Xin Spleen, Ren bladder, Gui kidney".

At this stage, Chen Yikui also established the status of the most authoritative and contributing master in the Five Skills of I Ching in modern China for hundreds of years.

In these research fields of Chinese metaphysics, Master Chen Yikui was not complacent. Therefore, he also started to sort out the relevant research on the ancient Chinese "food balance and nourishment method". The comprehensive theories are included in many works. In recent years, due to the prevalence of the Internet, many results and studies have been placed on the "Blessing Ping" website.