Master Chen Yikui found the secret of Yi-Jing~thunder - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Master Chen Yikui found the secret of Yi-Jing~thunder

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Master Chen Yikui pointed out that in the law of nature, the lightning will transform the nitrogen in the air into fertile "nitrogen fertilizer", which is conducive to cultivation on the land. Therefore, if it doesn’t have rain and thunder, the land would not nutritious enough, the crop will naturally not grow up, long, so it is "Hidden dragon do not use"; and "see the dragon in the field", "Dragon is in the sky" The following sentences are all "good to see gentleman ", the same, this "gentleman " also confused most of the Yi-Jing researchers for thousands of years, They don't know that this "gentleman" is a noble, emperor, or is a respected elder in the township. However, the Master Chen Yizui also broke this "gentleman" mystery after the secret research.

It turned out that "Good to see gentleman" is also the conclusion that the ancestors observed the close relationship between the thunder and human survival. They found that when the thunder is in the sky (Dragon is in the sky), or in the field see thunder ( Seeing the dragon in the field), it is suitable for a good time for cultivation, and the thunder is not only beneficial to crops, and after a large number of current voltages and mineral resonances, it will have a good quality of the fine water and soil, so it is easy for excellent characters grown people, it may become a great person to make great contributions to humans, so they are called "gentlemen". As for the "dragon war in the wild, blood is dark", refers to the flooding in the Yellow River Basin after a lot of thunderstorms, because the water is mixed with a large amount of sediment, so it is a blood Xuanhuang (with Black yellow liquid).

Survival angles and the smart model of the ambiguity, solve the real message of the ancient civilization crystal. In this regard, Master Chen Yikui can be proud of being the first person in thousands of years.