The academic figure of the contemporary Yi-learning giant, Master Chen Yikui - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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The academic figure of the contemporary Yi-learning giant, Master Chen Yikui

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Since the nineteenth century, Western civilization has swept the entire world in a powerful way, and has also eclipsed other civilizations. Chinese culture with thousands of years of history, under the attack of such a powerful civilization, there have also been wise men who put forward the proposition of "Western knowledge for use, Chinese knowledge as the body" (using Chinese wisdom as the mainstay and Western science as the means of implementation) It’s just that it’s been a hundred years since this thought was put forward, and there are very few that can be truly implemented. From the perspective of outcome, the entire 20th century was dominated by Western civilization, while the crystallization of ancient Chinese wisdom most of them was compressed into a cold corner, and was not cared about by anyone, and was even regarded as an outdated and useless old thing.

But this is not the case. Western scholars once studied the wisdom of civilization in ancient China and were surprised to find that many systems including medicine, nature, life, and strategy, as early as the pre-Qin era more than 2,000 years ago, Chinese civilization It has developed to the ultimate level of perfection, which is equivalent to "I have already completed the graduate school courses in the kindergarten." However, such a crystallization of wisdom, when Western civilization emerged in the twentieth century, failed to keep up. Instead, it became a symbol of backwardness. Over time, it was clearly a thing of infinite value like precious jewels, scattered in the corner for a long time, but instead seen it as dung.

This situation has been going on for many years. Until a few decades ago, a figure who had received advanced Western science education but had a unique research on the wisdom of ancient China appeared Utopian theory was finally successfully implemented. This person is the contemporary Yi-learning giant Master Chen Yikui.