Determining the structure of Wu earth (2) - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Determining the structure of Wu earth (2)

(Dr. Chen Yikui)

Male 23 

Hour day month year

  乙    戊     甲    癸  

  卯    辰     子    酉

Luck cycle

83  73  63  53  43  33  23

 乙  丙  丁  戊   己  庚   辛

 卯  辰  巳  午   未  申   酉

    Wu was born in Zi month, and Zi contains Gui water. This Gui water’s influence on the day stem Wu is more serious than that of the last natal chart, because he has Ui water throughout the month. The pattern of the last natal chart is the month order (Chou has Gui water) has revealed that it is a positive financial standard, and the monthly decree of this life chart is also a positive financial standard. Are both of them the same as the positive financial standard? Different.

    The last natal chart was empty and dreams. In this chart, the hour stem branch has Zhengguan rooted, day branch Chen has Yi ZhengGuan. After Zhengguan rooted has the binding force, there will be no macrocephaly like natal chart A, no I would say that all that is in my mind are great expert-level ideas. This is the difference between having ZhengGuan and not having ZhengGuan .

    The natal chart is rooted in the palace of the wife, and his Gui water power is completely different from the power of the last natal chart. Hour branch Chen will produce a positive wealth together, so he has a ZhengGuan. The last natal chart is ShiSheng, Zhengguan met with BiJie (53-62 years old Luck cycle WuWu) to help him. He was overjoyed. He would feel how God would suddenly favor him in this environment and pour so much money into him with a dustpan, because Zheng Cai (year stem Gui, month Zi) will have good luck for three consecutive Luck WuWu, Ding Si and BingChen for thrity consecutive years. In the same way, the Grand Fortune of Zhengcai Style is different. The last quotation chart is not good for the comparison of the robbery, and his quotation is to save the life and help the body. The problem is the month order. His monthly order is not soil or wealth, but water is wealth in Wu earth against Zi water.

    I have seen a person on the Wu day. She wrote a book in 1998. She wrote very well. She wrote about her father, grandpa, Zhang Xueliang and others.

This person's horoscope:


   day month year

     戊    丙    甲

     辰    寅    子

    She didn't write the hour. I don't know the time, which is exactly the same as the theory of Qiongtongbaojian. Wu born in Yin month has to reveal Jia and Bing. She is an attachment, but her process has changed her attachment all the way. Her attachment is not attached at home. She flees and flees, keeps fleeing, and she has to accept the knowledge here when she escapes, finally fled to Taiwan and adapted to Taiwan’s obsession.