Determining the structure of Geng metal (1) - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Determining the structure of Geng metal (1)

(Dr. Chen Yikui)

Male 26

   Hour day month year

       丁    庚    己    庚   

       亥    辰    卯    午    

Luck cycle

87  77  67  57  47  37  27

戊   丁   丙  乙  甲  癸  壬   

子   亥   戌  酉  申  未  午

     A 26-year-old male, I have always emphasized that the people on Geng Day belong to the group of "Jia Ding Geng". If there are Jia Ding Geng on Geng Day, even his fate is rough, but he will succeed in the end. There are in the natal chart. Ding rooted in the New Year's branch (Ding), and he was in the luck cycle Jia Shen between the ages of 47 and 56. If he was involved in politics, he could go to a high-ranking official. GengChen Day is the Kuigang Day, and Kuigang Day is to be the leader and be able to stand. If you do, you will quickly line up for the first question, and you can immediately question the Chief Executive. The last sentence must be "You are going to step down." They are all this kind of people.

    The pattern is all determined by comparing the word from his month’s hidden stems with the day stem, because Month Mao is no Yi, but comparing it with the strongest wood of the month itself is a positive financial pattern.

Weak body must have Wu (resources), but he (day branch Chen) cannot use Wu without penetration. Now he is 26 years old. When he is 37 years old, he will go to GuiWei. Chen contains Gui water, Chen's Gui revealed to luck cycle GuiWei, Chen is a reservoir, called ShangGuan- the wounded officer, will control all the Guan, don’t be any Jane-appointed officer of the Executive Yuan who is being questioned, because a wounded officer must be a legislator’s public opinion representative, not a supervisor, a public representative, or the general of the war goes out, if he is a general in the imperial era, the qualification of a general is administratively the pattern of the Minister of Defense, which is a very famous pattern.