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Eight Characters and Shengji Reformation (Research and experiment of VAAA)

Question: Teacher, our horoscope is destined, is it an aid to have ShengJi? Should we believe in Bazi or Shengji?

A: It can be said that the Health Foundation will call your genes influence, which can be corrected, what genes? You may have a lazy gene, or a very kind gene. The second point is sensitivity. Like what a society does, it will be more sensitive. If a person with high sensitivity does a little bit first, he will succeed. Some people have a short-sighted perspective, and some have a foresight. If they have a vision, they can judge. Correct, you make money, and our Shengji can only do this. It cannot be said that turning you into a monkey, or turning you into a ghost, or an emperor, is impossible, you still have to work hard.

I think that the belief in Bazi belongs to the individual. Foreigners have not studied Bazi. People live better than us. Their technology is more advanced than us. But we are studying Bazi. The fortune-telling of Bazi is very comfortable and accurate. Say that you will do that. Peach Blossom Luck, the real peach blossoms came out, and a peach blossom ghost was made inside the peach blossoms and ran out of the chrysanthemums, it has all.

The Bazi can be studied freely, so the Bazi is probably set in the Ming Dynasty. If it is set in people, it seems to be necessary knowledge and survival requirements. Therefore, many people recognize that my fate should be the monk’s fate, and he will be in the future. Will become a monk. I want to tell you this, sometimes it's a fact. Monk Guangqin is very good with me. First, I am a researcher. Second, I will not criticize what gods you believe in. It doesn't matter what you believe in. I have personal beliefs and research. In the end, he said that when he was born, his family did not want him, saying that he was a monk's fate, forcing him to be a monk. In the society at that time, he became a monk and he succeeded. In terms of the entire monk world at that time, everyone knew about Monk Guangqin in Taiwan. Of course, if you don't believe in Buddhism, of course you just ignore it. If you believe in Buddhism, you will know Guangqin Heshang, he was very well-known at that time. So people are not necessarily certain fate. If you believe in Bazi, then you continue to do so. I think you may also be successful, but you have to work hard to do it.

Coming to this Bazi, I will tell you that sometimes I am studying Bazi, and sometimes I feel that it may not be very good. Why? My grandmother told me before she died, she said that you study the eight characters, and your morality is good, I said why? She said that the horoscope was not accurate. I said why would it not be accurate? Because my horoscope is fake. Before my mother died, she told me that her horoscopes were fake. I studied horoscopes. According to her real horoscopes, the society at that time, very bad! With scissors handles, iron brooms, and Kef torture, the real horoscopes look like this.

Should I believe in Shengji? I think Shengji is helping a person. My research is very early. There are a lot of previous researches. In 1979, how far did I research? I made a special trip to Hualien to produce a kind of Taiwan jade, one by one. , Just draw the blood and start the treatment, but also some ring incense, the effect is not very good. From a research standpoint, since there was this kind of knowledge before the Zhou Dynasty, there must be some reason for it, but what is the reason for it? In the end, many people think that Shengji should not use this method and should be done outside the house. I said that Zeng Zinan was using it outside the house. He first used the garden as a base in Taichung. I said it was so difficult to obtain land outside the house. I finally decided to do it inside the house. The entire cosmic energy outside the house was artificially created inside the house, just like The radioactive elements are artificially manufactured, and a neutron is used to strike U235 to split it into an atomic bomb. Using scientific methods, I probably dropped nearly 60 million, which seems quite effective. Approximately a quarter of people can achieve their wishes. To be 100% effective, it will take you six years.

This is what we study for a person. People should not completely believe in anything, they should be able to survive, be able to live well and healthy, and not be disturbed, and you shouldn't just believe in whatever or just god.

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