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Development of Dragon Ball Tea ~ Chu Yeast Tea

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

As long as you live in Yangzhou for more than six years, the breath of making tea will be produced. There is a very famous tea popular in Yangzhou, called Dragon Ball Tea. To study these, I learned about all traditional Chinese things. There was a Taiwanese who worked in Taiwan and finally went to Yangzhou to find opportunities. He knew that Yangzhou was a very leisurely place. When people make money, the place will be more leisurely. Yangzhou people like to drink tea so much that they have everything from Pu'er tea to Tieguanyin. The tea is all foreign. Finally, he has a chance to meet an aboriginal in Yunnan, an aboriginal in Yunnan. Tell him that no one in our aboriginal tribe wants to drink these tea, it's considered low-level, he is very interested. I made tea in Taiwan and failed. I came here to make tea too. What kind of good tea do you have? He said that the tea we have is going through the tea silkworm to eat all the old leaves. After eating it, it will have stool, and the stool will be on the young leaves. Ordinary insects eat up the young leaves and defecate on the old leaves. It is upside down. They eat up the old leaves and defecate on the young leaves. They harvest this thing and then bake it. Why do they need to bake it? There is the smell of stinky amine. After baking, get rid of the smell at the right temperature, and then fry it. It's really good after he tries it!

This is such good tea. It takes three years to raise insects to feed the tea. After eating, the insects will cocoon and turn into moths. Then they mate and lay eggs. This is how the insects come. He now manages this tea. Give me such a small bottle, he heard of Chen Yikui, so gave me this for free. I used it to soak it on the spot and show it to everyone. Everyone has a sip. There are more than one hundred people, and one sip is not too much for one person. It tastes very special, but this dragon ball tea is very expensive. I named it ChuXiaoCha.