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The Essence of the Stones

Billion Years Chicken Blood stone Legend Part 5: The Essence of the Stones 

   These three famous ores have helped many businessmen, power holders, and literati for thousands of years. Therefore, under the premise of this concept, Master Chen Yikui has studied for a long time and also learned from nature. After years of research, he finally developed a new generation of high-energy minerals: the billion years chicken blood red stone.

     Billion Years Chicken blood stone is a combination of three precious stones: chicken blood stone, Tianhuang stone, Qingtian stone, and an external energy supplement made of precise ingredients with pure gold, cinnabar, and Hetian jade. The energy catalyzed by electric current, It can be repeated that for millions of years, nature has influenced living things with energy and determined the state of biological decline and prosperity.

   "In this world, everything is inevitably affected by the magnetic field. The magnetic field of each thing is different, and even the interaction is different," Master Chen Yikui explained. "But modern society is different because of the living environment. There are many good energies in the universe and heaven and earth. Living in a concrete house can no longer capture them.”

   "Despite the advancement of technology, the human heart is still the same as before. What we love, what we think, and what we hope for. A person in the 21st century is actually not very different from a person five thousand years ago. The only difference is some details.”

    "People struggle in life, and since the goals are roughly the same, I set four goals for products that improve energy resonance in this new era, which are fertility,growing,living, and wealth!”

    "As long as the four goals are achieved, life will be able to cope with most of the challenges. Therefore, my new era products are developed based on improving these four things.

     "Because one of the most important minerals in its composition is chicken blood stone, which can make people rich, so this new product, we call it 'chicken blood billion years red'."

    Based on the research results of ancient Feng Shui wise men and combined with the needs of modern people, Master Chen Yikui developed "Chicken Blood Hundred Years Red", which is actually a mineral essence polymer composed of several minerals that are very beneficial to the resonance of human energy .