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Sishen Soup (4 gentlemen soup)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Sishen soup is one of the ways to avoid diabetes, but it is necessary to eat real Sishen soup (lotus seeds, tuckahoe, gorgon, and Chinese yam). Diabetes is a pancreas (which belongs to the earth element). The Sishen soup must be placed with the small intestine (which belongs to Bing fire), not cooked with the pig belly (which belongs to the water). Eat a bowl of Sishen soup boiled in the small intestine every day for a year to stay away from diabetes.

We human beings are a natural body. Let a kind of operation of the natural body make it happen. We must bite what we eat. It is better for Red Du the two veins.

Diabetes is most important in the beginning, because our body itself produces an acid called Haishengtine acid, because when this content is high, the cells of our pancreas will die, and its insulin secretion will decrease. During the entire process of our digestive system, the glucose sucked into the blood is broken down. When there is no insulin to send into the blood, this glucose cannot be sent to all the cell tissues to generate our energy and strength.

This was published by physiologists in 1951, and there is no way to solve it. What to do? Just tell them not to eat sugar, and finally tell them to eat meat. It didn’t expect that eating a lot of meat would be worse, so it was only in 1969 discovered why Haishengtine was produced, that is, tryptophan in our amino acids had to be converted to nicotinic acid, which could not produce another thing. With the help of the enzymes in our body that we don’t know which meridian can produce Haishengtine acid, nutritionists and biochemists will study to find out that it can provide vitamin B6 and mineral magnesium. The tryptophan is converted to nicotinic acid, so the Haishengtine acid will naturally decrease.

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