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Stay away from diabetes

(Dr. Chen Yikui)

What should people with diabetes eat? It is the food for people with diabetes. After eating this, we will tell everyone what to cooperate with. You eat this food occasionally to keep diabetes away from you.

In the past, Chinese people probably used diet therapy for any illness. In the end, it has been evolving, and I discovered that when the truly serious diabetes is not dealt with by a doctor, then you must know how to use raw things. The Japanese people's opinion is in the general traditional diet method. They think that raw yam should be eaten. It is quite good for Japanese restaurants to eat raw yam. This is one way too, but I don’t think Japanese yam can be eaten too much.

The same prescription as yam is the well-known Sishen Decoction. Sishen Decoction is one of the best ways to prevent diabetes, but it must be true Sishen Decoction (lotus seeds, Poria, Gorgon, and Chinese yam). Diabetes is a problem with the pancreas (which belongs to earth). The Sishen soup must be placed with the small intestine (which belongs to Bing fire), but not the pig bladder (which belongs to the water). Eat a bowl of Sishen soup cooked with the small intestine every day, and eat it for a year to keep diabetes away from you.

The small intestine cooked in Sishen soup is delicious if you don’t strip off the fat. The small intestine is very crispy just after being cooked. The middle part is very moist after it is marinated, and then it will be rotten soft later. Some people like to eat rotten soft intestines, vermicelli is fine, just can’t turn it over. It's delicious. It's the food that has been digested by pigs. That's pig feed. Because now the pig feed is already delicious, with bean cakes and corn delicious. Someone asked if it needs to add salt? I have no objection to putting in a little salt, it tastes pretty good. How to make it delicious? To cook Sishen soup, you need to put in a lot of small intestine in order to be delicious. You can eat it without putting it in the small intestine, but it tastes astringent and hard to swallow. There is no need to put in alcohol. When to add in alcohol? When the Sishen soup cooks the pig's bladder, because the bladder has a smell of urine, it is necessary to add a little wine. My goal is to be effective, and the taste is up to you to adjust. If it’s salty, some people cook it rotten soft. Put a little bit more in the pig small intestine. Don’t put salt in it. It’s delicious with bean paste. It’s sweet only if you don’t put preservatives on the bean paste.

We are researching. Some people probably think that I am talking nonsense and there is no medical report. I often say that there will never be reports on all diets in Chinese. It is a secret recipe and a way to stay as an authority by oneself. What is written in the book is not very helpful, so Chinese medicine has always emphasized one sentence. After reading the prescription for three years, he believes that there is no cure for the world, and there is a prescription for all diseases. When you treat the disease for three years, there is no cure for the world, so understand this, don't believe those books recorded in ancient times for diet therapy. Sishen soup has never recorded that it can prevent diabetes, because they didn't know about diabetes before.

We humans are a natural body, and the natural body must put natural things in, let a kind of operation of the natural body make it happen, what we eat must be bitten, and the two channels of Ren and Ducan operate. We are a natural body, you If you want to eat those natural substances, you can’t extract them. Of course, humans can extract them. They just turn over the gene tendons and pinch it out of the place where the diabetes is. Replace it with a non-diabetic one, and use the extracted one.

At the beginning of diabetes, because our body itself produces an acid called Haishengtine acid, because when this content is high, the cells of our pancreas will die and the secretion of insulin will decrease. During the entire process of the digestive system, the glucose sucked into the blood is broken down. When there is no insulin to send into the blood, this glucose cannot be sent to all the cell tissues to generate our energy and strength. This physiologist was published in 1951, and there is no solution. What to do? Just tell them not to eat sugar, and finally tell them to eat meat. I didn’t expect that eating a lot of meat would be worse, so it was only in 1969 that I discovered why haishengtine acid was produced. The tryptophan in our amino acids had to be converted to nicotinic acid. There is a thing that works with the enzymes in our body that we don’t know which meridian can produce Haishengtine acid. Therefore, nutritionists and biochemists will study and find out that by providing B6 and mineral magnesium the tryptophan can be converted to nicotinic acid, so the Haishengtine acid will naturally decrease.

Therefore, Chinese people have observed a lot, that is, why use snake meat and betel nut roots, the protein in snake meat will help our tryptophan to be converted into nicotinic acid, and then the roots of betel nut have a high magnesium content. It is strange that it must be stewed with the protein of this snake meat to produce ion dissolution. It is like sea salt containing magnesium that dissolves in water. You drink it and you have enough. Bananas won’t work. Some diabete people can’t stand the potassium in banana peels. Although it is diuretic, many people can’t stand it. Apple should be fine, but Apple does not have B6.

The person who wrote this book was well-known in the biochemical world at the time. Ms. Del Davis published an article saying that diabetes should take vitamin B6 and magnesium (SD contains enough B6). At that time, doctors all over the United States said they were deceiving. She is doing research in academic institutions. She has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and finally studied nutrition. She has studied nutrition very well, but she is not omnipotent. She has not tried the methods of other people's science and technology in the future. Vitamins are simple synthetic formulas. Our vitamins are very cheap now, because they are simply synthetic. Her time was in the 1950s, and all vitamins were extracted. This is the difference between the current synthetic vitamins. In terms of our clinicians, it is different. It seems that a person who is good at prescribing Chinese medicine thinks that scientific Chinese medicine does not know how to use it. A good traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who has really gotten the pulse knows what to add or subtract from Liuwei Pills, and that's it. However, the current Liuwei Dihuang Pills are fixed, and scientific Chinese medicine is a fixed formula. There is no addition or reduction, which is very difficult.

This book is well written, but the prerequisite is her time, which was a structure with natural things. Now probably the doctor uses her method to experiment, but it may not achieve the effect she said. Now that she can achieve the effect she said, only our group of people, ours are all separated by nature.

The more advanced French people in France use perfume. Perfume is divided into what kind of perfume I use in the daytime, what kind of perfume I use in the evening, what kind of perfume I use for many women, and what kind of perfume for men. There are about five to six hundred perfumes in the powder room in the bedroom. Just like our Chinese pharmacy, if you have any symptoms, what symptoms you want to happen, you use that prescription. Well, the United States is very well-developed in life, and most of the perfumes in the United States are synthetic. Therefore, the report says that perfumes are not as good as French perfumes because there are more synthetics.

There is a kind of agarwood, the synthetic agarwood 1000cc is only 9,500 yuan, the real agarwood oil 1cc is 95,000 yuan, how many times the difference? It's ten thousand times. So it’s very fragrant from the outside, some lilac, some agarwood, some sandalwood, I'll tell you the synthesis, it’s really that simple. If there is an effect, the synthesized one may not achieve the effect, so we are all in conflict now.

During the whole process of food, I have been emphasizing that people with diabetes should eat less Gramineae, so when I talk about Bazi and food, a person likes to eat avoid gods food.In winter and spring, the gods are water. After a certain age, both It's natural to eat salty and heavy flavors. I often say that you eat comfortably and simple. You just need to add some kind of food to let your sodium drain out.

You can eat a banana after a meal. The amount of rice you eat can be reduced by half, and the salty taste food to go with the rice will be reduced by half. Normally, the sweets are usually eaten by those born in summer and autumn, but they can only be seen when they are old, and cannot be seen when they are young. When I was young, I was affected by the environment, education, and my parents. When I recovered in my nature, I would naturally show up. I like winning the lottery and packing cards and losing every bet. Why do I lose? It’s because that’s my “avoid god”, that every package must be leveraged. This is for certain. The people who really win the prize don’t like to package the cards very much. Everyone is boasting. I also bought 100 yuan, but they are the ones who won. Because this kind of wealth is their favorable god, it is easy to achieve.

Some unfavorable gods are easy to deceive. They are cheated every day and every time they do things. They are all unfavorable gods, and so on. So people with diabetes genes like to eat gramineous food, and one meal can have three bowls of rice, it feels great, it is the unfavorable god. I often tell these people, I said to balance, he said that if you don't eat rice, he won't feel full, and no matter how much meat he eats, he won't feel full.

So for those of you who want to study this symptom, you need to be very objective and have a very broad knowledge. It is definitely not a single thing to get this kind of disease symptoms, not necessarily, but the theory is like this, if you lack magnesium and B6, the tryptophan decomposed in your body will not be converted, it will become a toxin, and will eventually produce Haishengting Acid, the cells that will destroy your pancreas will die, and you will get diabetes.

If you don't have proper food, is it effective to eat synthetic B6 and pure magnesium? Diet therapy is diet therapy. Diabetes can be controlled by diabetes medicine.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are for advice and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to it yourself.