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Lactic acid yeast and apples

According to the research of Master Chen Yikui:

Lactic acid yeast can decompose lactose in milk into lactic acid, lactic acid decomposes full-fat fat in milk into fatty acids, and the protein in milk goes to the stomach of the human body, and decomposes into amino acids with protease in the stomach, which can effectively prevent Allergies, and no diarrhea, the protein absorbed by the body increases, and the heat energy is reduced. It is good food for those who want to lose weight. If you want better skin, you should eat more fatty acids.

The fruit acid of apple can increase the milk movement of the gastrointestinal tract, help digestion and absorption, assist the body to synthesize vitamins, and other enzymes, increase trace minerals, reduce real cell calories, increase the body's immune system, and prevent cancer.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are all suggestions for supplementary nutrition and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to yourself.