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Edible and Preservation of Black Sesame

Isn't it cooked after frying? It's not raw. This is a contradiction. Do raw black sesame seeds have to be fried before they can be used? Isn't it cooked after frying? Then we are going to talk about how to fry black sesame seeds. First of all, there is no fragrance without frying. If there is no such fragrance, what is the smell? Grassy smell. No one wants to eat black sesame seeds. Because of this, everyone frys them. The husk of black sesame is quite hard, and our rice also has rice husk. In the ratio of black sesame husk to rice husk and rice bran, the husk of black sesame, including the sesame in the husk, can slag and produce oil. Come to that ratio, the hardness is almost 100 times. Therefore, it is burnt and dehydrated, and it will be brittle before it can be ground into powder and fragrant. However, after this, when the temperature is fried and heated, when the temperature exceeds 56 degrees, the good fatty acids in it will deteriorate. The fatty acids of ordinary seeds and the fatty acids that can be useful to the body cannot exceed 52 degrees Celsius, and if they exceed it, they will change. Have you ever gone abroad to buy the oil directly cold-pressed from good seeds, such as cold-pressed linseed oil, including olive oil, which should be kept in the refrigerator. Also note that it will be kept for ninety days. But there is one kind that is longer. After the first squeeze, the whole is frozen and placed in that place, and then defrosted. After defrosting, it takes 90 days to open, and it can be kept for 90 days when you open it and eat it. Otherwise, after opening it, you'll have to refreeze it, or put it in the refrigerator.

So should the fried black sesame be placed at room temperature or in the refrigerator? It's okay if you fry it! I told you that when the black sesame seeds are fried and they are very cooked and fragrant, it is the same wherever you put them. Of course, when it reaches a certain level, it will decompose the oil and it will smell like oil. That is not inedible. How long can the fried black sesame be kept before using? It depends on the climate and temperature. As I said just now, you can put it in the refrigerator for three years.

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