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Application of Lingshu and Suwen (2-2)

(Dr.Chen Yikui)

Next, let's talk about it. My son came back to sleep in another room and slept for two hours. He said that Dad didn't have anything but mosquitoes in our house. I said it was very simple. As long as the air-conditioner blow the air out was good enough, he sat there and asked what is the reason? Only by sending cold air to the top, mosquitoes will not come to you. A lot of people are buying electric mosquito coils. Plugging them in is very good. I don't think so. If it is the wind, it must flow. Why do mosquitoes come to pick you up? It is the carbon dioxide that traces your stomata to whisper you. After you ventilate, carbon dioxide runs around in the air. Then the carbon dioxide emitted doesn't know where it is coming from. Can use a fan, but you can't stand with an electric fan.

It is heavier than air. The carbon dioxide that we send off will blow away immediately. It will come in along with the smoke. So you blow it over, the mosquitoes will never change. You have read this and why the mosquitoes are deaf, so who you are being bullied by, why you are raped, you have not studied, why men rape women, you have to study, you have not studied how Zhang Rongfa will make money? No one to study, every day envy Zhang Rongfa to make money, you did not study how Wang Yongqing is trying to make money? Everyday you are envious of Wang Yongqing has three wives, and then you will make money. This is the biggest weakness of our modern people. We are now taking the fast track of the west.

I just said that mosquitoes will be deaf people right? This theory is very simple, as long as you change the carbon dioxide emitted by you and plug it in to release the smoke, like carbon dioxide, all the mosquitoes go to the side of the electric mosquito coil, then the advertisement is that the mosquitoes smoked and immediately hit by the radar halo Instead, I tell you that the mosquito is not fainting. It is still alive and well. It is just not after you. Don't think that the electric mosquito coils are a little can kill them all, did not! The mosquito did not die at all, because it also emits carbon dioxide. It is also carbon dioxide that comes from mosquito coils. Therefore, the mosquitoes run to carbon dioxide, it can't be stingy. They have to run over there and gasp. It's like this, it's not it kill the mosquito. Wounded by electric mosquitoes, no! Because I first discovered in the Republic of China in the 70, mosquito coils it said that contains pyrethrum ..., I live in illegal buildings are short, surrounded by ponds, mosquitoes at night, if you sweep with a scanner, its density than Taipei are several times more people in the city. What about so many mosquitoes? To buy a box of mosquito coils, go back and the kitchen was ordered to have twelve rolls in the evening, bloody, and five times more the last day. why? Because the carbon dioxide comes out, all the mosquitoes come in. Did not die, to the last resort, and go buy spray, really kill insects, killing at the end I was poisoned.

So, if you say a lot of questions about science and technology, you must understand basic theories. Carbon dioxide is smoke. You don't want this smoke but people will follow what you don't want to eat you. So the Taiwanese have a saying, as long as you fart the dog will follow you? "Fart and to comfort the dog’s heart." The dog thinks that I have your stool to eat, so I will follow you. So if anyone listens and willing to try it, it will follow you. I met Dajiatou in the north. He had a loved one who got arthritis. The doctor said that there was no medicine for arthritis. At that time, thirty years ago, he knew that I would look at feng shui, and some people thought that it was their house problem. I just talked to him. I said that when you go out as the boss, you have protection. How did he say? They are not protecting me. They are protecting himself.if they have not come to protect me, their will be hungry. To the contrary, if he will not protect me, he is not work for me, he will starve to death because my job is take my money to people, then get their money given to everyone.

So, in the future, what kind of help you can do for people must be clearly stated. He must pay, don't learn from me, didn’t get any pay, people will not thank you, people say Chen Yikui is good! Where is he good? Take me to do experiments! Only in this way, turn no money into experimenting with others. If charge them, they would not do it, because I’m qualified for money, but what if you don’t qualify to have money? To borrow a name (backdoor) for listing, you must borrow a name, so why did the temple of locality have a spiritual child? Borrow the three princes and borrow something talk like this. I have a lot of friends as god children, probably all borrowing a god to make some money. This should be but you have to understand this principle.

So you will be poor. If the other person gets this symptom because of poorness, then you need to do two things. The first one stops its symptoms first, and then tells him how under so much carbon dioxide you will not continue to be poor. So I'm going to be slowly doing it, later on you might going to promote it to friends around you. When you go to help people, the first one is to teach them is not to eat health diet, but to eat brown rice for breakfast because of the heat generated after the white rice is eaten,  in addition to cellulose, also produces a large amount of heat energy. Heat energy is burned in the course of exercise and it produces carbon dioxide. Therefore, the pre-Taiwan society was so poor: in the morning, rice porridge was mixed with sugar, and as long as it was a Danzhou people, it was all rice flour and sugar water as snacks. If it was Hakka, it was a blend of powdered sugar and sugar....all of them were sugar, poor!

How could Taiwan’s economy get up? So some people are talking about now that Taiwan’s economy is very poor, and Taiwan has an economic miracle, I’ve talked about the economic miracle of Taiwan when Chiang Kai-shek came to Taiwan and brought a group of people from Shanghai to Taiwan. One thing that Taiwan has led is a very good thing: change the habits of those who want to make money in Taiwan and change what? Breakfast has changed, breakfast soy milk fritters put an egg, soy milk is a protein, fritters are not made of white rice, it is inside the fritters are high-gluten flour, in the starchy category is the most protein; soy milk fritters with an egg, add the meat floss called salty Soybean milk and egg crackers, and I told you, that  bring those businessmen to success. You asked all successful businessmen, and none of them had not eaten this process. Forty years in the Republic of China, these businessmen were all in the process. To those who are poor now, they all eat porridge with pickled cucumbers in the morning and they are still poor. But during this entire process, I have already stated in the course of class that it will take you 19 years to succeed in the actual success, didn't I say that before? Yesterday someone asked Huang Di Shen eat for a month, the effect was good but the purpose was not achieved. It takes one month only in 19 years! Now Taiwan's people want to cut rice and do not want to grow rice. This is a process that does not want to have a result, so it has caused the current society's unease, and everyone did not work very hard.

Therefore, there is a session of the Business Weekly reads that Taiwan’s international talents have been broken. Everyone must think about what is available now. Most of Taiwan’s international talents are more than 45 years old, and probably the proportion of Taiwan’s in the world is very high. International talent is high; Now there is probably no under 40-year-old. All of them are on the mainland. Where are the problems?Want things ready-made! Thinking how much I can fool on how much, how to design a method to deceive the funds, the success of speculation is mine, I failed run away after the bankruptcy and failure, where is the problem? We have changed our food now! In the past ten years, no breakfast has been eaten; only those who ate and ate at the night, who did not eat breakfast, and stayed up late for dinner, were either poor or earned without a gain, and they became the way to go. This is probably the way they have been for more than ten years. Those who buy breakfast now are those workers. The fact that a real leader does not eat breakfast does not mean that he does not lead. He is too lazy to lead a defraud and it is just fine to get money. I have the money to get it, then all is well.

So I often say that if you want to do an alternative therapy, you have to let people stay healthy and down-to-earth when you must let him stabilize the breakfast, breakfast is 2-3 salted duck egg yolk, a bowl of brown rice, a few dried radish, one gram of zinc, and one B6 (50mg) had a feeling of good spirits. Therefore, all fighting ambitions came. It was very practical to include all the brains thinking, and this would be successful. Alternative therapies are attributed to human beings born normally, because we are in a very abnormal society. In an abnormal society, leads to normal health. You should not interfere with the real disease, but in the treatment of the disease, you can help him return to normal. This can be done in parallel. Don't push it out and you don't want to deny it. You can't deny the Chinese medicine and you can't deny western medicine. It doesn't matter how it treats you. You say ours method is to leads you to be normal, how do you want to be cure, free with your rule. Even if you can talk about using our methods, or use Chinese or western medicine in the future, it will be easier to cure your illness. You must say so. Don't say that we can replace Chinese medicine or replace Western medicine, that is impossible.