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Introduction to divination (1) (2-2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

We talk about the cosmic energy wind and water. Wind and water are on the earth, not from outer space. Let’s discuss it with the entire definition of physics. China’s five techniques include mountain, medicine, fate, appearance, and divination, including medicine. The theoretical basis of the guide will always say a sentence, all from HeTu LuoShu , fortune telling all talk about the earliest theory, Hetu LuoShu, and then the trigrams is called the I Ching Bagua.

Now the question is coming, I often ask what is Hetu? Hetu is Hetu. What is Luoshu? Luoshu is Luoshu, why should we talk about this? When I was a kid in my country, there was a teacher who taught an essay about what is inextricably linked, and I explained, what is meant by innumerable confusion? It is a thousand heads and ten thousand threads. Explaining the Hetu LuoShu now, it is probably like this, in fact it is not, it is a thing of natural phenomena, what kind of natural phenomena? The river of Hetu is the river of the Yellow River, Luoshu's Luo is Luo river, the intersection of the two. How to intersect? The Yellow River is from west to east, Luo river is from north to south, and then comes from here. The energy universe comes over. This is the basic of mathematically analytical geometry called coordinates, and X, Y, and Z are called coordinates. Because of the mathematics of coordinates, Only astronomy and Newton’s extraordinary calculus are produced. The coordinates can also produce geometry. Geometry produces surveys. Nowadays, artificial satellites are used for measurement. What is the most accurate measurement of artificial satellites? How interesting is the contour lines of all the land on the whole earth!

Hetu Luoshu is the only one that has an effect on the land, that is, from west to east, including from south to north. On such land, people stand on it, and the energy supply of the universe is applied on top of Hetu Luoshu. You also use this method for fortune telling. When do you want to fortune telling you, where do you come from? You are the river from west to east including from north to south, the earth is turning and the sun is shining, you are out of the year, the earth is around 365 and a quarter of a day, you are another year old, all in this, it is so simple. All of our students who fortune-telling it did not know it, only the names Hetu Luoshu. Let's draw an equation. 9 above, 1 below, left 3, right 4, and so on. I said that these are finally gone. Fortune-telling, can you use that to calculate ? Can't count.

So fortune telling is based on this foundation. You are a person. When you are a human being, you can only do the fortune telling when you are alive. Can’t do it if you die. Only live can be counted, to what extent is live counted? How many people do you gather together to do one thing can also be fortune telling, when do you gather together, when will this group dissolve, this kind of research will be together from beginning to end, so something like this becomes the Yin and Yang family to choose your opening day, or the day you want to get married, the date selection. When you want to do this, when you want to get married, you have to be one with him that day. From that time on, there can be years, months, and days, which is equal to life. I will know in the future that you will get divorced after about a few years of marriage? Many people asked me, Mr. Chen, what year do we get married? I asked if the two of you slept together? Yes! When? Three years ago, I said then you were married at that time, so don’t ask me when to get married in the future, you can get married at any night or any time.

One mode of our way of survival is that the marriage is counted from that day, the two of you want to live together is counted from the time of sex, no matter who he had sex with before, this is no matter, but if you want to marry her, then it is when the two of you first have sex. Is there a question about kissing? I don’t know. In our previous research, there were no kissing characters in the eight characters. We have married characters and no kissing characters. We know that we have to make love after we get married.

Look at what is represented on the earth, north and south include things? That means longitude and latitude! So people are very simple, your longitude, when you are at what latitude and longitude, then you will probably lack something, so why is Indonesia such a Chinese exclusion, because Chinese people are very profitable when they go there, Indonesians will not make money, then why wouldn’t they make money, and wouldn’t want to ask how can I make money. Affected by something? Religion. Because they do not eat pork, Indonesia has the most Muslims. If someone who has never eaten pork does not have that kind of amino acid, he thinks that money is not important, so real Buddhists cannot eat pork, beef, or lamb. They often ask others to give up meat, why should they give up? When you were born you didn’t bring it with you, and when you died, it didn't go with you, that's what the Buddhist said, because he doesn't have this amino acid, so he doesn't want anything.

So it depends on what is happening at that point, what that produces, what kind of person? You eat it, your parents give birth to you after being together, so what will happen if you lack of something?

Because every cell in our body, including blood in motion, carries some kind of electric current, often at this hour, or at this time, if your current resonates with the universe, this change will be called Moving Line, use this change to know what your body should be missing and what to use to transform, then you have changed, and your entire destiny has changed, including your physical changes. We want to emphasize that foreign diseases are like colds or some filtered viruses, which are foreign infections. Our methods are not effective. Your own things are effective. When you lack something, the symptoms are generated. Including making money, marriage, and work. In addition to infection or man-made in our divination, for example, deliberately driving to hit the telephone pole, that we can’t divination it out, that is intentional man-made, if use divination will become meaningless.

The above introductions are the process of my research in the past 40 to 50 years. I used to use money coins to do the divination, and the accuracy is much lower than that of the blood that lack, like how to measure the blood pressure can detect the disease, there is no way, you need to use the pulse method to know which of your meridian and an organ are relatively weak. Then I use energy now, and you supply energy, because the energy we all need to be transported to every organ through the blood, including your thinking, including your execution, and blood must be transported, so we use blood pressure as a divination basis.

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