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Divination (2) Hexagrams and induction (1)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The general divination is called induction. In fact, it is a kind of induction or feeling or how to grasp this hexagram from induction and feeling. What is Gua? It's just a record. Taking all people, it has nothing to do with animals, it is centered on people, what is your feeling, it is time and space, time and space relationships, then in astronomy, when time and space exist at the same time, it is called the universe. This is a philosophical question. When time and space are together, this is called the universe. Yin and Yang are settled in this way, and the space and time together are the universe. Human beings came after the formation of the universe.

You see if centipedes are insects, frogs are also insects, frogs eat centipedes, frogs can’t eat humans, and some frogs stick their tongues out to eat mosquitoes, flies, and centipedes, so Taiwanese have a saying that a centipede frog snake is a snake eating a frog, a frog eating centipede, the snake is afraid of the centipede will not dare to eat it. The snake uses its tongue to feel the taste of the food. If it reaches the front of the centipede, the snake will go and not eat. This taste cannot bear it!

The most feared thing about snakes is humans. The next thing they fear is like vultures. There is also a kind of velvet wee, which specializes in eating snakes, and goose stools snake doesn't like it, it will turn and won't come in. Why do goose stools make snakes hate? Because the secretion from the goose's large intestine tastes like the centipede, so the snakes hate them.

Let's talk about people like this, and divination is applied in this way. So some insects do not eat something because it has a taste. It’s the same with people. I’m in the middle of divination. My sense of something is going to happen. You may smell it first, or what do you feel? You only know what happened, so how does the taste happen? Thinking from my mind that I'm hungry, I want to eat a bowl of Yangchun noodles with a braised egg, our flavor will come out, when you are hungry, you will smell a certain scent, and a lot of saliva gushing out, so in Taiwan there is a saying, smelling drooling and thinking about it very much, that is to what degree. This is a very natural phenomenon.

Then I studied sixty years of divination before I realized that when you will get in touch with something, you will come out of that place and say that you are going to the bank to steal a brick. It’s not that the gold brick is an ordinary brick. It’s just 2and half NTD. There are a lot of fines. Suppose it’s picking, not stealing. If you steal it, it must have a value. Can you get it? Can't get it. When you are in bad luck, the brick was taken away by someone one second before you were going to get it. The second situation is that the brick has just not been taken, but it was just pressed by a five-ton truck, and you can't take it away. Then there are many systems that you have no way to do, and that is by induction, but this thing must exist, you can’t ask whether I will become a fairy after death, this is not acceptable. You can't put a thing that doesn't exist, there must be something, good luck, what is good luck? Can I make money? Or if I do one thing? Or if I do something, can I succeed, but it is relative. Fame and wealth are two different things. This is only due to induction, but it must be thing that exists.

The second type is that you are sick. I want to ask what medicine to use for my illness. If you really have the illness, you have the medicine. In case your illness has no medicine, it means you are not sick. This is relative. Because you don't have this medicine for this disease, you are out of the disease because you are not sick. This is a very important thing for divination.

So some people have no illness when the divination comes out. Our physiological cycle is 180 days. Now you're just going to ask the body. My body is not feeling good and I go to the doctor. There is no illness. I came to do divination for it. There is no illness. How can you speak exactly the same as Western doctor’s, check for so long and say that you are not sick, but don’t be happy, it can means there is no medicine, then maybe you will not be saved after half a year, my father-in-law is like this, he can’t swallow food, doctor checked and not illness at first. At last, he kept telling me that I know divination. Okay I did that, and then I went back. I told my wife it was very serious. In my experience, I felt that it was seriously ill, but there was no disease after the examination, and we did divination not sickness. It may be that it couldn't find the medicine. After two months, I asked my younger brother. My younger brother was the director of surgery at ZTE Hospital. I said you used ZTE Hospital name and transfer him to the teaching hospital. At that time, there was a new type called stereoscopic X-ray irradiation. At that time, it was in 1970 AD (60 years in the Republic of China). He said that he wanted to have an operation, but at the time of the divination, it showed that it would not last for a long time. Now he has to have an operation and live three more months. Finally, the surgery was done, and then it was okay. After leaving the hospital for two weeks, he could eat. After two and a half to three months, he didn't know why, it swell up again, and he couldn't eat anymore. Then he died. Nothing worked. He feels very bad. If the esophagus is clogged it can't even reach the stomach tube in.

Bu is a very interesting thing, so where does this kind of induction come from? It comes from the entire universe, so why is it needed to be very sincere? This sincerity is very important. People who want divination often have to say it out themselves. If you are sincere, you need to speak with your mouth to have credit. You must tell the truth.

There are three systems of induction, one is the place where we want to do divination, the second system is space-time, and space-time is the universe. This is a matter of concept, so when we say divination, we must choose the day of the month, and the hour is the same. The day is good, which means that when I am here for divination, the hour can be recorded, but time and space, that day In that month, it is the position of the earth, the sun, and the universe. This is the month order, the earth sun and the entire universe, then this position is called the month order, and the day is this time. When it comes down, it will become two bigger factors on the earth and the universe.

Therefore, when the earliest people in China were very sincere or you were very painful, they would kneel on the ground and cry for Empress Dowager. This is a very important part in astronomy and physics. Well, when this energy can help you resonate, it’s amazing. This is what scientists say. The matter we can see accounts for only 5% of the entire universe, and what we can’t see it, but there is something called dark material. Next, 70% of the matter that controls the universe. Now everyone is going to do 70% research again, too see if there is antimatter in it. You can’t even see it. Many religious people call this 70% thing God. Said it can create the universe and create everything. But human beings, any living creature may actually be controlled by its connection, but when it comes to connection control, how do you sense it in a human way, say that its main control, its obstacles are there, and we can just jump away? How can I avoid a hindrance of its master control, or how to use its energy to assist us, and achieve our purpose.

All matter can be enjoyed for you and defeated for you. Our hexagram people say that it is turning and staring, either yin or yang, but when yin and yang are about to change, there is one very important thing that is controlled by “This one”, we call it the moving line. It says no, how to turn it into yes, this is the most important thing in our divination.

Qin Shihuang knew there was a soul, so when he died, he had to bury the mountains and rivers of China under the tomb, so he called his ministry down to complete his tomb. How to make mountains and rivers is to use stones, mercury. Mercury swing, so choose a place. The angle of its swing has now been measured. Its mercury angle is the same latitude as our earth’s latitude. If you are at the same latitude, the moon and the sun will have tides. Will move, move twice a day, so it flows over and flows back, because of the tide. It's amazing, you can see that this principle can be used in the mausoleum made in 213 BC at that time, and the entire gravity of the sun and moon allowed the mercury to swing inside. Now it can only be studied but not excavated. The elite who study archaeology all over the world concentrate on Qin Shihuang’s tomb to study its entire process. Those foreigners have to admire the greatness of China’s ancient culture, to such a great degree, this kind of degree is a hundred times greater than the pyramid.

The whole principle of divination, using visible things, we humans are visible things that want to sense our things, it is dark matter, just like the black holes now called are all dark matter, and now the most famous one is called M87 the mass of a black hole, one mass per black hole is 6.5 billion times that of the sun. Horrible! So this universe is its limited size, but we don’t know how big it is, why we don’t know how big it is, because people are too small.


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