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Hexagram Explanation ~ Introduction (7)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The purpose of our divination is to say that you may not have it in the future, or how it is not, or how to let it not be. This is the most important thing. In the Fuxi era in 4477 BC, what you saw was divided into Heaven,Swamp, Fire, Thunder, Feng, Shui and Mountains, but all tribes found that it was not only about seeing, but there would be changes, but why did it change, they don’t know, and can’t see the change power. What to do if you can't see the power of change? Since you can see the sky, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountains, then I can also make it into eight of them.

So when I studied the hexagrams, when the eight trigrams included sixty-four hexagrams, it was amazing. In 1923, Einstein proposed the theory of relativity. Our theory of relativity is thousands of years earlier than him. Yes, it must be influenced by what you can’t see and don’t know about. This was not written down during the Fuxi era. It was named after the Zhou Dynasty. It is called Qian Dui Li Zhen Xun Kan Gen Kun unified invisible, including the existing but invisible, to the Zhou Dynasty Zhou Wenwang began to organize, unified naming, then there is a corresponding point.

How does it correspond? Tian,Ze ,Hou, Lie, Feng ,Shu, Shan, Di, correspond to regions, so in terms of pure hexagrams, they are doing Qian for heaven, Ze for Swamp, and Li for fire. Why? Correspondingly, it is like—it is a dog. What is its description? A dog is not a dog, not necessarily a dog, it just corresponds, so treat your good child- dog, is he a dog? A dog is not necessarily a dog, it is just a correspondence. A dog is a dog, and your running is a slave. There is no running dog. Because this dog is not a dog, a running dog is that type of character. But a dog is not a dog, so there is no running dog, only a running slave. This is a corresponding phenomenon. The theory of relativity probably talks about these, how to correspond, how to feel, this is very remarkable in astronomy, so it seems that a dog is a dog, this is right, then in this way, it becomes a dog. Qian means the sky, but the sky is not the same as Qian, so after using this kind of description, Qian can represent a lot of things, Qian as a father, a horse, a thin horse, a fast horse, etc.

I have said in the first and second CiChi, why is it written like this, it is for the sky, but not absolutely for the sky, the dog is the dog but the dog is not absolutely the dog, why? We call our children Dog, which is a humble term. So what is Qian like? Like people. So in the future, what to do with Qian is up to you to make the decision. It depends on where you make the decision. In animals, it is a horse, in humans it is a dad. When something is there, it represents the northwest of the earth. It does not represent the sky. On the earth, Qian does not represent the sky. The sky is called the sky.

Therefore, divination, including reading the Book of Changes, is difficult here. It has only 16 characters. Using these 16 characters for our living environment, it can be applied very freely, like a fairy.

So I often say, first, I can’t speak English, second, the background of the times is different, otherwise I will tell Einstein this concept, he will be shocked, Einstein has been pursuing the entire mode of operation of mankind all his life In fact, the unified field theory can be used in this way. The unified field theory of mankind itself can be explained in this way. Look at our twelve meridians, six internal organs and six fu-organs. There are eight trigrams in common. Tossing over and over again.

Our traditional Chinese medicine also uses eight categories to flowers, leaves, fruits, branches, kernels, stems, and skins to make it into a very complete prescription to deal with human suffering.

You don’t understand that Taiwanese women were suffering a hundred years ago. It was my grandmother’s time. I asked my grandmother if we had an afterlife? My grandma said that she hoped that there would be no afterlife. I said, what if there is an afterlife? She said that if there is an afterlife, I should not be born again. I asked my grandma what do you like? She said she likes sparrows the most, I asked her why? She said that sparrows are free. How much freedom?I said. We work very hard to grow a lot of rice there every day. When it is mature, it will fly into the rice fields to eat the mature rice. Sparrows are like this. I told my grandma that children would use acacia trees to make slingshots and shoot sparrows. She just said that if I were a sparrow, as long as I stood on the highest point of the bamboo, you would not be able to hit me with a hundred shots. I didn’t believe it. I asked my other cousin to make a slingshot. When I was training, I went to the river to pick up round little stones, because we had too many sparrows. My grandma’s mantra, I’ll shoot three hundred, we couldn't hit that sparrow, because when the wind blew the bamboo down, we were quite sure to hit it out. When it was about to arrive, the bamboo dropped down. So my grandma said that if there is an afterlife, just don’t be a woman. Childbirth is so painful. You have to wait on your parents-in-law, fight between sister-in-law and brother-in-laws, and women suffer. Finally, I asked my grandma, why do you struggle to succeed? Eat pork ribs golden needle soup. So the woman in that family has a lot of people in her family. If they don't eat the golden needle, you will be less close to them. Why? She must not want to be close to you, she will not tolerate you. The great thing about my grandma is that when you meet a bad person, don't confront him. You have to tolerate him. The more you resist a bad person, he will try his best to kill you. This is a bad person.

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