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Hexagram Explanation ~ Introduction (6)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The last lecture talked about the two stages of divination. One stage was before Fuxi and during Fuxi's time. He structured the trigrams. When Fuxi collected data on the earth and recorded them one by one, there were only eight hexagrams. These eight hexagrams record the Tian Ze Hou Lie Feng Shu Shan Di, and these eight hexagrams are all you can see. But in the Zhou Dynasty, 4477 BC, this was a very long time ago. It is what you can see, what you see in the sky, what you see in the pond, the fire you see, the sound of thunder you hear, and the tree you see. The wind is swaying, you can see the flowing water, and you can see the plains. But when I saw it, I recorded it this way. It's strange that some tribes or regions are invisible, but they have already happened. What you can and can’t see happened, so why did it happen? I see this phenomenon as a concept. For example, why does the mountain sway twice, the mountain is so heavy, and the mountain collapses after swaying twice. Why? We don’t not know. Since we don’t know then we record it, how did the mountain collapse? How could that big stone fall down? We don’t know, so we record it.

So this kind of record is like the sky, how can a fire run from such a high star, and that star is gone, of course we are now calling it a meteor. Why do meteors occur should be recorded and recorded in the sky, as if this day, there are many things we don’t know about in the sky. It seems that we can’t see the Milky Way in winter, but we can only see the Milky Way in summer. Why? Why can't I see the same sky at that time, so I said it must be recorded all the time.

Finally, when the Zhou Dynasty came to the Zhou Dynasty, before 1100 BC, every tribe had such a feeling. You don’t know why the sky changes like this. There are probably eight kinds of conditions, such as swamps or the sea at the time. Like Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, this one is very big like the sea, it is called Ze, in fact it is like the sea. You don’t know why it changes. The lakes in the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin have shrunk by half every millennium. For thousands of years, only Poyang Lake has not shrunk, even Dongting Lake has shrunk, and all lakes have shrunk, including Qinghai Salt Lake. Now speaking from the previous cognition, only one-third is left, which is incredible. Why didn't Poyang Lake shrink? It was not surveyed until the beginning of the 21st century. Under natural gravity, the sand that Poyang Lake rushed in happened to sink it equally.

So it can be seen that the divination of divination is to explore the future and create the future after knowing and some inductions that you don’t know. It’s because I have studied for a long time and I am quite different from others. I actually received western education, so I was just beginning to study this thing. Our whole family opposed it. These people were there on the street to tell a divination, tell a fortune, and read a character. Why did you go this way? I said I am interested.

How do you have expertise? You have to cultivate your interest first. If you don’t have this interest, you can barely read this divination. I don’t think divination will be famous, just like the exam. I will memorize it and finish the exam today, and forget it tomorrow. If you are interested, you can remember it for sixty years without forgetting.

The main purpose of divination is because your future is invisible. We often say that we can’t see the future. In fact, you can’t see the future. What method should I use to make me feel it? Just use divination. Human beings are creatures, and the creatures on the earth dominate the entire universe, not by you or me.

Some of the things in this world become invisible and disappear, and polar bears cannot be seen. Something becomes invisible. The hexagrams have the wandering soul hexagram and the returning soul hexagram. If some things become missing, they will return to the soul. We call it the soul return. The Gua, the Wandering Soul Gua is about to disappear.

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