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Hexagram Explanation ~ Introduction (8)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

We can sense what is happening, what is case, what can be seen, it can be Qian ,Dui, Li,Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, Kun, or not like these, you can put what you don’t have on it, also you can put the unavailable underneath, so when you do this, there will be eight Qian on the top, and eight Qian on the bottom. Qian sky, Qian swamp, Qian fire, Qian thunder, Qian wind, Qian water, Qian mountain and Qian earth, in turn, sky, dry Qian, swamp Qian, Fire Qian, thunder Qian , water. Qian, mountain Qian, earth Qian.

After this was done, in the era of King Zhou Wen in 1100 BC, he organized and shaped the sixty-four hexagrams, thinking that the sky is the largest, so the heaven and the earth are called Qian for the sky, and he put it in the first hexagram. All human activities live on the earth, the sky is also the earth, and the above is also the underground. It is called Kun as the earth. The natural phenomenon of the entire universe talks about these two, Qian as the sky and Kun as the earth. Next, I will talk about the relationship between man and the entire earth and heaven.

So in terms of studying divination and divination, I don’t want students to recite hexagrams there every day. When I was studying, I had to recite the hexagrams until I was dizzy. Finally, I learned and sorted out the table and discussed it with me. The teacher thinks that I really have a mathematical logic mind. So in 1983, Mr. Chen Lifu introduced a relative named Chen Guangyuan who was a graduate of Jiaotong University. He was a railway expert in the Republic of China. He was the president of Jiaotong University. He also introduced me to the academician of the Academia Sinica. Talk to Chen Guangyuan about the Book of Changes. He is very good at mathematics. He studied mechanical engineering in Jiaotong University.

He said that the calculation of our hexagrams is a scientific one, and the United States follows this path, which is called ambiguity mathematics. He was teaching mathematics at a high school in the United States, and he taught this concept to local high schools. When those high schools go to read machinery, write software, and do computers in the future, they will all be excellent college students. He said that a very simple concept is that A+B is one yin and one yang, which has been evolving from the square to the third power of A+B. The power of the three yao hexagrams must be 8, and 1+1 is two. Taiji produces two rituals. If A+B is to the sixth power, the six-line hexagram must be 64. I will say that if we come to this, our hexagram is scientifically unscientific? He said that all things that can be calculated in mathematics are called science.

After you discover something, then you must set your formula and others will do it according to your method. When the answer is the same, yours is a science! It doesn't matter whether your answer is positive or negative, it is scientific. I thought this path might be good, so I went from the south to the north. Taiwan's divination for a living can exist, probably at that time a large number of them were produced. With roadside stalls, the former new park is now changed to 228 Park. At that time, the acetylene device was a prosperous fire. Later, some people switched to electromagnetic lights. They were still in the 1960s and 1970s, but they are gone now.

If you want to interpret a perfect hexagram, you must understand the nature of the other party. If you don’t understand the nature of the other party, you immediately use the hexagram as iron mouth straightforwardness. I think it will hurt a lot of people. Why? People who know how to divination are unsatisfactory, and the unsatisfactory hexagrams are just a little lacking in the divination! You immediately put the missing little bit to death, so what would you do? I found that the most conscientious person is Mr. Liu in Tianhou Temple on Chengdu Road. I feel that the divination is very good in Taiwan, and there is a special rice divination beside Minsheng Road next to Taoyuan Theater. I was like this. Researching took almost twenty years of my summer vacation.

I also walked past the  Tu Di Gong Temple on Andong Street. If I arrived too early by car, I would walk to Tu Di Gong Temple and say hello to Di Gong Temple. Why? In the past, there was a person specializing in divination there. I was playing  with him in 1949 and 1984. He said that you should not come often, because I was scared when I saw you. I said you don’t give people no hope. He said that this hexagram means there is no hope. I said you think of a way to give them hope! Finally, I went to worship and worshipped the land publicly. It was called the small three animals, a fried fish, such a large piece of pork belly, and a duck egg. Using the small three

animals to worship and worship was called the white tiger worship. Because we have six beasts, there are blue dragons, white tigers, and sacrifices to the white tiger, which means that when the white tiger reaches your useful god, you should find a way to get rid of it! After the worship was over, of course, he still had to pay him. He read the order of the hexagram. He stood beside him and said QiankunTuenmenXusongshi. He read it in Taiwanese. After reading it twice, he received the red envelope. Some people will come to thank him a few months later, because we will have Baihu's turn once every ten days. After you quit it, the heavenly stems will meet Baihu again after ten days, and it will not happen after ten days. The matter is over, and if we do it this way, business is very good.