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Hexagram Explanation ~ Introduction (9)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Our ancestors have had this kind of feeling and this kind of knowledge for more than six thousand years. It is a very remarkable thing called predicting the future. Just like our previous farmhouse, should I plant some crops? The first, Tomb-sweeping Festival is next to the tomb. When we go to the tomb during the Tomb-sweeping Festival, we have to go through the mountain trails. We must see something called Typhoon Grass. Before the Ching Ming Festival, the leaves of the typhoon grass should be watched. This year’s typhoon is not serious. If a typhoon in your area comes, the typhoon grass will sensed it. The crops that are afraid of typhoons will not be planted this year. I will plant other things that are not afraid of typhoons. Yes, everyone at that time had a professional in this area. So everything has its own specialty. Divination is my specialty. Don't ask me about typhoon grass. Typhoon grass I'm telling you about ecology, but it's not my specialty!

After I talked with Chen Guangyuan, if we were to divination everything like this, it would be wrong. Ask me why I am wrong? There are too many variables. The two variables of A and B are infinite. You can vary from 1 to infinite, and the same is true for B. In the end he told me that if I use my expertise to apply this hexagram when doing this recipe, maybe I will be fine. So I made up my mind at that time and started to collect the majors that I used to work with eleven professors in the Department of Pharmacy, including medicinal chemistry, drug verification, nutrition, biology, physiology, and anatomy. In our pharmacy department, it is the basic knowledge of the nursing department, medicine and physiology. I moved it all over because I was a technician and I helped the people who were teaching assistants in the pharmacy department, at that time were probably preparing them. I have to apply to go abroad, and I don’t have time to get in touch with real research work. So probably all the experimental tools in these eleven professors, including the application methods, fall on me. I never get tired of it, because this is my happy place, so around the clock, when I want to date my wife, Chinese medicine needs to extract its components, when it needs to be reintroduced and extracted, it must be kept in boiling water for 48 hours. I am afraid that the water inside will dry out. Finally, I will measure the height of the water and get a small float. If the float drops, this float will get up, the small motor will rotate, the water will be replenished by itself, and it will float, it will be powered off, the motor will be cut off, I will go on a date, otherwise there is no way to date! Because it takes about half an hour or an hour to add water, I need to add water when I get to the destination on the bus. I can have a date this way ! So if you want to do this research work, you must have this concept, so when I did it, all the professors were stunned. Ask the head of the department, as long as he is a technician in our pharmacy department, he can handle it.

So when you put your expertise here, how do you study its variables? You can control these variables well, and let them change to that way to achieve your goal. The variable is why some people have some kind of cancer during that period. Cancer cells originally coexist with people. Maybe when you were eight years old, you ate a candy every day for a total of 640 days. Let’s say one Complete hexagrams, and ate 384 consecutively, then it is possible that your variables have reached genetic mutations. This change may have planted this cause. Forty-eight years later, you died in a violent life. Why? Because of your current variables.

Then I understand that human genes are there. I was so happy that I couldn't sleep at night, so I had to take tranquilizers. When you are interested in studying something, you can think of doing it. Sure enough, when it’s so interesting, you will be so excited that you can’t fall asleep, why can’t you fall asleep, because you want to do something tomorrow, and when you finally want to sleep, it’s already 3:30 in the morning, and you ran outside to watch the sun coming out. In such an environment, you have to take relaxants.

This variable is quite important. In fact, where are the human variables? In DNA is in genes. I have been emphasizing that human variables must be in the genes, in the head. I have been saying since 1964 that no one believes it. When stem cells were published in foreign countries, I said that stem cells are not Qian, and Qian is not for the head ? Stem cells are obtained from the belly button. What is the belly button? Kun, the universe must correspond! I am more happy. Because I am studying medicinal plants, I think the most important thing in the gene itself is carbon. Carbon is linked to amino acid to produce its gene. It can be accepted that the whole change of this gene is in carbon. Where does the carbon come from? From the universe, light of tens of billions of years has been used for photosynthesis of our plants.

When you go to see Ma Bamboo in May every year, you use a pole as a mark. It grows so high. Tonight, you will mark it at dusk. It does not grow during the day. Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise, it will be about two inches higher. In the daytime it does not even grow an inch. What kind of light does it need to grow out? The light of cosmic rays is not sunlight, but the light of cosmic rays helps it grow, on the contrary! Sunlight is the photosynthesis absorbed by the leaves of plants. It has nothing to do with stems. So why I am very proud. The active oxygen exercise I advocated decades ago. I installed a quartz lamp to illuminate the golden kudzu to produce active oxygen and fresh oxygen for plants. Why use this quartz lamp? You don't have a trace of ultraviolet light to illuminate the stems of plants. The stems cannot support the light and effect of the leaves, and the photosynthesis will not get into the stems. The cell walls of plants have fibers that are hard to grow. If there is insufficient ultraviolet light in this area, photosynthesis must have water, and insufficient light, especially insufficient ultraviolet light, will definitely not grow that trunk.

Therefore, when the bamboo shoots are cut, they are always at the dawn of the day, because they are grown at night, and the bamboo shoots are cut at the dawn of the day. If the bamboo shoots are grown too high, they will become old.

So why would Canadian trees provide the U.S. to make pulp? Canada is not the Northern Lights. The ozone layer in Canada is the largest hole in the world when the ozone layer is broken. The ultraviolet rays are very rich. Therefore, using Canadian trees to make pulp is world-class. Why? The stems are the most complete.

Let me tell you that Gua Divination can learn this, and I don't believe other teachers can teach this. So why did I provide food before, telling everyone to eat eggs and everything.

How to change human genes, carbon. Where does the carbon come from? There must be cosmic rays coming down directly from the universe, including the light we can see, and the photosynthesis produced by plants. We just eat the plants.

Why do people like to use wood so much? After the Japanese occupation of Taiwan in the 12th year of the Taisho period (the 12th year of the Republic of China), a large amount of cypress was mined in Taiwan, and the Japanese shrines were built in Taiwan, and the political leaders who transported them back to Japan would be used. The leaders who come to their academic circles also use this, so they can join the world in all aspects of science and technology during this period. It’s incredible. The impact is so large that it is from the carbon of the plant that affects you. The operation of the entire human gene.

So in terms of food, I recommend a four ounce pork belly with skins, and one catty or half a catty for green vegetables. The theory is here. But you must eat it for a long time. It is impossible to say that if I eat two  spinach leaves, my genes will change tomorrow. That is impossible.

Therefore, people will get cancer. It may be a certain kind of partial eclipse and a certain chemical thing 30 years ago, which can change the carbon in our genes.