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Hexagram Explanation ~ Introduction (11)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

There are many ways to divination. Any one of them is based on the needs of the time. This way I have already explained clearly in the last two lectures. The Song Dynasty has the way of Yi (Lai Zhi De). It is an entire coordinate of XYZ. Then there is Shao Ziyi. He uses two trigrams. Sometimes his interpretation is not clear. In the end, no one knows if he needs to use the upper trigram as the body and the lower trigram for the purpose. Or the lower trigram is the body and the upper trigram for the purpose. In the end, I will feel dizzy. Next to Zhu Shiyi, Zhu Xi’s Yi, he marked the time and space, but he didn’t explain how to use it. Finally, after the Song Dynasty, the time when it was really used was probably during the period when the Yuan Dynasty wanted to destroy the entire Song Dynasty. In those eighty years, only one essence of Yi and divination was created.

He put the five elements of Yin and Yang in Zi Chou Yin Mao, and then used the trigram as the five elements, and then came to produce six relatives. This is a very progressive way, so this way is still used today. So I have been using this model since sixty years ago, and in the end it has been changing. Why has it changed all the time? When the times change, the way will change. So when I was 60 years ago, because Taiwan was a closed phenomenon, first, there was no way to communicate with the outside world during martial law. At that time, you must be qualified to communicate with the outside world.

In that era, I used my method from the model of Zhu Xi after the Song Dynasty. It is very useful. Because in a closed society, it must be dealt with in a closed ecology. Therefore, the divination itself was originally a closed society. That area of ​​the tribe, or the model made in that country. This tool has been discussed, it must coexist with your life, so that it can be used as a tool.

So I understand why in 1949 (the 38th year of the Republic of China), many people from the mainland who were good at divination would bring an empty tortoise shell and three coins. What kind of money? One is Kangxi Tongbao or Qianlong Tongbao, and three coins are divination.

The most popular places I was searching for were about four places, all of which have been remodeled now. Later, in the 1950s of the Republic of China, I went to the Tianhou Temple on Chengdu Road. When Taipei Mayor Gao Yushu approved the construction of the Zhonghua Shopping Mall, The second floor of one of the buildings was full of fortune tellers. Another one is the rice divination on Minsheng Road in Taoyuan.

In the era I knew before, their method was probably to use three money, a tortoise or a bamboo tube. Mr. Liu from Tianhou Palace didn’t use a tortoise. He used a bamboo tube. The one I said to use the tortoise was a peripheral member of Dai Li. He was on Hengyang Road. Yan Rushan’s Gua Gua was carved out of wood and had a lid, so he used it to shake it. For the Gua Gua, he used brown rice. He took out the thinner brown rice. He used three plates. He always uses pottery plates, not ceramic disks. He grasps the first trigram, the second trigram, and the third movement line. This is a divination. If you use the money hexagram, they are called the Wenwang hexagram and use three copper plates. When it’s moving, use the daily branch as a moving line, and use that day’s branch as a moving line.

I brought in the tool that I used to take the hexagram sixty years ago, and I told you all the facts and stories. Later, why did I change to the new method, the sphygmomanometer, and what? That was fifty years ago, the first thing I had to change, why? There is not a farmer in Taipei City. My tool has become a different kind of tool. Some of them are farming in their homes far away. I use old tools. For those who live and work in Taipei City, I use a sphygmomanometer. Success, this uses a sphygmomanometer, including a computer.

The sphygmomanometer I bought was the same as the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The Chang Gung Memorial Medical Center was established in Linkou. In 1966, they bought a batch of 500 sphygmomanometers. I also bought 500 sphygmomanometers, including 500 earpieces, for free clinics for students. Because we used to measure blood pressure and still need earpieces, listen to it to jump several times, jump several times a minute, I also bought a hundred stopwatches. So many people always think that I am a little neurotic. My whole family probably believes that I am neurotic. Finally, on the advice of our family, I went to the psychiatric department of National Taiwan University to find the results of the psychiatric analysis. The psychiatric department said I was okay. No, you just have to take Relaxants, you are just fine.

I often tell people that the quick reaction is good, but you have to react correctly. You can find out what will happen in 30 years. You don’t need to act. Just prepare slowly now. In the end, I always follow this path. Know what our society will be like in a few years, and why? Research, everybody, drink Coke, what will happen after 30 years, like why people in Taiwan are so poor, because I know that he must be poor if he eats porridge with pickled cucumber in the morning, so how can I make him change not to eat Pickled cucumbers and porridge are too difficult. How do I change them in the end? Encourage people to eat a salted egg yolk. Half a year later, he picked out the food for sale, and the vendors all came to buy the highest price. We succeeded like this.