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Palmistry Fingerprints and Palm Prints (8)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

In our culture, palmistry used to focus exclusively on palmistry. Our palmistry is not based on palmistry, but on the principle. Bad life is not based on good life or bad life of the palm. If you work to die, some are good, but your hands are cocooning, playing mahjong, this very good life hand will also cocoon, so it is different, in fact, our lives are laid down by our parents, but the parents gave you birth in which environment, if this environment is suitable for you, then you will succeed, if not suitable for you, you will fail. Your process is useless no matter how great you are. Face reading on the head, the head is responsible for the two meridians, and all the hands and feet control the twelve meridians. Therefore, when looking at palmistry, many people look at their love life with their hands and see the process of their struggle. After you read the process of struggle correctly, you even go to the two lines of Ren and Du, you will know his emotional world and successful marriages are establishing the stability of his career.

Palmistry is formed. When you are pregnant, it will come down according to your food. After the formation of the Ren Du meridian, then the heart and kidneys, and then the limbs will grow like tadpoles. If there are no feet, it is the Ren Du channels. , Twelve meridians grow, and when the tail is off, it can jump on top to breathe. This is a phenomenon of tadpoles, we are the same, we grow out tails and run out of the womb, wow! It must be mature. You touch the tailbone. This is a biological life. So let's talk about whether that frog is happy or not? It's not looking at its head. It wants to catch food. It must look at its short legs. The mosquito is flying and can only eat with a jump. So our hands and feet, the purpose of looking at this hand is to see if you will succeed in the future, not what you are thinking, but how your love is, emotional lines, wisdom lines, life lines, health lines, and six-show lines, Yuzhu pattern.

The hand has no power, and if you are lazy, you still have to eat, so the hand must be strong, the left hand and the right hand are not the same. There must be one strong and one weak. So, whether you use Tai Chi, or whatever, you must separate it when you hold it, and you must use this kind of action when you are holding a baby when he was six months old, he laughed. This kid is very happy. This kid is successful. When I see you, it's over. I've seen from the beginning to the end. Why is this hand so useful. Don't look at the palmistry, just look at the hands. It’s amazing, so when I walked, I saw that some young people were hanging down on their walks with cigarettes, which was useless!

So hands need to be trained. Why do Japanese and Koreans train young people to play drums as amateurs? So, why do we have war drums? Is there any war? No, it’s drumming. Hold it with your hands. You must hold on tight, so you go back and buy a plastic basin tomorrow and get two wooden sticks. Then the sticks can drive the dough sticks. Go back and train your hands, no matter how stupid you are. As long as the two hands are very flexible, why do all of our civil servants’ pension funds come down after I get the money, as long as I want to start a business, it is difficult to succeed, because a civil servant writes, this hand is pressed to hold the pen, and the one that is picked up will not succeed, what is success? Grasping with two hands is the only way to succeed. The purpose of this is to grasp. This kind of ecological movement is called grasping. You can’t grasp it. I look at running sprints. All athletes look at that sprinter. It will be more successful in the future, and those who hold fists will surely succeed.

We have 12 meridians, so we use both hands and feet. If you want to succeed, you need to use both hands and feet. Many people have not studied the soles of the feet. We all study the palms, so why not study the soles of the feet? Because we all wear shoes now, when you want this foot to make you active, the focus is on Yongquan. I did it a long time ago, more than 40 years ago. I use a board, called precision. After the copper is polished, nails are used to nail two holes, and then put the unpopular seeds of the king, put them down and stick them with tape, and stick them to the Yongquan acupoint, and they get active quickly.

When I was a child, the difference between Taiwanese and Japanese was just by looking through the clogs. Japanese clogs are a board, not in Taiwan. The first one used camphor braids, but it has been changed to use tires. Now it’s not right to use plastic. I suggest you don’t wear that kind of clogs anymore. In the future, if you can’t do it, you will be a slave of a slave, even can’t be a slave. Don’t underestimate it. The whole place where your feet are on the ground is the six meridian. I will go to the south to see people. Wearing plastic clogs, this business is difficult to succeed. It was made of natural brown in the early days! Only when I was very poor did I use tires to make clogs.

When I went to Vietnam in 1974, our team leader was named Yang. He said Teacher Chen, do you think we have a future in Vietnam? I said that these Vietnamese ministers have absolutely no future in leading Vietnam. He said why? How poor is Vietnam? In 1974, the minister-level ministers wore plastic slippers. I saw a secretary inviting us to dinner. There was only one secretary who was older than the mayor, that person wore leather shoes. Rest of them were wearing plastic slippers. They couldn’t do it. In the end, really couldn’t do it. It was Taiwanese businessmen who slowly led the way, but now they still can’t get it done. Mainland China is different. Everyone wears suits. Everyone wears leather shoes. They wear all kinds of leather. They don’t wear plastics. It’s very right. Your feet, your hands, why are the Western nobles their gloves are made of leather, so the workers must use cotton. The intermediary is a white glove. The intermediary can't get the money. The money is owned by others, and the money is divided into a little bit. So this hand is a problem on the periphery.