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Palmistry Fingerprints and Palm Prints (9)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Many people use handprints for fortune tellers, no need to do that. How do you move your hands, we have to create the future, what to bring, we are very bad now, that is, every housewives is troubled every day, all-purpose detergents, detergent chemicals, I don’t believe the present women are not worry, and women who don’t worry are not modern people. why? Everyone uses chemicals. Including the use of chemicals for the face, I often wash my hands at home with soap, and all soaps are made with natural butter. The butter is usually fried, and some soaps are made in a very good process. They must be natural, natural ingredients for hand is wise.

For hand problems, there are counterfeiting experts now. Grinding and sprinkling fine powder is also a technique. It is very beautiful. People asked me to be very popular. I said that when making fake nails, the Empress Dowager Cixi takes the lead, so the nails should also be nutritious, so you don’t want to scratch anytime and anywhere, you have to wear gloves when doing things. That's right, bacteria won't get in, and this nail is alive.

One side hand is called yin and the other side is called yang. In our meridian studies, here is the Yang meridian, the large intestine meridian, the triple-burn meridian, and the small intestine meridian. There is sound, so when you are in love, you should hold hands with yin and yang. If you don’t, holding yin to yin will not last for long, try it yourself. If you go my way and I go your way, it’s fine.

Don’t underestimate this hand, how great the hand is, so all blind people use their hands. Astronomical and re-coming hand movements, the hands must move. In fact, when I say palmistry is not teaching you to read palmistry, I will teach you the purpose of palmistry, to create the future, how to create your life, not to say what your life will be like,

Why do Chinese people always advocate writing with the right hand, but now people think that the right brain should be developed. Where is the right brain? On the left hand, why? Unbalanced. All Chinese people have been training their right hands for two to three thousand years. They have to use their right hands to play chess and write. This is equivalent to developing the left brain. The left brain becomes knowledgeable. There is no open-mindedness, and the right brain is open-minded. EQ On the left hand, but the left hand should not be too developed. When it is too developed, the imagination is great, but the execution is not. When it is over, you will not succeed. The imagination is great, but the execution is not.

I just talked about playing drums. Does anyone use one hand to play drums? No, you have to use both hands. If the two hands are down, the left and right hands will be more balanced. As I know, the drums were not used at the earliest. It was made with a plant that can be beaten. Now there is a place to make the gongs and mallets. The gongs are really good. Each one is different in size. The vertical is the same. The sound level is very good. The smaller the gong, the higher the sound. The louder the sound, the deeper the sound and the longer the wave. It can be sent to far away places. , Then you have to understand that when you use this idea, you know the cycle of your hand movement. If it is very fast, this high frequency, if it is low, slowly, it is like Taijiquan is low speed. When the speed is low, we call it a negative effect. Why does Taijiquan make people healthy after middle-aged and old age? It is called a negative effect, it is not a negative effect. Like Shaolin boxing, it is very positive, called positive effect, positive effect and negative effect, our hands can achieve positive and negative effects, and success is made by humans.

So a child or a baby when you want to play with him, use your hands to make the child laugh. The child will digest well, and he will grow up easily if he digests well. If he absorbs well, he won’t get sick, and he will grow up. First, exercises his hands, the second is to exercise the belly button. The rub around the belly button with his mother’s nose, can also do it to the grandkids. If he rubs it, he will laugh. After a month, this child is very healthy and very good. The nose is the Du meridian. Belly button Ren meridian, just play with children every day, not for long. The husband plays for an hour, his wife plays for an hour, and the child grows up an inch like air blows. It’s good.