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Palmistry Fingerprints and Palm Prints (10)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Now the whole hand works like this. The hand needs are strong or weak, like my arms are no good, because in our education, we only have the education of the past dynasties. The whole Chinese culture and education have not been asked to compete in running, so it is said that a good man should not be a soldier, and he should exercise when he is a soldier. Don't exercise to make people sit there and study, so many men don’t have the power to restrain the chicken. This is not good.

People with very slender fingers are more sentimental and impractical. What should I do? If you do art, you don’t need to do painting. If you let him paint something that a camera can’t take. Imaginative paintings. The Japanese do this. Very successful. The entities that draw comics, and photographs. We in China used to be divided into two schools: imaginative paintings of landscapes, or abstract paintings. The physical paintings are colored, which are imported from the West. Castiglione and the like are all entities. If you have a very slender hand like this, don’t take the physical, the physical paintings are replaced by cameras. Imaginative drawing and comics, Japanese cartoonists are really amazing, and they make a lot of money. We are now electronic upstarts, Japanese cartoonists. It is very profitable. Instead, we use the exam system. Secondly, all of our parents have no concept of cartoons. They hate children's graffiti in textbooks, thinking that children are useless and doodling. In fact, when a child comes down, if his congenital palm is very slender, ask him to paint and it will be very good.

Artists should not be controlled, so when you hold your child, or hold your daughter, she is humble and soft, you know that she likes freedom, likes imagination, she doesn't like to be controlled by you, you will be in pain, so what do you want? Tell her where you are interested. Don’t go to a teacher, she can’t draw a style. I saw a child with the Chinese surname Zhao in Canada. I told him more than ten years ago that If the child want to paint, don’t formally study under a teacher, because the teacher has an academic system, which school he wants to use to fix how to paint, when you really want to express yourself naturally, then you let him do doodles and draw a familiar angle, but now it is very good. He is at work, he has time to draw at the Canadian flea market, or when he gathers, and when there are a lot of activities, he will set up a booth aside, some people buy it for 100 per picture, and it can sell 10 or 20 pictures after a rally. I am very happy to have the money to buy a good car. His life is very happy.

Da Vinci’s paintings are closer and farther away, and farther away are smaller. In the end, they are calculated from the standpoint of engineering. They are exactly the same as the entity. Da Vinci is very remarkable. I think he is a scientist and a painter, but his life is also very well tired.

Then there is such a talented hand, there is a Picasso, he likes to use it this way, holding a bamboo, he will look for natural things, which are all dead things. It can be seen that all Western things have their own model, a post-death model, so no matter what Picasso paints, he only paints it after putting it dead there. It is not in China. It seems that painting landscapes really has to flow, that boat seems to be rowing, so I don’t see it clearly when I wear a fur coat and a hat, because it’s like taking a picture. It’s alive. You have to take a picture. It’s not clear. That’s it. The mountains are the same. There must be clouds and leaves. Just a little bit, because the leaves can move, it can't be a dead leaf, let you paint, this is a cultural background.

So this cultural background is still alive, why the Chinese do not have palmistry? Because the hands are alive, but the Chinese have behavioral sciences. In the Western world, the movement of your hands is science. Therefore, the Chinese will look at the movement of your hands and know how your class should be in the future. Observation of the ending of, you know that your ending is there, so like the Qing Dynasty to choose palace ladies, there must be a few rules, hands, arms, abdomen, chest, head, feet, there must be a few rules, the rules are selected and passed, go in and train. The level of the palace ladies starts from the hands.

One thing that is very important in behavioral science, you see when you go to the vegetable market, when you see an old lady buy groceries, picking little by little, weighing a few dollars in the basket, and taking each dollar, she must have a lot of passbooks with lots of money, why do those wives have no money? She weighed a catty, she knew that she had no money in her passbook. Don’t look at this as a handy thing. I am more in favor of you starting to train yourself, train your aptitude, use food to protect your mind, and have a good memory.

From this point of view, it means that our hands should be nutritious, and don't bully them. You must rely on your hands, and you must match your feet. I always agree to wash and soak your feet at night.

In the whole background of this hand, there is a question about the length and the short of the little finger. There are many people who have a very long little finger, which is longer than this line. Don’t think that your life is good if it is longer than this line. What is it good for? A beggar’s life, if you beg, you will have food to eat. You don’t need to beg. The short is toil. Relatively, because the five fingers are balanced. If it is shorter, the limbs have to be more. This is relative. If it is longer, It doesn’t have to work so hard, where does it come from? Begging, eating ancestral property, is this okay? This society is not necessarily very good.

So when you have good hands, I believe that among the aboriginals, some girls can be good artists. Let her weave and dye. This is right. So after the 921 earthquake, some aboriginals made art works, and the Japanese loved them. Some of them have this duty, but they can’t do things, they can’t work, they can’t do things, and they can’t do business. There is no way to talk to others, but if she has a way to do artistic things, it is very successful.

So some people plant flowers. I said you stretch out your hand and have a look, so you plant flowers, anyway, he likes flowers when he sees them, and he feels refreshed when he sees flowers. I used to have a classmate who used to grow orchids in Taiwan Sugar. He was very comfortable seeing the flowers. In the end, he became a manager and trained a lot. The orchid technology grown by our Taiwan Sugar is not Japanese, but a real Taiwanese. It came to Japan with a Japanese method. I used his method to extend the treatment to the Taiwanese. They used asexual reproduction and spore reproduction. It was very successful. Taiwan accounts for half of all orchids in the world. It is beautiful and incredible. A very well-known flower expert in Henan, once came to Taiwan to take a look. She said that we can't fight you, because everything you want to grow in Henan must use a greenhouse, and Taiwan doesn't need it. There is a problem of sunshine and the length of sunshine in Henan.