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Meridian and Acupuncture (5-1)

To talk about the stomach meridian, turn over 72 pages and just look at the picture. Last time we talked about the areas of the chest and abdomen, including how we want to grow taller. I think that we should grow taller with the three acupoints of Guanmen, Taiyi, and Huaroumen, as well as stimulation of the soles of the feet. I have seen people who have irritation on the soles of their feet, and they all massage the children wrongly. You should try to massage the YongQuan area. After the YongQuan point is massaged, you should have enough methionine in your food and your memory will be quite good. So if your child has a bad memory, after energizing his two feet, keep him exercising in Taiyi and the sliding meat door. During exercise, he will not get fat, will grow taller and wouldn’t get fat, and won’t grow horizontally.

To lose weight, you must eat the right foods. If you want to lose weight, first, eat less rice, sugar, especially refined products of the grass family, such as wine and beer are refined products of the grass family, as well as glutinous rice balls, rice, and sugar as much as possible, and eat more things that have more fiber and are less likely to be hungry.

Once there was a female Rotary Club president who had 48 people under her. She said, Mr. Chen, you only need to tell me a dish to let me lose weight. I said it’s very simple. How about eating wheat bran in the morning? It’s delicious when you eat it. Wheat bran is rolled up with cheese. If you eat too much, you’ll get fat. Boil some green vegetables and stir in cold linseed oil. Eat like this in the morning and fried preserved eggs with chives flower at noon. It’s delicious. Don’t eat too full, chive flowers have little calories, and preserved eggs do not have much calories either. It is not easy to be hungry after eating, and digestion will not be fast. Can lost weight in a month. For dinner, I recommend that you eat chicken or three-layered meat with the skin and boiled green cabbage leaves. This way you can eat and sleep well, and you will not be tired, and you will have energy.

There are many ways to stimulate Yongquan. I used to ask people to go to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to walk the stone trails, go barefoot, and tell him to walk four times. You can try it. If you walk two circles, you will kneel because it hurts too much. You will grow tall until it doesn’t hurt. .

Next, Tianshu, Wailing, and Daju are the intestines. When some people's intestines move too fast, the waterways are diuretic.GuiLai, Qi Chong, what is GuiLia? Women’s special acupuncture points. When this acupuncture point is used, there will be no leucorrhea, and her secretions will not have leucorrhea piece by piece. In the past, many women were very frugal at home and worked hard to spin. My husband doesn’t want to go home, why? Unhealthy. They eat frugally. They don’t have enough oil or water, and they don’t have enough nutrition. She has to eat so that she won’t be hungry. She eats rice porridge and sweet potato slices. These foods are cold, and there will be more vaginal discharge when cold. There was no condom before. The feeling of making love is not comfortable, so why do many men like to go outside to find other women, because those women are very healthy, and he feels good without leucorrhea, so he goes home very seldom. We use this method to get her leucorrhea away, my dear husband, come back! So it's so easy to call back, so it's so easy, so is. Qi-Chong .

Next, look at the Spleen on page 73. The PiGuan, Futu, and YinSi are all triangles. These cannot be moxibustion directly because they will cause scars. Because people wear pants and skirts, they will not be easy to rub. Futu will make you feel good, Futu is used with pat. The old man sat on the golden chair. When he was angry, he would pat FuTu when he was angry, he would be full of Chi. Women and men are the same. If you want to scold your husband, how can your husband be afraid of you? You sit there and show your thighs. If you pat Futu like this yourself, your husband will be stunned when he sees it. No matter how fierce the husband is, he will feel like this, and he will be tamed. If you want to overwhelm the other party, you just sit there wearing shorts, pat your thigh (futu), and the other party frightens away. It's very clever, let's try it out. How all the inductions are sensed by something in the next layer, you must touch the meat to sense.

Liangqiu halo needle is the best.

The acupuncture point of Dubi is in the place where the feet are bent. Many people check your nerve reflexes. At this time, they all use rubber mallets to beat them and jump up. Therefore, the reflexes of the nervous system must knock on DuBi. There is also a very good use in this place, anal sphincter abnormality. In that place, needles were used before, and electricity can also be used. Using our method, he will recover in this way, and then eat the standard monosaccharides, minerals and fatty acids. Gradually, after half a year of doing this, he will feel normal as a man. He will not want to say that my anus is the sex organs, this is a very special function of DuBi.

So why is it like this? Because the anal prolapse in the past, there are many symptoms of the anus, the prolapse, or various aspects of the anal sphincter are treated most in Ren'ai Hospital, because at that time Ren'ai Hospital had a surgical department specializing in the treatment of the anus, and sometimes surgery was required. Hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The doctor came to learn acupuncture and moxibustion with me, and I said that this acupuncture point DuBi has a great influence on the anal sphincter. Take a look at the stimulus, some are really effective, what kind of effective? Some people have diarrhea, or when it’s too cold, they will end up with anal prolapse, that is, the rectum will run down. It is very painful, and it will hurt even after washing. Then you must use an electric heater to heat the Baihui. Chinese medicine is called levator ani god. Let's use needles and cold moxibustion to ice it up. After doing this, the prolapsed anus will gradually rise. It needs to be done every day, and it will improve in about ten days. This is a very strange thing.

Zusanli are used by Japanese people, especially Japanese people who eat a lot of fish. They use Zusanli, they use moxibustion, cold is called acupuncture, moxibustion is hot, and hot is probably your gastrointestinal peristalsis absorption to help digestion. Generally, when treating the stomach now, when it is always thought that the stomach will have problems, it is because there is too much stomach acid, and antacids are used, or it is used to block the secretion of stomach acid. This Zusanli is peristalsis. The stomach itself is peristaltic. It does not secrete a large amount of gastric acid, nor does it block gastric acid. The stomach will move normally, and it will naturally help the nervous system. The pituitary gland system in our head secretes an enzyme. This enzyme is similar to hormonal enzymes, which are very large enzymes, such as lipase, protein enzyme, or amylase. These enzymes are naturally produced. This is an amazing kind of reflection of the whole body.

From the standpoint of our research, we start from the toes, and count the toes from Jing to Zusanli. These points are called He points. He points usually produce Wu. When this Wu is active, it will be combined with Gui, so there is a very good therapeutic nerve. A pattern of debilitating disease, so many medicines now have no way to understand whether it is because you produce, or because you produce these enzymes, which makes your digestion very good. After you digest it, it decomposes a lot and helps you make neurasthenic nutrients that you don’t want. We once went to an experiment and asked him not to eat protein. He only eats French fries. The effect is not good. Protein must be required.

The Japanese like to eat fish. They eat animal protein every day, and the decanoate produced by animal protein. When neurasthenia occurs, you need amino acids to make up for it.

Those who use cold moxibustion are Japanese. We Taiwanese don't eat so much fish, so we don't need moxibustion. We can eat meat and do it with cold moxibustion, our life expectancy will be very long. After the old man reaches 80, his walking will slow down, which means he is aging. Then when this acupuncture point can be processed every day, with the supply of dietary nutrition and our complete compound of vitamins, you will still walk vigorously at the age of eighty, and you can live a long life.

Upper Juxu, Honglong, Tiaokou, and Lower Juxu, but you can see Tiaokou is also triangular, so you can’t moxibustion directly. Direct moxibustion will produce granulation, or rot is not easy to heal. These acupuncture points are related to the area and are related to phlegm. It is related to the esophagus. There is a prescription in China called Meiheqi. They use a very famous soup called Banxia Houpu Decoction to get rid of this phlegm. In fact, it is not phlegm, it is a kind of peristalsis, it seems to have phlegm, but there is no phlegm, and it is not itchy. It's very itchy, but it seems like something is stuffed here. This is called Meiheqi, which is actually the nervous system.

Such a nervous system. When I was in the Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in mainland China, there was a folk therapy therapist. Those who do not need a doctor’s license are all for students. Students who have not been admitted to the Chinese medicine doctor’s license can let you do folk therapy. Many northerners think that it’s cold, because the North likes to pickle cabbage like South Korea. The cabbage I saw in Changchun is 15 or 16 pounds of white cabbage. How hard is it that you can sit on it like a stool, and it’s unpalatable. Because its fiber is very thick, just like a tree, it's no wonder that Koreans pickled kimchi. After marinating, you can cook the soup. There is a famous dish of sauerkraut and white meat hot pot. When I come to the Northeast, I like to eat raw food. I shred the heart of the cabbage and mix it with dried bean curd, green onion, and garlic. I can't stand the cold for about a week.

Xiexi, usually when you twist your ankle, or when you have cramps, you can use it. After using it, it was quite good at the time, but if you don’t eat right, it will happen again and again. So why do I say that Chinese medical treatment must have one needle, two moxibustion and three medicines. Medicine is food, so it must reach this level. In the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi was very remarkable. Kangxi sorted it out. At that time, Zhu Di compiled the Jiyin Compendium, a total of more than 20 volumes. Kangxi used a lot of traditional Chinese medicine theories, including the theory of internal classics, and made medical classics by people who knew them well. It was very successful. Many people still use this medical book as a reference. It has two books. The medical book contains more theory than reality. It does not emphasize acupuncture. Therefore, acupuncture and moxibustion in the Qing Dynasty entered the street and the people. Unlike the Ming Dynasty, there were many experts studying in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, acupuncture and moxibustion were not emphasized in its medical texts. Acupuncture and moxibustion were only taken in a few words and listed in it. However, he used general medicine and used food. After eating, he cultivated a very famous Tongdetang and it succeeded like this.