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Eight-character analysis (1)

Male: RenZi year, BingWu month, XinMao  day, YiWei hour

Luck cycle started at the age of 34 when Geng Xu luck came in, Xu (containing Xin Ding Wu).

Xin was born in Wu month, afraid of too much earth, Wu earth strong will against Ren water, then collapsed. why? Because Ren has no roots and Ren is ShangGuan, he is very smart.

With this luck, he was a weak self, Xin was born in Wu month, Ding (fire ) came against Xin ( metal). Wu Xu combine to fire, Mao Xu combines to fire, Wu Wei combines to fire, Wei has roote, Cai is rooting at Mao, wife palace, will have many PianCai into the vault.

If he is self strong, he can’t have Ren, when he is self strong with Ren,and the wounded official will do harm to the official.