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Meridian and Acupoint Studies (9) The relationship between gall bladder meridian and gallbladder

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Gallbladder Meridian, I mentioned in the last class that Gallbladder Meridian is a very important meridian for a person to stand or how to stand. Then there is no direct relationship between Gallbladder Meridian and Gallbladder, but it is an ecological explanation. Close to the same relationship. People who can't stand in this way usually have a stroke. The stroke must be on the head, probably on the gall bladder of the head, no matter which side it is.

In terms of stroke, it has something to do with gallbladder. Why does it have to do with gallbladder? Our gallbladder is mainly to store bile. What do we store bile? When you eat something, there is animal fat called saturated fat. When you eat it, it breaks down into saturated fatty acids, but when it is broken down to be absorbed by our small intestine, there must be bile. The bile goes down and mixes, so the small intestine absorbs it. If this function is lost, then your cholesterol and blood fat will be high, this part will be prone to stroke, you will not be able to stand up, the gall bladder meridian will not be able to hold you back, this is very important.

So these people who don't like to eat animal oil will probably have gallstones in the end. Why? Because there are no fatty acids.

Gallstones and kidney stones are completely different systems. You must eat oil to avoid gallstones. I teach people how to eat chicken fat. Try it, it is quite good.

Where does this bile come from? It comes from the liver, so I am most afraid of the physiological state of the liver. If there is a fatty liver, it will be difficult for him to produce bile.

Gallbladder meridian can erect a person, so it controls all the tendons, where is its position? In Yanglingquan. Yanglingquan is next to Zusanli, and the needles are all upward. When the neck is tight and the shoulders are tight, twisting Yanglingquan on both sides will produce a needle sensation, and it will be loose immediately, and it will be very comfortable.

Some people use traditional Chinese medicine, but the neck and head are painful. Pueraria lobata soup is fine.

The long-lasting effect of B1 is very good. This ingredient is only found in rice bran. There are few in other plants. Wheat bran is not available yet. Only rice bran has it. Why do the yellow people even when they have a lot of pressure still can go work like cows and horses? The problem is, because yellow people mostly eat brown rice, eat rice with pickles, and Taiwanese pickle food using rice sauce. They don’t use bean paste, so Taiwanese people are very hard-working. It must be rice paste because it contains this ingredient.