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Meridian and Acupuncture (11) Explanation of Acupoints (7) Two Channels of Ren Du and Du

(Dr. Chen Yikui)

Let’s look at the Ren and Du channels. Let me talk about this theory a little bit. Let’s look at page 505. Ren channel is the gathering of yin channel, which is the basic point for women, one of the eight wonder points. Where twenty-four points. Among them, the six points of perineum, qihai, shenque, zhongwan, tangzhong, and xuanji are Taoist internal power gates. Why do I read it so slowly? I would like everyone to experience it. In fact, the two channels are the most important thing for acupuncture and moxibustion, but how to use it, women don’t necessarily have to be a woman. How can she be born without a man, a man’s genitals are also in the Ren Vessel, and the vagina and uterus of a woman are all in the Ren Vessel as well.

In the future, everyone will understand the entire Ren channel. In fact, the entire Ren channel is about raises, including education, fertility, and all kinds of raising. I have always emphasized the yin thing, it is acceptance, and when it is accepted, it is formable, as if it is a person. To create the future and let him do what he will do in the future, we must take good care of this part of the yin and make it well. The yin is like our land. If it is made well, it will become a fertile land and keep it there. The phenomenon of fertility, then what you grow, you must grow melons from melons and beans to get beans. You will not grow thatch by planting melons, unless your land is broken and the melons are planted and it will die, then the  roots of the thatch make the thatch grow. It is not you who planted thatch. The things you want to grow live are all in our Yin Channel, but the most important thing is in the Ren Channel. Whether you can create the future and whether you can succeed in the future is all in your Ren channel.

The eight channels of the odd meridian include the Du, Ren,Dai, Chong, Yang Chiao, Yin Chiao, Yang Wei, and Yin Wei. There are eight channels. When were these eight channels used? It was during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in the Zhou Dynasty, before the Spring and Autumn Period, when the Zhou was just founded, during the second half of the Shang Dynasty and the first half of the Zhou Dynasty, nearly 400 years. Pulse. Why did you use these eight meridians at that time? Because the eight meridians are all used in martial arts, then we now have 12 meridians in the two channels, which are medical methods.

This is martial art. At that time, the weapons used in the war were not as developed. They didn’t have any pistols, machine guns, or any fire armora. Then they must understand these eight veins. Under what circumstances my stick, under what conditions I hit what veins, this way it specialize in medicine. Later, the martial arts were affected by the entire environment, including the entire process of weapons. From now on, it was not just with sticks. In the end, the metallurgy was made by ironmaking. By the second half of the Zhou Dynasty, it already had good metallurgy and made many swords and knives. It doesn’t matter what pulse you use. At that time, you used martial arts. Whether this technique can be won or not, martial arts uses another ecology to express it. Therefore, the very famous Jin Yong martial arts novels have an amazing martial arts Jianglong 18 Palm, all drunken fists are here, this martial art. So after the Zhou Dynasty, it was more than 300 years in the Warring States period. After these meridians entered the path of medicine, the names of the acupoints were produced, and the 12 meridians were researched. In this way, everyone knows the eight meridians of the odd meridian, so we say the eight meridians of the odd meridian. You don’t need these pulses now, you still have to use these two responsibilities and supervisors if you can’t run away.

Where is the perineum-HueiYin? Before your anus, after your genitals, is the area between your anus and your genitals. The perineum is very useful in first aid. I only see my teacher for first aid once in my life. At that time, my teacher’s clinic was on Xinsheng South Road, Xinsheng. There is a big ditch in the middle of the South Road called Rugongzhen, so we sometimes call it an opportunity, which is very important. At that time, I was helping with the teacher during the summer vacation. Suddenly someone called for help. A boy was drunk in the water, people got him up, many people were helping. Not working, my teacher immediately reminded me to get the needle in the perineum. His parents were also at the scene, kneeling down there and begging to save his son. Finally, he took off his pants and used a silver needle. Because there was no stainless steel needle at that time, It went down for a while, trembling and breathing, and saved his life. Only once, I didn't do it, only watched it once. Well, I have a brother who is a civilian soldier in the counseling society. The colonel retired to become a commissioner in the counseling society. This is what he said. A man committed suicide and jumped into the Danshui River. When he was rescued, he lost his breath. He also used it at that time, stainless steel needles in the perineum. My study-brother asked them to use them. They also saved a life. He said it, I didn't see it, but I saw my teacher use silver needles in the perineum. In the 1950s of the Republic of China, only Mackay had emergency rooms in hospitals, and nothing else. The Mackay at that time was a small one. At Minsheng West Road, Zhongshan North Road, the small one, it was like a church. Only in this way, there were no 119 before, and 119 only came later. Since then, the economy has been developing, and people who do social work are encouraged to donate a little money to do it.

Qi Hai is quite a good one. When we are practicing, we call Qi Hai like dantian. Shenque is the belly button. Some people have stomach aches that are so painful that they can’t be pulled out. When it hurts, you must use it very hot. Then use cyanobacteria stone to cover the belly button, and it will gradually disappear in about three minutes. The pain of diarrhea is also OK, but it is best for the pain of cramps, and the colic inside is very severe. Moxibustion is used when it is very severe. When there was no cyanobacteria stone before, filled the belly button with salt and made a big shape with moxa. The salt, burning, hot chirping, the pain disappeared. Really, some have no way to explain it. Many doctors think that pain should be used with analgesics. In fact, you should use analgesics for intestinal colic. The analgesics you eat are not absorbed at all, so the pain will not be absorbed. If it is not absorbed, the pain will not be relieved. You need to use a hot one.

Zhongwan is the stomach. I am very experienced with Zhongwan. At the beginning, I could tell fortune-telling and read Feng Shui. I also talked about acupuncture with my teacher. Many people give red envelopes, but I refuse, because I am not in this business, I Don't take red envelopes. How to do it? Inviting me to dinner, I often look forward to this meal. He asked me if I would drink alcohol. I said I want to drink a good wine. I don’t drink red label rice wine. He said how about Kinmen sorghum? I said yes. The more drink the more I talked. I could say that I could drink every day, and when I drank it was a can of sorghum wine, and finally vomited when I was drunk. After vomiting, I was so sad that I really wanted to die. I vomit because of stomach cramps, I can’t straighten my body, shrink like this. We didn’t have a taxi before, so I had to call a tricycle and I took it from my laboratory to my teacher’s place. He said it’s easy. Use ZhongWan, the needle comes in, it moves around and relaxes immediately. Turn around the needle, and get hungry after the needle. Why? Haven't eaten all day! Just go eat Yangchun noodles. My ZhongWan was pierced by my teacher. At that time, I was drunk and convulsed to the point that I didn’t have the strength to pierce. I couldn’t straighten my body when I lay on the bed! In this way, my teacher pierced from the bed, and turned it over if it didn’t hurt. The needle was also bent when turned over. He pulled it up and pierced it again. This is the point of ZhongWan. Therefore, the Zhongwan first aids for the stomach cramp, the ShengQue is for the cramp of the intestines. Zhongwan is for stomach  cramps, which is awesome.

In Tanzhong, very few people use it. I tell you, a person works very hard but fails. The hero is short of breath and the hero is brave. In the end, he fails. What's the problem? TanZhong. In fact, this Tanzhong acupoint, my teacher told me, in terms of the whole classification, it is a very important place, but it is rarely used in medical practice. At that time, in the 1950s of the Republic of China, it happened to be the Cultural Revolution on the mainland. Many refugees went to Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution. What's worse, when everyone went to Hong Kong, what would you bring? During the Cultural Revolution, you can’t bring anything. If you want to flee, you have to be checked. He only brought stones because it was passed down from his family. How to be successful in your career? Just hang it with pony tail hair and hang it to TanZhong. I studied the stone for nearly 30 years before I knew its name was Green Fossil, and I couldn't find it. Finally, the origin of this stone was found in Yangzhou. Yangzhou is in Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou has a habit of drinking tea in the afternoon. The literati in Yangzhou know how to drink tea. I believe the name next to Yangzhou is Wuxi.

That’s why I understood that the Chinese people used to bring jade to the mutton. I didn’t expect that jade would not be effective. Jade must be on the bracelet, on the meridian of the three yin and three yang, and also useless on the feet. You have to understand what kind of ore should be placed there, like when the Empress Dowager Cixi died, Ye Mingzhu would be placed in her mouth. Why? Because Ye Mingzhu shines on the mouth, it shines only when the temperature of the mouth is 36 degrees. Ye Mingzhu will not glow when placed at room temperature. It will have this effect only if it is at a certain temperature.

In this Ren channel, many noble ladies go to Nanyang to buy such a big blue black pearl and hang it around the throat area. Hanging here means that you are a noble lady, and this is also the Ren channel. Some people make a hole in the belly button, but also in the Ren channel, including the Ren channel when you want to give birth. The next generation is excellent or not, but it is also in your Ren channel.

Therefore, why do we need both channels, and the hair and pubic hair must be needed for our health-basis? Why? To resonate in this way, to protect mankind from producing the future of mankind, your success or failure is very important.

There was a problem with bracelets. It used to be in the days of my mother and my grandmother. At that time, my father used to have merchant ships during the Japanese occupation period, He gave my grandma jade bracelets. Hetan jade is very expensive. At that time, a pair of bracelets cost four thousand catties of millet. This is true. It’s right, just to think about it. My grandma burns charcoal in winter, and she didn’t die. My grandma burned the charcoal in the fire cage. She put her hand on the fire cage. The two jade bracelets are here. The temperature is very high. The carbon monoxide may encounter this kind of magnetic field, the carbon monoxide may burn and cause death, and the little carbon monoxide will not run into my grandma’s nostrils. In this place, it will be bounced off by Hetian jade. My grandma used the fire cage for a lifetime. And there is no carbon monoxide poisoning. My grandma's clothes were tightly covered, and even the fire cage was covered. My grandma didn't die of poisoning if she had one. Many grilled fire cages burned cause death, because there is no real HeTen jade bracelet. We used to have ovens, pottery ovens, with white ash inside and charcoal on top. When there was no smoke after burning, we took the whole quilt and covered it in a quilt, warmed the quilt until it was hot, and then put the stove away, and everyone went to sleep in the bed. This was how we were when we were young, and it doesn't seem to be cold anymore. I remember it was really cold when I was a child. I woke up in the morning and the grass was covered with frost. When we went to school barefooted, our feet became red and swollen. Now everyone is wearing shoes, and I don’t see the frost! Now if you want to see frost, you go to Lishan, Alishan, Qingjing Farm, and Hehuan Mountain. We used to open the door to see it, all white and was frost.

You have to understand this Ren Channel, all the absorption, the absorption of knowledge, and all kind of the absorption, all rely on it.

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