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Gua and Meridians ~ Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Qi is energy, blood is quality, and qi and blood are injected here. Many people think that blood and qi reach lungs at this time, which is wrong. The Chinese medical system, probably this kind of thinking is slowly evolved from the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, like the name of meridian points, in fact, they are all place names during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period of the Zhou Dynasty, and every acupuncture point in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period is a name of places. The unity of man, heaven and earth, and the unity of man and nature, is called the human-oriented view, the view that man coexists with the universe. Then suppose that the energy produced by your river, it is very important that you contain those energies. Therefore, the energy contained in this meridian of our lungs is the rotation of the earth, which is the energy of the universe contained in the phase of the Yin time. Every time and every second, the thing that we humans resonate with the universe is changing. So our destiny can be divided into two categories. One that you can figure out, you can calculate it out, and you can use it to calculate your Bazi, big luck cycle, annual year, flowing month, and flowing day. But there is one that you can’t even come out of, bad luck, and disaster, you can’t figure out, so if you don’t know what to do, just use threats. When did your horoscope have bloody bad luck, it is so big, is it like stolen bloody, or be killed? The difference is very big. When you are killed, you bleed a lot, or you go out and get a stone thrown on the head by a child, and you bleed. You can't use a little blood, bleeding after being bitten by a mosquito is not considered bloody.

Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian, this sutra is replaced by Xin in ten days dry. Among the five elements, it belongs to Yin and metal, starting from ZhongFu t, and ending at ShaoShang. More qi and less blood, qi and blood inject this at Yin hour (3 to 5 am local standard time). Where there are eleven points, there are a total of twenty-two points on the left and right. 

Song of Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian


Therefore, the energy contained in the meridian of our lung meridian is the energy in the time when the earth turns to this time, the local standard time, and the time and space of this time. It’s too abstract to say that. When I was asleep in the morning, how would I know what energy was there?

Meridians are like river water. If you really want to study it, I can tell you that the energy and water quality of the Yellow River water will not be the same as the Lijiang River in Guilin, nor will it be the same as the Yangtze River. The water of the Yellow River comes from the sky, and all the water comes from the sky, but it also comes from the sky, but the composition of the water will not be the same in different places. Therefore, the composition of the water in the Yellow River is the same as that of the Yangtze River. The composition of water is different, and the composition of the water in each river is different. This is the meaning. So our meridians are in our human body, and the lung meridian passes through different places, so it contains different energy. Therefore, the energy of the lung meridian passing through it is the time when the earth itself rotates, and the energy at the local standard Yin hour time.

These nouns of acupuncture points are all place names in the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. You will know it. If you encounter a place name, you will see what it looks like. In this place, you catch the fish and see if the fish belly looks like. Shaoshnag like leek leaf bent a little bit, it’s all from this, all the acupuncture points are from this way.

I spent a lot of time in this picture to sort out its principles. Look at 12345, which is called inch. The inch of acupuncture and moxibustion is proportional and analogous. It does not have an absolute length or length of one inch. He uses an analogy type of inch. From this place to this place, they will always talk about 12 inches. It can be seen that this place is 12 inches, half of which is six inches, half of six inches and half of three inches, and these three inches cannot be half. The equal division is one inch, and half of the three inches is not easy to analyze. In this way, using three equals is one inch, and the other half is half an inch. You have to understand that.

The inch of the meridian is analogous. You don’t care whether it is inches, table inches, or decimetres. It is analogous. It seems to be 13 inches from this place to this place. Use this analogy. So there are several points. The point of all acupuncture points, except for the fingers, is between any bone and bone. Then there is a point between the bone and the bone, between the pelvis and the pelvis. Acupuncture points are generally analogous to the other bone chakra. You see, this bone wheel must have an acupuncture point called Taiyuan. There is an acupuncture point Chize in this bone wheel. Between Taiyuan and Chize, it uses an analogy acupuncture point, which is 12 inches, but Taiyuan and Leque, Taiyuan and Jingqu, still have a small bone wheel, so it is one inch in this place, and when it reaches Leque, this place is behind the bone chakra, so it is half an inch. Let’s say that Leque and Kongzhuei are five and a half inches apart. Just use this concept. Do concepts need to be standard? Because there is no absolute standard for analogy, so it is not standard. There is no absolute standard for non-standard, so analogy It’s easy to mess around with things like that, and it’s one inch away or five to one foot.

Generally, the Kongzhui is the best place for hemorrhoids bleeding. We have a study brother, who happened to have one hemorrhoid patient. He went to needles, but he forgot it, and he said it was Chengshan, Chengshan of the bladder meridian in the back, and he stung the Changshan point. On the contrary, the other side was grateful the next day! Your teacher has stung it up for two months, but it hasn't been getting well, and it's good that one of your apprentices has done it wrong. Because of the records in our books, hemorrhoids must use Changsha for bleeding. Since the records of the acupuncture and moxibustion masters are so clear, from the teacher to the master apprentice, and the second apprentices have been in turn. Together, they all used KongZhuei during the internship, the other one forgot where the Kongzhuei was, and the place where he finally got down was probably Chengshan, but the person came very grateful the next day, carrying a basket orange which happened to be harvested at that time. Everyone is very happy. Why did everyone eat so happily? Wrong needle. This is not the case because the student is better than the teacher, I often say gets better by making mistakes.

So let's study why it is better. He is a novice, and all novices have the strongest qi. I have always emphasized that first is the current. When this needle sticks down, your qi will help him.

When I first started learning Bazi, it was in the 46th and 47th years of the Republic of China. When teacher Wu Junmin's handouts were sent to my house for the first time, I would tremble with the handouts! Sanctions knowledge, why? Because we are under Japanese rule, you can't learn things related to Chinese culture at all, how can this happen suddenly! Japanese intellectuals, including Chinese officials, any fortune teller is a quagmire. His status is worse than that of beggars. There are beggars and gangs of beggars. Is there a Bazi gang to learn Bazi? No, even this gang can't be established!

Sanctions study, cut and look, say that the heavenly stem is Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin Ren, Gui, that of the heaven Jia Bing Wu Geng Ren is Yang, and Yi Ding Ji Xin Gui are Yin. I'm afraid to forget, copy with a pen, fold the teacher's handout, and keep memorizing it with the copy. We have never read Tiangan, nor Earthly Branches before, and the Chinese is the same, so we will make a mistake. Wu Junmin The teacher’s writing was very scribbled. So when you first study in your life, you will be very cautious. Like me, I have been teaching meridian acupuncture for decades, so I have been telling jokes on stage, so after you finish, ask the teacher, have you finished teaching? Students don’t know where an acupuncture point is, so as long as you ask, I can tell you where the acupuncture point is.

Zhongfu and Yunmen are one inch apart. There are generally two ways of saying these two places. Don't need needles ! Don't do anything wrong, try to use moxibustion. It is best not to use direct moxibustion during moxibustion. There are two types of moxibustion, one is direct moxibustion, followed by ginger moxibustion, garlic moxibustion, and round paper disc needle moxibustion. There are many kinds of moxibustion methods. Japanese people like direct moxibustion. After twisting it with a small wormwood, place it on the skin like a grain of rice, and apply a stick of incense to the beard. It burns to black like a mosquito. If it hurts like a bite, just remove it and moxibustion to what extent, moxibustion is effective until the stratum corneum is inflamed and swollen.

Generally, it is easy to produce granulation and scars when wearing clothes. When granulation is produced, it is not very good. Therefore, a Japanese moxibustion method, girls probably do not use direct moxibustion, because girls should not have scars. So for boys, when a child is one year old, deep column moxibustion must be directly moxibustion. When direct moxibustion produces scars, it will produce foreign proteins and produce immune bodies, just like vaccinia and rotten. It is a fact that it is not easy to catch a cold, and we have all done many factual experiments.

According to the Dacheng Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute, if anyone has a stroke, as long as the Dazhui penetrates the body to Changqiang, it will heal immediately after the penetration, and all diseases will be cured. At that time, my director-general Zhou Zhuoyu, he happened to be a partner with me, and someone came to ask for help, because we were doing a free clinic at the time, and we didn’t need any money to needle at his home, but he had to agree to the needle. After going, the patient lay down. The skin in the middle pulled up, and we pulled up 123. As long as we got here from Changqiang, we couldn't stick to it no matter what. If we stick it again, urine and stool will come out. Do we think this will be okay? When DaZhui went to Changqiang, he felt the pain like he was going to die, and he recovered from the illness. In the end, our needle was originally so long, we rolled it up and hung it on the wall, and named the needle “the needle for Dazhui To Changqiang”, we stopped making it since then. It can be seen that many of them are fictitious. The person who wrote this book has no clinical theories. He believes that Dazhui to Changqiang Long and Governor Channel should be connected.

If Chize is from here, you have to be the opposite. Chize is really good. How about the two sides? What will happen? In the early days, many women had to work hard when picking things in autumn. It would be very sad. There was no vitamin before. Nutrients probably rely on needle sticks, you need to stick the chize here, both sides will be good, it is very easy to use, and you pick things, or you often train to run, climb mountains, and climb until the hind feet of both feet are sore. When it hurts, if you go down to Chize, there will be no pain immediately, and it will hurt again after two hours. This is a relaxation effect, and the longest time can last about five hours. If the place is convulsive and not hurtful, you will be fine. You have to distinguish between convulsive and hurtful. When we climb the stairs until it is sore, which is hurtful, then the hurtful pain will take about two hours. If it is convulsive, it will disappear as soon as it disappears, and it will be pierced again when it hurts. This is how it works.

Just now I said that the KongZhuei is for hemorrhoids, so Leque is usually chest tightness. When the ankle is painful, the inner ankle is painful. Taiyuan is very easy to use. For the problem of hoarseness of the throat and vocal cords, the YuJi is great. When husky twisted both sides of YuJi, they could talk immediately. When they went back, they would stew something with rock sugar to moisturize their throats.

What are the benefits of Shaoshang? The tonsils in the throat, as long as the tonsils are congested, you will let the blood run out Shaoshang, and then it will flow out from here, just a little bit, only one drop, will loosen right the way.

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