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Introduction to the application of Gua and meridians (4)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui) 

We used to talk about the Book of Changes and Gua. The next important thing should be to connect to Feng Shui. It has already been discussed that the Book of Changes and Gua should be connected to Feng Shui. Now we are going to talk about the meridian, so these are all coherent. The whole principle of Chinese culture, if there are certain things in opposition, it must have something as a prerequisite, and we don't care about what it is.

Therefore, Chinese people have always emphasized that lonely yin does not birth, and lonely yang does not grow. A single thing cannot exist. There must be something attached. These two things must be related to each other. Therefore, everything has a Tai Chi. A bucket of water in the house is called Tai Chi. When two instruments Are born, there are two phenomena between the empty space in the house and the bucket of water, which is called Liang Yi. In the two instruments, each instrument contains something. If this instrument is a Yin instrument, it contains Yang, it is called Yin with Yang, and this instrument is a Yang instrument, and it contains Yin, which is called Yang with Yin. Because there is water in a bucket of water, and the other is not water, what is it? Bucket. There is a bucket of water. There is water in it, but there are buckets that are not water. You have to understand this concept. Then you study Chinese things, it's very simple. These are all connections, so when we talk about this thing, we have to talk about meridians.

The existence of meridians is actually artificial, and artificial operations are used to make it exist, so when it separates its existence, there must be a logical explanation.

The entire evolution of the Book of Changes, in fact, has evolved from Fuxi to the Lian San Yi of the Xia Dynasty, and to the Zhou Dynasty. The Book of Changes does not talk about the north and the south. It talks about east and west. The emperor comes from Zhen. What after the emperor? Then it must be west, it must be DUI, and it must be exchanged when it goes down, so it's all about East and West, not about North and South. When it comes to the north and south, when there was a compass in the Tang Dynasty, there was that magnetic needle. When we came to the Han Dynasty again, there was South. He only talked about the South and designated South to be there. At that time, it was placed on the copper plate with a magnetic spoon. At that time, North was not used as a point. When the sailing began, North was used as an absolute point.

He used the North Star as the real fixed point. This was very successful. Coupled with the Chinese compass, all the compasses finally pointed to the north, only to find that the Chinese compass, in addition to the guide, also points to the north. Seeing the North Star in the voyage, why did you find the North Star? It was first discovered in China because the areas of the Chinese nomads are very dry. When there is no moon at night, no matter if the star is there in winter or summer, other stars will go around. In the Xia Dynasty, it was discovered that there was a North Star, but the amount of the North Star was large, so the Big Dipper was always emphasized at that time, and the North Star was not emphasized. What is the name of the handle of the Big Dipper? The axis that one was orbiting, so later in this place under the North Star, the distance was extended several times, I found that the light was not very bright, all around that star. It was set when Ming Dynasty novels were very prosperous. Go down and call the North Pole Xian Weng, and just like that, the North Star comes out. Why should I talk about this? Because who created people? God, the Bible says that man was created by God.

That kind of thing is in Chinese philosophy, especially Wang Yangming, who believes that man and the sky are one, which is called the unity of man and nature. In this way, if man and the sky become one, then it is reasonable that the weather changes and man will change. Therefore, our doctrine stipulates that if we obey the heaven will thrive, and against it will die.

When it rains, you need to hold an umbrella, and use something that can cover the rain. When the sun is too big, you should walk under a tree to cool off. You need sunscreen to make it smoother. The purpose of coming out of the sun is not to expose you to death. How about a person to be free from illness? That means you have to accept the facts generated by the natural environment, and you have to learn to cope with it and accept it.

Understanding your fate is not fortune telling. What is Zhi Ming-understanding yourself? Know how to eat when you are hungry, rest and sleep when you are sleepy, and do not hold back your urine when you urinate. This is called Zhiming.

Old Master Confucius said one will be a gentleman when he knows his fate, but a hypocrite does not know his fate. That is to say, when you know your knowledge, if you can handle it, you are a gentleman, and the ignorant is a villain. You must be a gentleman and person who knows your fate.

Our culture of treating diseases is related to the climate and your natural food. The food contains a kind of food called allergies. According to Chinese medicine,eating food causes diarrhea when it is too cold. Constipation after eating, too hot, use this way to split the food.

There are probably two ways to use meridian knowledge, one is to make you hyperactive and excited, and the other is to make you calm. There are several types of hyperactivity and excitement, several types of anti-aging, and several types of calming. No matter how many types there are, the method is to use resonance. Western medicine is called the extermination method and elimination method. To check what bacteria you have, use any medicine to eliminate it. It is called the exclusivity method. Western medicine uses the method of exclusion. If you want to get rid of it, you can cut it off with a knife, so Western medicine is called the method of exclusiveness.

Then Chinese medicine is called the supply method, after the pulse you have Xiao Chaihu Decoction syndrome is the lack of what is in the Xiao Chaihu Decoction syndrome. It is called the supply method. What do you lack, I supply.

Resonance method is used in the application of meridian acupuncture in vitro. There are many ways to resonate, including Bianstone, Cyanophyte, Gilt Magnetized Bowl, Pumpkin Cotyledon Oil, etc., including warm and cool resonance. Another kind of resonance is the Du Channel resonance. It is our ore combination resonance method. There are about four resonance methods. Then these four resonance methods may not be completely effective, so we add everyone's necessary minerals, vitamins, and simple sugars contained in the birthday branch, which are called supply methods. In the supply method of Chinese medicine, we use the vitamins, monosaccharides, and minerals that our human body needs instead of Chinese medicine.

Look at the hand Taiyin, it is a fixed pattern, the Taiyin of the hand, which means from the Yi Jing, the Yi Jing is divided into three Yin, one Taiyin, Jueyin, and Shaoyin, the hands have three Yin, and the feet also have three Yin , Jing is a law, a fixed law, it is a rule.

Set the law of hand Taiyin, this is combined with our yin and yang five elements. Because I used to specialize in Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, I was in the Dacheng Acupuncture and Moxibustion. The original sutra was replaced by "Xin" in the ten day stems. All the lung meridians who have studied acupuncture and moxibustion in Taiwan use Lung Xin instead, probably I teach out, not in mainland China, nor in Hong Kong, because my combination of this one was officially handed out in 1991. Then this "substitution" means a symbolic representation. Xin stands for Yin meridian, and the five elements belong to Yin. It is a route from ZhongFu and ends at ShaoShang.

The Chinese talk about the issue of qi and blood, and the issue of quality. How much energy it produces, so it says that when there is more qi and less blood, more qi means a lot of energy and little quality.

If one kilogram of magnesium can produce one watt of electricity, then one kilogram of straw may only produce 0.3 watts of electricity, and for the same kilogram of straw, another kilogram of oil may produce 10,000 watts of electricity.

More qi and less blood, more qi and blood both, more blood less qi, less qi and more blood, quality and energy, some have very little quality, but some have great energy, and some have the same quality and energy.

There are many ways to lose weight. Some people use food to lose weight and eat a lot of fruit to lose weight. It is often wrong. Fruits are carbohydrates. One gram of carbohydrates generates heat energy and produces one gram of fat. One gram of protein produces one gram of amino acids, so only 0.45 gram produces fat. One gram of saturated fat animal oil, mixed with our water after eating, will produce 2 grams of heat energy, and 2 grams of fat will be produced in the future. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to use meat (protein).

A meridian must have two things before it can exist as a whole. The heavenly stem and the earthly branch are time (heavenly stem) and the other is space (earthly branch). Therefore, in the local standard time, from three to five in the morning, the qi and blood are injected into this. Don't say that the blood flows to the lung meridian at the time of Yin, it is not. Note this means that it has the highest sensitivity at this time.

Frozen shoulders, there are three places, some are front shoulder pain, people with front shoulder pain cannot put the back when holding hands, that is front shoulder pain, then if the middle pain, you can’t lift it up, and you won’t be able to wash clothes when the back shoulder is painful, washing clothes, it hurts, and this hand cannot be lifted, it is the back shoulder pain. Speaking of the time of the lung meridian (three to five in the morning, the blood is injected into this), it is the pain in the front shoulder. At this hour, if it is the pain in the front shoulder, when you wake up and urinate, your hands are sore. With that hand, I can't even pull up the pants. Normally, it is the front shoulder hurts.

When Yin hour vitality and blood is injected into this, and when he becomes a teenager “practicing martial arts, he is regarded as the secret, the secret of acupuncture, point Zhongfu, Yin hour acupuncture Zhongfu, this hand can not be raised, you will lose all your Kung Fu, you can’t lift it up your hands. What are you going to fight with ? But it’s fine when the hour has passed. You are fine after those two hours, they can kick you for two hours. Fanji 22 points in the left and right palaces, you must read the name of this point.

Song of Hand Taiyin Lung Meridian


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