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Gua and Meridians ~ Hand Yangming Dayang Meridian

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui) 

Hand Yangming Dayang Meridian, heavenly stem Geng, Earthly Branch Mao.

There are three Yang meridians of the hand, how are they classified? How do you divide these three? There are Taiyin, Shaoyin, and Jueyin. The lung meridian is called Taiyin. What does Taiyin mean? It doesn't mean, it is the name of this site. In fact, the Taiyin is only a special function that sets its whole sutra.

Our hand Yang Ming meridian is the same as the Yang meridian. It has three words: Taiyang, Shaoyang, and Yangming. Then the Yin meridian is different from the Yang meridian. If it is Yin, it is a Jueyin, and this Jue is different, so if it is Yang, it is Yang of the Yangming. Hand Yangming is different, except that one yang exchanges with yin, one shaoyang, one shaoyin, one Taiyang, and one Taiyin are all the same. The other is Yangming, and the other is Jueyin.

The large intestine meridian on this hand is called the Yangming meridian, which matches the Yangming meridian of the feet. Therefore, many people treat headaches, which are called Yangming meridian headaches, which are headaches caused by stomach meridians. There are three types of headaches, one is the headache of the Du Vessel, and it is in the middle of Baihui. Next comes migraine, this migraine headache is called gallbladder headache. Gallbladder headaches are probably related to your nutritional system, including the amino acid system, so this type of headache is called migraine. Migraine is difficult to treat, it must first adjust the body well.

The common cold headache is the headache of the Yangming Stomach Meridian, and many people use Pueraria lobata decoction in large quantities. Then come back to the headache of the Du Channel. It is related to all aspects of the brain pressure in the brain, including the body. Then this is to use Tianma. If you use it, it is like taking a tranquilizer.

It is divided very clearly, this is the great part of Chinese taxonomy, and the overall application of this taxonomy is also quite remarkable. Like when we have problems with the Yang meridian, our hands are like this, our thumb, this Yang meridian is in the index finger, and is in control, so when you want to eat, you must eat the pig’s hand, the pig’s forefoot, because the forefoot is the thing that controls the pigs to run,

If it is yin, if the lung is yin, it will not be the whole pig's feet, but the tendons will be eaten. The pig's feet include the entire outer skin, skin and body. But there are tendons inside, so tendon-like ones are needed, and the gum with tendons is quite good. Ginseng seed oil to eat if the blood vessels are blocked.

Hand Yangming Dayang meridian, this meridian is replaced by Geng in the ten days stem, and the five elements belong to Yang metal. Starting from Shangyang, it will finally end at Yingxiang, and there will be a lot of energy and blood. At Mao's time (5-7 am local standard time), the blood will be more sensitive here.  

It belongs to Gua Dui, so Dui is metal, and both Gua Qian Dui are metal. Because of this, the entire application of classification has been verified. From the Zhou Dynasty more than a thousand BC, the verdict was not finalized until the Jin Dynasty. After the verdict was finalized, the entire verdict on the acupoint was cast by the only bronze man of the Song Dynasty, and the verdict on the location of the acupuncture took more than two thousand five hundred years to finalize the culture.

So what we have learned and understood has not improved, only Chen Yikui improved a little bit. It seems that before using gold needles and silver needles, Chen Yikui used stainless steel needles and improved a little bit. In the past, moxibustion had to be hot, but now it is not. We use infrared rays and a magnetic field to do it. The needle will tingle and bleed. Now we use ice to apply a small amount of current and voltage. In fact, Chen Yikui changed it in the 21st century. I changed the gold needle and the silver needle in the 20th century. At that time, I changed it in 1967 (Republic of China 56). The needles were changed to stainless steel needles, and a large number of them were implemented in 1973 (Republic of China 1962). As soon as they came to class, I gave them 200 needles. At that time, after the class, they went back to needle the whole family and wrote a report.

The Five Elements of the Dayang Meridian of Hand Yangming belongs to the Yang meridian. In this meridian, the Yin meridian is Xin, and Geng is the Yang meridian. It starts from Shangyang and finally to Yingxiang. It represents the energy of Mao hour. This is relatively abstract. We don’t know what the energy of Mao hour is. You haven’t seen it, nor did I see it. This is relatively abstract. There are a total of 20 acupuncture points. How do you check large intestine meridian.

Song of Hand Yangming Dayang Meridian  





There is no acupuncture point in Futu, and the five-half next to the nose is not a point, but Yingxiang is the point. The five points next to the nose are called Yingxiang. You can't directly pierce Yingxiang acupuncture point. You should pierce it upward. The tip of your needle should not be too sharp. When you pierce it, use a tube to pat it down. This is quite effective for allergic rhinitis.

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