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Introduction to the application of Gua and meridians (5)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui) 

Our trigrams Qian DUI Li Zhen Xun Kan Gen Kun is a classification. We are now talking about acupuncture, which is the classification of the outside of the human body, not the classification of the inside. This classification is quite beautiful.

It says that Tai Chi is the first to be used. Tai Chi is classified into things and events. This thing or this event, we humans are things. If two things, upper and lower or yin and yang, both are regarded as two instruments, yin and yang are also two instruments, and left and right are also regarded as two instruments, then our body up and down, three up and three down is not right, because there is something underneath, so it is divided into hands and feet, the top is the hand and the bottom is the foot, then if this is one point, the two will go down, then the three, there will be many in the middle. This kind of taxonomists say that Taiji produces two instruments, and two instruments produce four phases. These four phases are the front, back, left, and right. Anything is up, down, left, and right. Viewed from a plane, but from a three-dimensional perspective, the hexahedron is eight trigrams.

When did this come up? This requires a lot of knowledge. It was only in 1967 that the whole evolution was discussed. The trigrams and the hexahedron were integrated together. After Chen Guangyuan had finished talking with me, he returned to the United States. After that, he wrote a very famous book. It was published in Jiaotong University's alumni newsletter. It was equivalent to a paper. Chen Guangyuan was a very famous person. During the Anti-Japanese War, the director of the Railway Transportation Machinery Division in China, At that time, his officials were very large. At that time, China was so poor that he had all the transportation machinery in his hands when the machinery factory was in the anti-Japanese war. I know him from Chen Lifu. He said that Chen Yikui studied agriculture, and the kinematics of physics including physics belonged to him, because he specializes in kinematics, the motion of trains. We talked for seven days, two hours a day, while eating and talking. Finally, he said that since the beginning of China, there was no way to find such a young man who could combine the Book of Changes with this aspect. In the end, he went back and wrote the book "Talking on the Book of Changes" which was completed in 1982 (Republic of China in 1971).

Look at a three-dimensional hexahedron. The dice are from one point to six points, six sides and eight corners. Qian Dui Li Zhen Xun Kan Gen Kun goes down and turns like this, and turns like this down, just like the left-hand and right-hand rotation on the plane of the Book of Changes. Look at Qian Dui Li Zhen Xun Kan Gen Kun, so from here, the earth is a thing. From the north of the equator, all the tornadoes and typhoons can rotate like this, left-handed! The southern hemisphere is all right-handed, so you can see it is all about things.

We count the lower limbs from below the belly button, and the upper body from above the belly button. Therefore, the left hand and the right foot must be well coordinated when the hand comes down. This thing is complete.

Taxonomy is so classified, what kind of science has become here, physics and astronomy, because of all things! The principle of things is related to the universe, because every thing in the universe, the sun is also a thing.

This classification is called natural taxonomy. The most famous natural taxonomy in the world is animal taxonomy and plant taxonomy. All of our current research on genetic issues has emerged from the research of plant taxonomy. He is a Catholic monk Mendel. He is studying peas, between red flowers and white flowers. He has studied for 17 years. He found that this flower was planted with the seeds of this flower. As a result, both safflower and white flowers will be found, but there are more flowers, what flower? Pink flower.

Scientists are in conflict with theologians. Scientists say that anything good or new is made by ourselves. When theologians say that everything is made by God, scientists shake their heads and disdain, so scientists disdain theologians and theologians disdain scientists, then this monk planted it and finished the report. Finally, a very unhappy physiologist read the report and said that I had research funds, but it didn’t give me the power, so he went to study Mendel’s thing and experimented for a long time, he said that this was a kind of genetic exchange. He published it a few years later, and everyone was only interested because he was a scientist, not a theologian. Many people have begun to study this gene. By the 20th century, chemistry was very advanced. Finally, they were specialized in biochemistry at the same time. He said whether the DNA of the gene is two coils together or three coils together, there was endless arguing. In the end, one made it, three publications, and one made two publications. After the third year, there was proof that two were correct. Finally, he could use two to explain a lot of things, he won the Nobel Prize in the end, and now he has decided that his genes are constructed by two lines, so that together they spent 50 to 60 years.

Let's talk about the classification of hands from the navel. These two feet will not reach the hands. The hands are divided into the yang meridian and the yin meridian. Each hand is an independent thing, so it has six meridians and six sides. In other words, there are six sides to anything. So the meridian is not a point, but a face. All acupuncture points are faces. They are not angles. They are six faces.

Let’s take a look at this stereo. May I ask if this is a stereo with six sides, how many sides can you see? You must see three sides, no matter which angle you look at, you will see three sides. The same goes for our hands. Three-sided yang means that the three meridians are yang (Taiyang, Shaoyang, and Yangming), and the three meridians are yin (Taiyin, Shaoyin, and Jueyin).

Then there are three Yang meridian of the hand, how are they classified? How do you divide the three? There are Taiyin, Shaoyin, and Jueyin. The lung meridian is called Taiyin. What does Taiyin mean? It doesn't mean anything, it is the name of this side. In fact Taiyin is only a special function that sets its whole meridian.

Our hand Yangming meridian is the same as the Yang meridian. It has three words: Taiyang, Shaoyang, and Yangming. Then the Yin meridian is different from the Yang meridian . If it is Yin, it is a Jueying, and this Jue is different, so if it is Yang, it is the Yang of Yangming. Hand Yangming is different, that one yang exchanges with yin, one shaoyang, one shaoyin, one Taiyang and one Taiyin are all the same. The other is Yangming, and the other is Jueyin.