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Gua and Meridians ~ Foot Taiyin Spleen Meridian

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui) 

Foot Taiyin spleen meridian, heavenly stems Ji, earthly branches Si.

The spleen meridian is the yin meridian. We have always emphasized that yang and yin are easy to combine in a stable manner. This was the first one Chinese have figured it out. They studied it very well in the Tang Dynasty. Of course, the Chinese people follow the background of the times and include the entire foreign culture. In the end, this theory disappeared. Now the Japanese still have two conversations on the tatami. They use kneeling. Why do they kneel down for so long? Because they are kneeling on this Yang meridian, both hands must be lying on their knees. On the thigh, this is the Yin meridian, so when you take your girlfriend out, your hands are all Yin meridian . You have to touch her Yang meridian. When you are with your girlfriend, holding hands is good, yin and yin will separate in the future, so if you look at their movements, you must use yin and yang to attract them.

Foot Taiyin Spleen Meridian, this meridian is represented by the word "ji" in the ten day stems. The five elements belong to the yin earth, which starts from Yinbai, ends in Dabao, has more qi and less blood, and it is Si hour (from 9 to 11 a.m. local standard time). Where there are twenty-one acupoints, there are a total of forty-two acupoints on the left and right. 

Song of Foot Taiyin Spleen Meridian Meridian






Now I’m talking about Yinbai, next to the thumb and next to the nails. This acupuncture point is quite interesting. We have to deal with it before. Of course, during processing, the route I used to take is not the same as others, that is, there must be something in our body. When there is nothing, you pierced your whole body. I don't think any illness will be cured, so what is it? Very effective one. When seeing ghosts you are not afraid of ghosts. Seeing ghosts is really a ghost. I haven't seen it, but the person who talked about it will get goose bumps. There was a young woman who got married. When it was about eleven o'clock in the evening, the ghost came and pulled her feet. Did I say it was so punctual? She said it was very on time, I said that your husband is not here? Yes! Pull him too! I said then when you are working with your husband? She said she would pull it when she was doing errands, and even when it was time for her to do errands, I said she really saw a ghost. I said this ghost is really fierce. She said yes, she couldn't even kick her. She used to have sex and had sex, and finally kicked. Her husband thought why she would kick like this, and finally lied to him because you were too good so I spasm. Then this hell problem, this one is documented.

It is recorded in the book that it is not about seeing ghosts, but it is effective when dreaming of demons. I think dreaming is similar to seeing, life is like a dream. Vitamin SD, come to eat preserved eggs with green onions, and come to Needle Yinbai again. It is very painful. Once a week, the ghosts are gone after four times. Some have to be pierced in other places to be effective. When the ghost presses on the chest, it is ZhongWan, a needle in the four-inch middle of the belly button. People say that when you sleep, you can't breathe under the pressure of the ghost, but you have to eat the food.

The birthplace of acupuncture and moxibustion is in Shandong. It can be seen that acupuncture itself is very important because it is related to the spirit. So I went to Shandong to talk with some scholars. I said that Shandong’s geographical environment is a very remarkable place. When in old times the emperor had to climb Mount Tai. With Mount Tai overpowering the top, Mount Tai was in Shandong. When the emperor climbed Mount Tai, all the thinkers were in Shandong. Huangdi was from Shandong, as well as Confucius and Mozi. Lao Tzu was also from Henan, but Lao Tzu's ancestors were also from Shandong. These thinkers all came from Shandong. Why? Ghosts and gods are on the left bank of the river. After I researched it out, I knew that the temple must be built there. It must be built on the left bank. Therefore, Bali and Guanyin Mountain on the left bank of the Danshui River are connected to the tombs, so Wang Hansheng built the Huangdi Shrine by mistake. It is built on the right bank, and neither gods nor ghosts will come.

Egypt’s greatest pyramid is on the left bank of the Nile, and the most famous temples are on the left bank. On the right bank, ghosts and gods do not come, only people go!

The Dadu, Taibai, and Gongsun are quite good when they have chest tightness.

Shangqiu is used when the spleen and stomach are generally not well. It is the Yin Meridian, which relieves the spasm of the spleen and stomach.

Sanyinjiao is the best thing for women in the previous society. If you are down and blue, use Sanyinjiao to power it up. Sanyinjiao is three inches above the medial malleolus of the foot. The three inches I'm talking about is in front of Shangqiu and medial malleolus. 

Luigi, Diji, have the advantage that if organs do not move well, the internal organs move too fast or too slow.

Then Yanglingquan is at the corner of the foot, beside the knee.

Xuehai generally has the effect of hemostasis and the effect of hemostasis on internal bleeding.

Keimen are less used.

It is often used with ChongMen, usually when the front shoulder is painful, and when the front shoulder of the arm is painful, it is used with ChongMen.

For Fujei, moxibustion is generally used, and the constipation of the large intestine will be improved, and the same is true for Daheng.

Fuai and Shikoku are digestion. This general digestion depends on the speed of peristalsis, and it is usually frozen and electrified.

Tianxi. It’s four inches away from the nipple. Tianxi must hold the needle. If the mastitis is swollen to relieve pain we usually use the needle to make it feel like a needle. If the needle is directly inserted, it will be inserted into the lung. If it is cold, turn on the electricity. The current has to be strengthened to relieve the pain. The same goes for Xiongxiang and Zhourong. If you hold a needle for pain relief, if it is functional or the entire function of the lungs, moxibustion is used.

Dabao is the liver and lungs, all of which are moxibustion.

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