Dr. Chen Yikui's View of Day selection - Master of Yi -Kwei Chen -
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Dr. Chen Yikui's View of Day selection

(Shared by Mr.Chen Guotai)

The School of Day Selection is a very deep and very complicated subject. There are many schools, including Sanhe, Sanyuan, Qimen, Xuankong, Doushu Zeji and other schools.

Some day pickers like to fight evil, some avoid evil, and they don't agree with each other. When it comes to marriage, most people will ask a day picker to get married and choose a lucky day to hold the wedding to ensure a happy marriage.

Dr. Chen Yikui did not believe in evil, and deliberately chose a day that everyone considered unlucky to hold the wedding for experimental research. Now that nearly fifty years have passed, he found that it is not as unlucky as the folks say, but most of those divorce couples, when they got married, were married through a date picker and selected auspicious days before the wedding was held. He found that choosing a date is not a guarantee of a happy marriage.

Teacher Chen said: Westerners choose Sunday to go to the church to ask the priest and pastor to certify their marriage. Therefore, he found that Sunday is a Sunday and is recognized as a good day, so he started classes or held public welfare lectures and chose Sunday to start the lecture. Sunday is a public holiday of the government, and most companies in government agencies and schools are closed. In particular, Mr. Chen's students come from all parts of the province and from various industries. It is convenient for them to listen to the lectures. It is no wonder that every speech is packed.

Teacher Chen doesn't want everyone to be too superstitious. A happy marriage and a successful career must be maintained by one's own efforts.