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Careers and marriage, the relationship between Ba Zi and food

(Dr.Chen Yikui)

Chinese people study marriage or research careers. Everyone treats a person that must have the conditions of birth. Which kind of family were you born in, if you were born in a very wealthy family, will you be completely naked in summer crawling on the ground? You will not. In the Tang and Song dynasties, the eight characters were used to investigate the eighteen generations of the net worth. This net worth investigation was very important. People's birth conditions and living conditions must be thoroughly understood, otherwise, you do not know how you are going to die.

How did the Ba Zi thing come from? Naturally, I said that it would be unnatural to go down from Tang and Song. When was born, I ran to the hospital and told the doctor that you will only get a knife after another minute at 12:30 tonight, did you? Yes! Now it's a life-making theory. As long as you come to make a life, you have to be born this little child, and this character must be designated. I always suggest that it is best to be born naturally, because ultrasound is very developed, and if you take it out, you will know that it is a female. The day when natural birth is calculated is the Kui Gang Day, and the female Born in Kui Gang Day is not good. I said it didn't matter. Kui Gang had to do it no matter what. You can see if there is a way to do it or not! Why does Jiang Jingguo make people miss him so much? Open a highway. Originally there was no road, he opened a highway, so why not? I have a friend who can't stand his wife very much. She has to look at the days when she goes out to buy food. Isn't there a Zi Chou Yin Mao Chen Si Wu Wei every day? She must watch Sanhe’s time to buy vegetables. Sometimes in the morning, she goes to the market. No one goes to the whole market at that time. He said that he couldn’t stand it. I said that if you can’t stand it is happiness. You don’t have to worry about it. She will cook it for you. What food she buys at that time is good.

So with this rule, I will thoroughly study the purpose of the enterprise is to make money. What is the purpose of marriage? Happy or not. Come again, don’t be noisy everyday underneath, you can’t. This kind of marriage is divorced, regardless of the situation. I’m suggesting that the condition of human character should be more neutral and there is no shortage of five elements, it will not be as bad as the balance of the scale, the earthquake will not collapse, the wind will not collapse, no matter If you go bankrupt, or have no money, or whatever, at most two people live apart, one in Xinjiang and one in Gansu, and you are both making money. This family is still very well maintained. So, if you eat, the relationship with the eight characters must be neutralized except for the five elements. So what do you do? If you are writing an article or writing a script, you need yin-resource, so why do many people who are inspired to believe in gods, ghosts, and very inspirational people are so afraid of ghosts. Eight characters are very light. If the character is very light, it will be out of Yin resource. If the character is light, your writing will not be good. It is all fantasy.

So what is yin? What is your character? Jia gallbladder, Yi liver, Bing small intestine, what you are missing, the seal that gave birth to me, this way it came out. So companies, whether boys or girls, are all wealth. Why did Guo Taiming talk so loudly because he had money! You can't make money as an entrepreneur. People don't respect you. Treat it as the air of what you say. No one wants to listen to you. Then a man and his wife are wealthy. If a woman's wealth is prosperous, she will be promoted, and the official is the husband, so the woman still needs money.

Birth is a condition. The eight characters of birth include the official, the fortune, the seven killing, the god of food, the wounded officer..., the characters are all understood but the meaning inside is not understood, then you can eat all the five elements, how to eat the vitamins of the five elements? Bless Ping’s five kinds of metal, wood, fire and earth.

Take one pill each of the five types, and the five elements will be neutralized. It’s good to eat one tablet a day. You’re not ill. You need to add one more when you need to stretch. I’ll take two more Yin tablets. You go online to print out your own characters. You can check what your Yin. What are five elements in Jinmu, what is Jia Yi Bing Ding, and everyone's resources are different, including the power yin is not big enough, you eat three to six more. The same is true for your wealth. If you have too much money, there is no reversal. If your wave is too big, you will overturn the boat. If you have two or three more Cai, you will slowly increase it. I earn 70,000 for two, then you have three more for 100,000, just like that.

Come to the environment Feng Shui, protein, fat, starch must be eaten, you don’t have starch, and no calories, this can’t do, starch should eat slightly better starch, you should not eat yam starch powder every day, sucrose is also starch, carbohydrates. Feng Shui has feng shui for the dead and feng shui for living. After I studied feng shui, this environment really affected people quite a bit, but the effective time was 10,000 times worse than eating, and some of them were effective the same day. Feng Shui was invalid on the day, but it had side effects on the day, because feng shui would have to be paid to others, and money could not be earned but spent. It must become stable to your mood, your health, and clear mind; then the problem is coming, this environment, like a house, is our aura, the electronic activity of the electrons inside us, the cells inside, this activity will produce Aura, if this aura and the aura of the environment interfere with each other, you must fail within six years. If your aura is good, it will be successful in six years, and it will take more than two thousand days, but improved with food it was effective that day, and it was 10,000 times different.

This theory was applied by me, so I became famous. I tell everyone that in your environment, your toilet needs to be lit at night, at least 100 watts, you need to supply air to ventilate, and all the exhaust gas must be discharged. The toilet, don't be in the middle of your range of activities, this is fine, it is just light and air and water, including eating like this.

You eat the right thing. Western medicine said that your immune system has improved. In fact, it is not. It is your electron field strength. It seems to attract iron. If the gauss is very high, if the other party is very low, regardless of the N pole or S pole, It's all drawn by you. If you are very low, no matter if you use N pole or S pole to give it, it will be drawn by it. If you are strong, You will draw it over. So my theory is right. I have been talking about my theory for forty years. To what extent? Now the most amazing proton therapy, this is the aura. Protons are electrons. One proton contains one electron. It counts how big your tumor is. How many cells are there then I will put how many protons. After the protons go down, all the electrons next to the cancer cells will be destroyed. Suck it all in. The cancer cell was dead, and it died and couldn't live. Therefore, a principle of nature has been developed internationally. A positron must pull out a negative electron and neutralize it. When your negative electron is taken away by others, you will die, if your heart and liver, if it is a positron, a negative electron, a heart and liver. Heart and liver must be positive electrons, a negative electron, you will die if you remove one liver, you will also die if you remove one heart, and the heart will be the same as the kidneys, when both kidneys are removed, you will also die, using this principle was successful.

We also use this principle. If the environment is not good, eat enough vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. The entire physiological operation of a person must take six months. There are also 100 watts lit in the toilet, lit for 24 hours, and a fan for 24 hours. Come again during the day and open the windows in the evening. Why? During the day, the photosynthesis of the plants only allows oxygen to come in. At night, the plants have to breathe and produce carbon dioxide to close the windows, which is just fine. Of course, the road directly to the house is not good. How to do it? Go to the flower market to buy potted plants. The leaves are bigger, planted them as a wall, with the tall ones and planted full. Why is it good? Because the direct street to the house is most afraid of the smoke from motorcycles and cars, it will float to your home, and your home will smell it. If you keep it in a tree, all the exhaust leaves will absorb it out. Oxygen will be generated during the day, and oxygen will float in.

Therefore, in terms of environmental feng shui, one does not need to trust a famous teacher, one must believe in nature, and why needs light? All things will produce ammonia (Ammonia) in the dark. The effect of ammonia is very good for mushrooms. The ammonia gas is not good for us, so it will separate after using it. Ammonia will have the same effect as nitrate. Ammonia and carbon dioxide together have a function of nitrate. If you can wash the toilet, you can wash it away. It becomes not a gas but a substance, and a substance can be absorbed.

Under the roadside eaves, the leaves inside can't do photosynthesis, it becomes respiration, and carbon dioxide comes in. Then when the fluorescent lamp is lit, the leaves can photosynthesize, and more oxygen comes in. This is a natural problem. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were many anthropologists who studied that the people in which area will be poorer, and people in which area will be richer. It is based on the sunshine, the longer the sunshine is, the richer it is, and the shorter the sunshine, the poorer. This is related to photosynthesis, and the production of physical organisms. You see that in Taiwan, the central mountain range of more than 3,000 meters is north-south. The place that has been exposed to red light for a long time is in the west, so the agricultural output in the west is high. On the east side of Hualien, agricultural production is low.

Sunshine includes wind blowing, the wind speed is strong, and the wind stays in a place where there is no cover. The whole life is so poor that even ghosts can’t stand it. When the wind is too strong, when the speed is too fast, the yield of all plants must be reduced, why? It can't capture organic carbon during photosynthesis, it will not become a delicious fruit, because you do not have enough carbohydrates, the wind is too strong, it is the same as fermentation, everything has to go through this kind of process, and then it will be sweet. Will be delicious. This time Taiwan’s agriculture is the most famous sensation in Shandong, and Beijing is called Pineapple Shakya- Atemoya. Although I’m not the leading one, I went there to see Feng Shui. They said that it’s so bad. I said it’s very simple. When you don’t have strong wind when you are mature, when there is strong wind in Taitung, it’s all southeast wind. When the southeast wind rises, it is spring and summer. The southeast wind is very good on the mainland. It has fish in the southeast wind. Then the southeast wind in Taitung is too strong, and the Atemoya must fall. I said that it would be better to switch to large quantities of Atemoya in winter. So the southwesterly wind in the summer, like this for 20 years, my suggestion is now, after 20 years of success, they did not believe at first that their Atemoya is an exotic species, when the foreign record should bloom, when it is artificially pollinated, and when to close, why you Chen Yikui is the opposite of others, and in the end, there are still people who have no knowledge, it is a woman who has no talent to be virtue, just give it a try, they planted more than 20 fruit trees, just try to see how the winter looks like, success, her husband being the squad leader at once, because the peasants will have production classes and pruning immediately.

The relationship between food is vegetable, animal five elements. I use pig internal organs, pig internal organs soil-there are Yin soil and Yang soil, pork belly, white pancreas is not good, because the pancreas are all pulled out, Taking the pancreas as a spleen is not very effective. I used to research swallowing it. There are two kinds of the most difficult to swallow. The first one is pig lungs. The smell of pig lungs, but if you wash it and freeze it, it will have no taste. If the pancreas works with soil, it will be lost.

Don’t underestimate the fruits of the plant. Many nutritionists think that eating raw peanuts has aflatoxin. I can’t help you if you want to put them until aflatoxin. I'm talking about theory, and I'm talking about freshness. It provides fatty acids, its arachidic acid is quite good, if people eat it often, it is not easy to grow old, and often eat without backache. But it must be bitten. There is no way to absorb it. You must bite. The fatty acids in raw peanuts are quite good, better than sesame oil and bitter tea oil. Peanut oil is fried and then squeezed. The oil of this plant, such a good unsaturated fatty acid, as long as it exceeds 46 degrees, only about one-third is less than left, and disappears at 52 degrees. If Germany wants to import, it must be certified by the manufacturer. What degree is your cold pressed? Everyone said that my research on Chinese medicine extraction is so great, Germany is so great, it can control whatever degrees. Their cold pressing is below 46 degrees. If they are really good, they must be refrigerated with ice below 8 degree C.