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Meridian and Acupuncture (5-2)

In the novel written by Gao Yang, Hu Xueyan, Hu Xueyan was a red-top businessman who made a lot of money. One day he met an immortal who was very good at fortune-telling. The red-top businessman Hu Xueyan took over the four richest provinces in the world, and these taxes belonged to him. The shipyard in Fuzhou in the Qing Dynasty was donated by Hu Xueyan, so he became a red-top businessman. Finally, due to Li Lianying's suggestion, the taxes of the four provinces belonged to him. Why did Li Lianying help him like this? Hu Xueyan gave him an antique Tongde censer. The antique was worthy of 13 cities. With such a high value, Hu Xueyan spent one million taels to get the thing, and then gave it to Li Lianying. Li Lianying designed to meet the Empress Dowager Cixi and return it to him. Empress Dowager Cixi said that he spends a lot of money each year. Empress Dowager Cixi asked how to repay him. Li Lianying said that all the taxes in the four provinces have been collected by him. Hu Xueyan is very rich. One day when he was walking, he saw a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller looked at his face. He was rich and he wore silk. In the past, the rich and powerful wore silk instead of wool. The rich and powerful want to wear silk, Hu Xueyan divination of a hexagram, the fortune teller said that you need to accumulate virtue, and he said that if I do not accumulate virtue? The fortune teller said that if you do not accumulate virtue, the family will go bankrupt and be ransacked. Hu Xueyan asked if it was really like this. I am a businessman with a red top. Who would dare to seal my house? I am the person  right after Empress Dowager Cixi now. From the perspective of a businessman, how could it be possible to ransack the house? But after he returned, the seventh wife told him that accumulating virtue is to accumulate for the future, not the present. How to accumulate it? Think about it, all the nobles in Beijing have a Tongrentang to treat people. In the end, he used a lot of money to make the best Chinese medicine called Qingyutang, which was also available in Taiwan. Qingyutang was opened by Hu Xueyan’s family, but in the end he was really ransacked. When there was nothing, when he tried to find the old man, he couldn’t find him. In the end he was left with an antique and finally ordered those medicine people from Qingyutang said that Qingyutang should continue to be maintained, and keep the remaining antique that has not been ransacked. Just like the last emperor Puyi, when Puyi fled to Soviet Russia and was arrested, there was nothing left. The seal of Qianlong yellow jade was left. When he was finally confiscated, he knew that he was finished, and it was really finished. How much is the Qianlong seal now worth? Someone bought RMB 1.4 billion and was notified by the Ministry of Culture to put it in our museum for your protection. Every year, you have to pay one million RMB and put it in the museum for your protection. The money has been given, what should he do? In the end, he donated half and sold half to the government , which is equivalent to taking half of the 700 million yuan back. So don't fight against the country, you will eventually be ransacked by the country. This is all practical, this is the background of Chinese culture.

Let’s go to the ChongYang, quadrangular shape, to teach you not to have acupuncture or moxibustion. You can bloodlet a little, but not too much. When there is a disease in the ChongYang area, the veins will tend to pop up, blue-green, and bloodletting in this way, the real arteries are more likely to sink in. Don't make them too deep. If the arteries are broken, then you will be ruined, and your veins will bleed. This is an important place.

Tooth pain in XiangGu and NeiTing is the tooth pain of the lower jaw. The teeth are divided into the upper jaw and the lower jaw. The lower jaw uses the stomach meridian, and the upper jaw uses the large intestine meridian. Count up from your toes and fingers. The second or third acupuncture point. Generally, the first acupuncture point is called the Jing point. It uses bloodletting. If a certain part of the blood is bleeding, the bleeding will stop immediately.

Page 135 Foot Taiyin spleen meridian, this meridian is replaced by the word "ji" in the ten stems. The five elements belong to the yin soil. Starting from YingBai end up with DaBao. There is more qi and less blood. It is time (9-11 am local standard time) ) Qi and blood inject this.

The difference between qi and blood is generally invisible. Qi is energy and blood is quality. Note that this is the meaning of containing. It contains energy from nine to eleven in the morning, and also has this quality, because energy is relative to quality. Therefore, Chinese theory is a very lovely place. Apart from its philosophical view, all these theories in China, the theory of vitality and blood and Einstein’s theory of relativity, are a kind of standard formula mentioned in the theory of relativity. Very similar. Its formula energy is equal to mass times the square of the speed of light E=mc², E is qi (energy), m is blood (mass), relative. Let me tell you why light is needed after these two are related. C2 is the square of the speed of light, light is carbon, and light is something like this. So, suppose that the theory of relativity has been around since Einstein’s 1923 AD and the publication of the Republic of China in 12 years. It’s almost 100 years now. The real theory of relativity was published in 1923. According to this model, many and many were discovered. Finally, it evolved and evolved to the end of the 20th century. In the 1990s, a theory that is very large to the present was published. It is called the origin of the universe. explosion. In addition to the theory of relativity, the speed of expansion of the universe is also to be introduced, including the highest and hottest energy location in the universe called black holes.

For this energy, qi and blood, E=mc² as scientists now call it is light. Therefore, for our human existence, we must have the photosynthesis of plants and light before we can exist. In photosynthesis, except for sunlight. In addition, there must be moisture and carbon dioxide, but its carbon dioxide must be the carbon dioxide that thunders in the air. The problem is that because C14 is hit by high-altitude energy particles from nitrogen N14. The particles are hit by very high energy and run out of an electron. , 14 is the amount of protons and neutrons that add 14, but it has one more proton than carbon C. It must knock out a positron before it can produce C14, so the general C is 12, this way What to do? There must be thunder for photosynthesis. After a thunderstorm, carbon can be burned to produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be absorbed by plants during photosynthesis during the day. After being absorbed, it will run to people and be combined into vitamins. It becomes fatty acid and protein. It is only natural, but not synthetic. Anything synthesized doesn't have this thing. This is the relationship between quality and energy.

Let's come to the song of Foot Taiyin Spleen Channel:





Let’s look at page 136. Then I’ll talk about the more important acupuncture points. The acupuncture points of Yinbai usually have a lot of bloodletting and cannot be moxibustion directly. This is because, especially for people who wear shoes, direct moxibustion will be difficult if it blisters. For those who can see ghosts, just ice it every day. Soak your feet in hot water first. After soaking, put the ice cubes in a plastic bag. If it’s very cold, put a little salt in it. The ice cubes will ice the acupuncture point. Your feet must be kept warm, only the ice in this place is good. At night, you must eat green vegetables, boiled pork belly with skin or chicken. Don’t eat gramineous foods like sugar, rice, bread, or glass noodles. In addition, it needs to be with a complete compound and vitamins, so ghosts will not dare to provoke you at night, you wouldn’t see ghosts anymore.