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Huangdi Zhuyou History (1-2)

(Dr. Chen Yikui)

Under such a treatment, we went. When we went, it was different, because our group of people went, and asked God’s goes to the group of God. It’s different from the group who jumped in the queue. Why? All the students in the graduate school have white faces and wear khaki pants. Those people think it's weird, we seem strange, but we have to ask! If you ask, it’s like that. You have to have questions. What are you going to ask? In the end, I learned that the inspired god was specifically responsible for debts. When the person was down, he came to ask the god and asked the god to send soldiers and horses to pay the debt and the person to pay the debt. Oh no! Neither of us do that, what about those PhD students? So they all ask: "After my Ph.D., is it better to stay in Taiwan or go abroad?" I tell everyone with answers for the same question, "It's no use staying in Taiwan!" If you major in psychology, you stay in Taiwan. What's the use? Those who study psychology the most and stay in Taiwan after graduation, mostly be the teachers. You have nothing to teach! You have to know that people don't even want to teach chemistry and mathematics. You study psychology as a liberal arts. I don't want it. When will you come to teach physiology? What should I do when I have constipation? That is a doctor. This kind of thing has a profession, so in the future you will have a model for each god, and when you are going to ask certain gods, you must have a very good understanding of what that god's profession is.

When I went to Yunlin County in the south, there was a town called Dounan with a large population. Douliu was in Yunlin and Beidou was in Changhua. They were all Dou. Is there Doudong and Douxidou in South? There is nothing in North and South, because a friend of mine is a very good friend, he is a legislator, and he does not believe in this god. His wife is a Christian, but I don’t care about these, I don’t care what religion, doesn’t it seem that Catholicism has exorcism? I’m also very interested about this, so I’ll ask. There is one in that place. As long as you get started, you will know what you want to ask. I think there is someone who is so powerful and such a great god. I will fill it in. You can donate as much as you want. Of course a higher amount ! I want to donate the most. At that time, the charge was fifty yuan or more. I immediately paid 500 yuan. He was stunned and said, "What do you want to ask?" I want to ask something, then what to ask? I said, "I want to save my dad." After I said, I went in and arranged the horoscopes. The horoscopes are true. I want to save my dad. You have to know! That guesses anything about six relatives, and the eight characters must be true before they can be accurate.

"You want to save your dad, if he passes this level, your dad can live to seventy-eight", I said, "but what if he can’t pass it?" He said, "then he will die next month on the 9th." So sure. He asked me to let him live or not? Still let him go? I said that my father was so bad and he should not live, so I came out. Because I don’t want him to live, I don’t have to pay the cost of processing (sacrifice reform). When I came out, everyone looked at me, thinking that there was such a person who told his father not to live and let him die quickly. Because my father is so bad, why am I so bad? speak that way? My dad died as early as in the Republic of China in 38 years. I have a date. I even have the date of his death, but I didn’t tell him. It’s so clear, so why don’t I dare to tell a fortune? Have you ever heard of me telling a fortune? Everyone is going to tell me fortune-telling, I dare not set up a stall! why? Not guaranteed! But will you be allowed in the future? Even more inaccurate. In the past, you will find the end of the story and see what you come in. If you will go to fortune-telling and spend money, you will definitely encounter bad luck. This is very simple.

I just said that the Zhu Youhui will develop so many times, why did you draw a talisman in the end? Because in the late Warring States period, there was a Meng Tian in Qin’s era who invented the pen, and finally something extraordinary happened, especially paper, paper=fu, which is equivalent, it’s bamboo! You need to write on the bamboo slices. If you write, because this word is to change your life, the change in effort, so bamboo and simplification mean record. Paper is not by pieces, use sheets. Then this thing needs to be recorded, he must use a pen. The brush, and this simple knife, the tool is completely different, and the function is different. It’s absolutely not wrong for Taiwanese to be Han. They came from the Warring States Period. Taiwanese are definitely Han, especially those from Southern Fujian. Why? Our books are printed on paper, but Taiwanese say that reading is called "reading book." Bamboo pieces are worn down with a rope to write here. Taiwanese all say "book". You are also southerners. Aren't you saying study books as “Reading” (book). My Hakka dialect in Meinong was also a lecture book! That album still exists in the Forbidden City, and its role is different.

When Sima Qian wrote about Shang Yang's reforms, he read a lot of books and continued our Spring and Autumn Period. There were nineteen schools and eighteen schools. He read all the books written by each school. In the end, he thought that if a country is going to be rejuvenated very much in the future, if you want to follow the legal school, you should not use your class. Personal ideas should be implemented in accordance with the overall situation at that time. This problem of law, Qin Xiaogong finally believed very much. He finally handed over the power to him to rectify the entire country. In the end, he was very successful. However, after success, he was killed and crushed by a car, which is more serious than the five-horse dismemberment. Therefore, in the future, for people to build a temple for you, you must fail. Look at all our great temples. All are failures. You think Guan Gong is a saint? He was beheaded, he became a temple! Yue Feiyue’s Temple, he becomes a temple only because he fails. Look at the temple for those that fail, so don't think that it becomes a god! He was a failure in his previous life then people built a temple. Look at which emperor built a temple for himself? All successful emperors built their tombs first, including Qin Shihuang. Isn't it? Including Zhu Di, Ming Taizu including Zhu Yuanzhang, covering Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Tongtong built his tomb first, not a temple. Attention! In the future, if you build my own temple first, you are creating failure.

When the paper reaches the end, the key point comes. You have paper. Didn’t you talk about bamboo slips before? Is it effective to use bamboo slips to put minerals? It becomes paper now, what do you use it with? Something that uses minerals! Including what you should have, what should your body have, I have a student, so he must draw a symbol, burn it and send it, send two things to burn two things, and a few pieces of gold and longevity. That's it for Jin. They are called Tengu and Baihu, if anyone who knows how to make sacrifices would probably know that this is related to Zhu Youdu. But why didn't it work? Finally, after the business has health insurance, the business declines, so why is it not effective? The person you should come to worship told him to go back to eat, and ask him to buy again. I suggested that he must cooperate with vitamins at the time! do you know? The protein of eggs is different from the protein of pork belly. There is fat in pork belly, and the protein of fish is even more different. If it was eaten back then, in 1956, it was combined with the very famous gram tonic, then there was gram tonic for softness. Made of capsules.

Mental problems, so Zhu Yu itself is a psychological problem. This is very important. You must set it. In the future, you have to pray for what kind of mantra you want, or if you recite it, the first one you have to set is a god, There must be something to exist! I want to send or drive away something. I send my soldiers and horses to get that thing away. I have to set up a bad thing. This is my heart. Then come with the minerals or plants in it. If you want to deal with it well, let your body Allergies, or the use of drugs in the course of treatment, the allergies of the drugs or the side effects of the drugs, make it disappear. This is physiological. In this way, you can help a lot of people, and leave the treatment to the Department of Health, the Bureau of Disease Control to deal with it, or to establish a hospital or medical center to deal with the real illness. If all the side effects are physical and psychological problems, let us deal with them as a sign of blessings.

So the question is, what kind of paper do you need to put on your body to make it anti-allergic? This is very important. I got married late. My younger brother got married first. After getting married, he gave birth to his eldest son. He has jaundice. My younger brother’s son is now in his 50s. He just gave birth to jaundice more than 50 years ago. The doctor doesn’t know what to do? My eldest sister said that the secret recipe that Grandma left behind was red paper and folded such a large sheet. Isn’t the red paper red here and white the other side? The thick red paper is not shiny now. Fold the thick red paper like this, stick it to the bladder meridian on the back, wrap the diaper, put one in a day, and it will fall off in seven days! Just like that. My nephew is now the manager of a large company, and he thinks he's very show off. When I went to Beijing Medical Service, wow, Taiwan’s traditional glossy paper, what kind of cloth, what kind of things, it seemed that all the symptoms of children’s infants and pediatrics were resolved.