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Palmistry Fingerprints and Palm Prints (11)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Talking about the physiological function of palmistry, when your hands are healthy, there is probably no problem with your hands. Don’t talk about hyperhidrosis. It is an exception. Two to three thousand people about one have hand sweat problems. Let’s talk about the real standard hand. When this hand is cold or sweaty, there may be a stomach problem. This place will sweat and feel the hands are cold. It may have a stomach problem. I used to know that he had a stomach ulcer when I held it, because I knew it when I touched it. His palms were wet, his face was pale, and his palms were moistened like ice.

Come and look at the house you live in. If you live in a place at such a low level, some of the illegal buildings are so low, with one floor above still low. The hands are all cold, so the Chinese are right to study Feng Shui. The house must be high, there must be beams and rafters, it must be planned, and after the plan is completed, people will be healthy. It does not matter if you live in a mezzanine house, but it is good if the living room is not a mezzanine. All your activities are in the living room! It’s okay to sleep on the mezzanine, because you’re lying flat. Now, after living in a reinforced concrete house like ours for a long time, your hands are dry, not moist, not smooth. Why did I go to study the golden kudzu before? Research everything. In fact, the golden kudzu is very good. It produces oxygen, water it, and a lot of water vapor. This hand will become beautiful and the complexion of the hand will be better, but it will need about a year.

The hand is a principle. When the physiological phenomenon is often swollen and red, you should pay attention to the excitement of the heart too much, and the pressure is very high. It can be seen that your minerals are insufficient. When our hands are iced, your protein , Insufficient fatty acids, once the hands are cold, if the palms of the hands are sweaty, the stomach will not work, or the duodenum will not work.

Another very important aspect of the hand is the nails. When the nails are generally severely vertical and horizontal, like this one, it may have reminded you that you are old. If the nails have fallen vertically and horizontally, then you may have been seriously ill. Obviously, this lung meridian and large intestine meridian, as long as you have surgery for colorectal cancer, this nail will come out and sink, when pneumonia occurs, and when you are hospitalized in the intensive care unit, about a month later, your nails will grow and sink. The other party had a myocardial infarction and was hospitalized. After that, his finger nails grew out and sank, and he knew he had a heart problem before.

Nail tube internal organs, twelve meridians, hair governs the two meridians, the toenails also have six meridians, the hand has six meridians, the triple-burn is generally our immune body.

It still has 120 days of life after our nails are cut.

Next, our hands must be the same as our feet. People say that if you walk a thousand steps after a meal, you can live up to 120 years old. Qianlong used this method to maintain his health, but the hand is now, and the level of movement of everyone’s hand is to use the computer, so everyone’s logic is very narrow. When your logic needs to be very broad, it must be a lot of interactions between hands, so I very much agree with the previous education. When children go to school in the morning, everyone has to run, go in line, line up to raise the flag, and finally do morning exercises. This is how the child should be when he is young. This child is very healthy. They were all very good. I did morning exercises barefoot and started class. At that time, every student respected the teacher and saw the teacher salute the teacher. Now I see the teacher, um, what’s the problem? First, sing the national anthem, second, do not do morning exercises, and third, do not gather or roll the names, it will not work. This activity must be done. Do morning exercises as you wish. Irregularities are fine. When doing morning exercises, what is a necessary condition? Sun. I agree to clap your hands every day. When you clap your hands, you must cooperate with your mouth. You will be very happy. If this goes on, the first one will digest well. If you jump, your fingers will bounce up and you will pat. For a while, that hand will be popular with two iron balls, and someone grabs three and says it can prevent dementia in the elderly. No, the dementia thing is on the feet, not on the hands, and the meridians of the hands do not reach the Du meridian. Only the Gallbladder Meridian and the Bladder Meridian go to the Du, so there must be feet, so there is a place next to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. It is right to ask someone to step on a black stone. When you are afraid of Alzheimer’s disease, take off your shoes, but at the beginning, don’t take off your shoes and walk on it. You will be very painful. Wear two layers of socks and keep stepping on them. After you step on them for a few months, they will become one layer. If you step on for a few months, don’t wear socks. Just step on them a few times a day. It’s very successful.

If you have backaches, just move your hands. Do it seven times a day. After half a year, I’m almost 80. I’m still walking very well. If people are hunched, there is no hope. There is no hope for old people. People must be healthy. I often talk about health. Eat our products well, exercise well, and sleep well. My shortcoming is that I don’t have enough sleep. Otherwise, I will be healthier. As Qi Bo said, in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, the hand is so simple, but if you need to move, your food must be coordinated. If there is no nutrition, what should you do if you can’t lift your hand? If you don’t have power, you can’t lift your hands without the power. What should I do? So I’ve read that the county magistrate took the bricks out to bask in the sun every morning. After drying, he carried the bricks back at night, called Tao Kan, record In this way, all the people of the Chinese nation would only say that he worked so hard and was so healthy that no one would do it. Finally, I told my mother and my grandma about this truth, and my mother told my grandma that we would live very long, why? Because they took out the bean paste every day and took it back at night, my mother really lived to be 93 years old, my grandma lived to 92 years old, and a cousin who didn’t want to move died at 54. She was inactive, and a friend of my mother's, she went to play mahjong. She said that playing mahjong will prevent Alzheimer’s disease. I said you haven’t walked with your feet. It won’t work like this in the future. You must know that it is wrong for old people to play mahjong because I have always emphasized that the movement of the hand does not reach the Governor meridian, because it requires feet, so you have to learn from Chen Lifu. There is also a guide palace and a Taoist priest. The master of the temple lived to be 98 years old. Why? In the past, there was no road, so I had to climb the stairs, 1420, from Muzha Xiangong Temple to the Guiding Palace. I went and counted. I climbed like this, once a day, and went down the mountain to buy vegetables. He bought fish and fried, not cooked, he like to eat cabbage. I will tremble after climbing 1420 steps.

I think that when I study this cultural background, I am not asking everyone to rely on anything, that is, to understand the depth of China’s true cultural background. I am not asking everyone to cultivate, many people say that you have not cultivated because of a bad life. I ask people to cultivate, but I don’t know what to do. I said it’s easy to live a long life. I go to Muzha Xiangong Temple to climb twice a day. The Chinese have an educational concept and often wrong educational concept. They all want to pull out the ears of rice. Not how to cultivate, how to sow, weed, and finally how to get the harvest, it didn't teach them, but taught them directly to harvest. That is wrong.