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Energy and Meridians (17)Cardiovascular problems and nerve conduction (1)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

To remove the excess positive ions contained in our body or neutralize it, and then restore the normal things of the cells of each organ, it is very important that we have it in every organ that is produced is generally called an enzyme. This enzyme produces its specific function, like why do we have diabetes? Because of this organ of the white pancreas, the insulin it produces cannot have a common resonance in our brain. If you do not have a common resonance, after you eat it, when your small intestine absorbs a large amount of glucose, it will not run out. Then you faint, why faint? Your blood sugar is too high. If someone faints, when you faint, and give you a little insulin, it suddenly runs out, your blood sugar will be too low, and you will also be shocked. There are two kinds of shock, one is too high blood sugar shock, and the other is insulin shock. Insulin shock can kill people, and blood sugar is too high not really will kill people, and often people just die like this.

The enzymes developed by every organ in your body can bear your body, unless you are aging or you have nothing. It seems that you need a lot of oxygen, you supply it wrong, you supply carbon dioxide, you originally needed protein, and as a result, you supply wrong, you supply oil, you need oil, but you supply starch, these are the largest types of human education at present. Health failure.

In addition to the physical movement of the body including all internal organs, the existence of a person also has a nerve conduction and a psychological feeling.

When it comes to microvessels and blood vessels, many of our basic education is wrong. Children cry, give him candy, popsicles, sugary drinks, etc. If this gene continues to reach twelve years old, Ninety-five out of hundred will have sclerosis in the future.

For cardiovascular problems, the food must be adjusted. I often encourage people to eat linseed oil produced in North America. In fact, to protect yourself, you need to make your cardiovascular system better. Eat 35 raw peanuts and some eggs before meals, meat and pickled radishes, eating very light, these problems are probably alleviated after five years.

Everyone thinks that cardiovascular problems are all about genes. Genes will change. Genes themselves need to have gene electrons and gene nutrition. You put the genes that are important to us, especially the basic genes of stem cells before human beings get sick. When you use sugar to feed it, your gene will be produced in your cardiovascular system. The starches you eat, the sugars and carbohydrates you eat will produce low density lipoprotein, Cholesterol sticks to your microvessels and neutral fat. If you produce a large amount of neutral fat and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to stick to your microvessels, it will be the basis of cardiovascular disease in the future.

So I have accumulated a lot of virtues in this area. I always tell people to eat less starch and make them eat more eggs. At the beginning, I was skeptical. People asked why, looked at me with that skeptical vision? Teacher Chen, does your family raise a lot of raw layers? Can't sell eggs? I said no. I heard you have a younger brother who is a doctor? I said that was right. Is it a cardiology department or a cardiovascular department? I said no, my brother is in surgery department. So why do you tell people to eat so many eggs? I said that eating so many eggs has anything to do with my brother? If the cardiology or cardiovascular department is sick in the future, you can recommend it to your brother! This is a normal association. I used to have this association before, but when you continue to study and you have this knowledge, this association will naturally decrease.

Microvessel problem. In my experience, Taiwan is really a treasure island, that is, Taiwan's raw peanuts eat 35 capsules a day, and the basil omelette. It is very important that it is stuck in the blood vessels to be able to remove low density cholesterol. It is an important ingredient called choline (colin) to pull away our microvessels. There are also choline in the basil, and also water spinach. Match egg yolk, because in addition to the yolk in the egg yolk (lecithin), there are methionine, these things are combined together, you will leave that thing. Have you ever heard of taking a lot of medicines for high blood pressure, the blood pressure can't drop because it sticks, can't drop, if you want to drop down with western medicine, you will probably cough.

I have always emphasized that the bladder meridian on the back is really very important. You must always push and press the bladder meridian on the back. You spend less time watching political talk shows and TV shows. Spend a little time on the back. One year later is not necessarily money, but there may be good thing that you can't buy with a lot of money.


Disclaimer: The foods or vitamins mentioned in this article are for suggestions, and they are not effective for medical treatment and treatment. Please refer to them yourself.