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Diet adjustment and physiological transformation

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Question: Is it normal to eat less starch and more eggs, vegetables, fruits, meat, but higher blood fat?

Answer: It will be like this at first, what's the problem? Because you are not sweating, this is very important. I have always emphasized that in the food we eat, it must have a step of oxidation, then the oxidation process, if you change the food, it will definitely produce carbonic acid during the oxidation process. Many of them have to be combined with all angles in the blood and must be excreted from the urine. Because your cellulose, including fiber enzymes, is insufficient, the liver cannot synthesize the hormone for diuresis, and you cannot drive the carbonic acid contained in your body. When it is excreted by urine, the carbonic acid goes to the liver to synthesize fat. This fat is not needed by the cells, so it has to run in the blood and become blood fat.

I think we should take a bath every day, and eat more starchy fiber. Brown rice is the best starchy fiber.

If you spend one hour a day in a bath with 38 degrees water and cyanobacteria stone, your body can accept the degree of sweating in the bath. After about a month, you will be normal, and you will also lose weight. You will be beautiful and energetic. Why are people bullied? Because they are unhealthy and there are many kinds of unhealthy. You are poor and unhealthy. As long as you are unhealthy, many people will bully you. As long as you are healthy, no one dares to bully you even if you have more debts.

There used to be a person who was crying. At that time, he went to apply for cards from more than 20 banks, and he could do anything. In the end, he couldn't make payments. He answered at least 20 phone calls every day and cried. I said to follow my advice. Six months later, those people from the bank will call you and you will laugh. In six months, he really came back. Teacher, I didn’t have the money. I said it’s okay. Is it effective? Yes, it’s effective. The other party wouldn't scold him when they called, and kindly asked him to repay the loan. How to deal with this, I think you should take a bath, and then you eat more starchy fiber. Brown rice is the best one that contains the most starchy fiber.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are for advice and do not have medical or disease treatment effects. Please refer to them yourself.​