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Physiological diet (6) Digestive system and cardiovascular (1)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Generally, neurological problems include the phenomenon of sensory changes. When the capillaries and arteries go out and come back, if the two sides are not balanced, sometimes a lump or something will be bruised. For this kind of thing, flowers are probably used. Flowers are a circulatory system. The ingredients are very good, so if you talk about blood stasis, you have to eat flowers, so the blood vessel circulatory system must be flowers. Flowers are very good ingredients. But you also have to eat meat and green vegetables. This is a physiological problem. It is impossible to get well right away. I plan to have this kind of psychological preparation in one to two years.

If the medicine you use, its heat energy cannot produce energy, it will turn into fat and cholesterol, then myocardial infarction or stroke will occur.

The child was formed within 275 days of mother’s pregnancy, so why are so many high-tech developments now, no matter what kind of disease you have, your cord blood will be used in the future, your cord blood must be stored first, and the liver must be cultivated in the future Cells make decisions. In fact, what will happen to our entire human body in the future is destined from an objective standpoint. Why?

Your genes are arranged like this. How to change this gene depends on diet. Because your near cause is completely arranged, it will have a signal. If I lack B2 in a certain section of the genetic pattern, your eyes will be blinded in the future, and it will be blinded over a long period of time. It happens that you encountered that environment, and the food provided did not have B2, so after about 20 years, your eyes would have problems.

If you eat something, you won’t get fat. When you don’t get fat, you will definitely consume a certain thing. You consume a lot of certain things. It just so happens that you don’t have any supplements, and it happens to be what your genes need. You have achieved your goal in this period of weight loss. After ten years, there may be no medicine to cure your disease. No medicine can be cured, it will only happen after ten or twenty years. It doesn’t mean that a tumor will grow out tomorrow. It’s not going to happen today. It must go to the time when the gene is about to germinate and work. It just means there is nothing. Then I don’t have the gene I need because it’s starved to death.

Let’s talk about how the cardiovascular system is integrated with the digestive system. When you can’t digest anything when you eat, it will become blocked, and your heart will feel dull, as if you can’t breathe. Indigestion will make you out of breath. It becomes a lung problem, why can you breathe out? The heart has no strength, and indigestion will cause the heart to have no strength.

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